Date: 10/30/2001


THE PHRASE "BRITISH" MUSLIMS reminds one of the "INDIAN" Muslims in 1947. How they loathed secularism. How they loathed a multicultural and multireligious society. How they attacked own land of birth. How they took out PAKISTAN by a caesarian operation of Mother India!


Ironically the Muslims are doing the same tactics andmethods what the early missionaries did in the socially developed Asia. The results are spectacular.

The Christian missionaries located the impoverished and disgruntled elements of society, low caste Hindus and the poor Brahmins who could be bought over for crumbs and gifts from the church. Then there was the invariable conversion of the Hindu to Christianity.

The Muslims are doing the same in Europe. They especially target lonely Christian, Hindu and Sikh girls, impregnate them and then discard them for new 'conquests' thereby increasing the number of Muslim children enormously. They target the Black prisoners and many disgruntled Whites. Their well funded mosques and institutions support the new converts in every possible way.



The leader of Al Mohajaroon in London told the BBC World Service reporter, “It is the duty of every Muslim to defend his fellow Muslims by all means at his disposal- and ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD. This support can take the form of prayers for the success of Muslims, collection of money for their families and even physical, in the shape of going over to Pakistan and Afghanistan to fight along side fellow Muslims. One must say, “Congratulations to Mohammed for welding a solid nation of ONE BILLION on earth who will wage war wherever and whenever possible against the non Muslims.

Today the Muslims everywhere are crying JEHAD in support of the murderous Taliban in Afghanistan ( who could not even tolerate those two statues! ), and some, including the BRITISH Muslims, are prepared to go all the way to Afghanistan in order to fight the British troops there. Is that not open High Treason?

But High Treason is not unknown to the Muslims. What created Pakistan in the first place was High Treason. It was the High Treason by the INDIAN Muslims themselves against their own country that had given them birth and nourishment?

The rest of the world who were quick to RECOGNISE Pakistan without taking account of the Muslims’ perennial High Treason and their deep hatred of secularism, is now beginning to pay the price. The declared goal of every Muslim is Islamic rule over the whole earth. The morons do not realize that if this were to become a reality, then England could well sink into chaos and anarchy under the jackboot of her own NATIVE Muslims in the years to come.

In the UK, Channel 4 TV News, Monday 29 Oct 01, showed some vocal Muslim youth in Luton praising those who had gone from their town to Afghanistan to fight the British and the American troops.

Their spokesman told the reporter that if they die by an American bomb, then they will be in heaven as martyrs. Obviously what makes heaven so attractive to a Muslim male is its description as seen in the KORAN. “Gardens with fruit laden trees, virgins with heaving bosoms at your disposal day and night, almond eyed young boys serving wine and honey to you. . . .” and so on. (www.swordoftruth.com).

Yes, such a paradise, with nothing to offer the good women, has tremendous appeal for the lustful Muslim male. He is ready for Jehad and looks forward to his DEATH.

At present the Muslims here perceive the British as a strong and manly race. So they prefer to go all the way to Afghanistan to kill the British interests and troops there. It appears that they also think the Britishto be extremely “soft” in this country so the Muslims can openly speak out against the British bombing of Afghanistan.

It ought to be realized that the British Muslims have to travel all the way to Afghanistan to kill the Americans and the British.

The situation will change once the Muslims outnumber the native White British in England. Then the Muslim youth will dare the White youths to come out in the open for a fight. Decent citizens of this country will shut their doors and lower their shutters and sit inside, fearful and terrified of the fire bombs at their doors. Given the gentleness of the British, can that day be far off?

One can draw the conclusion that with the British becoming more docile and weak under the various pressures created by this “fastest growing religion in Europe”, the Muslims will eventually attack and slaughter the Christians right here in Britain just as they did to the Christian fellow citizens in Bahawalpur, Pakistan, last Sunday (October 28, 2001), and what they did earlier to their Hindu fellow citizens in India during 1947.

It is amazing that while the Muslim youths of Luton, London and Bradford enjoy all the fruits of liberty, democracy, free speech and life in this country, yet they support the brutal, murderous and repressive regime of the Taliban in Afghanistan.

The British are on the defensive. The British are cornered. They are doomed. The red faced embarrassed British cabinet ministers feel they have to offer apologies, explanations, reasons and rationale for the bombing of Afghanistan while on the other hand the Islamic world does not need to offer even one reason why a church or temple cannot be built in Arabia and Afghanistan.

“What should be our response to the bloody MASS MURDER of the innocent in New York and Washington on September 11, 2001?” ask the British and the Americans of their Muslim fellow citizens.

“Take your case to the Court of Justice at Hague and at the same time feed our widows, orphans, refugees and all the illegal immigrants, apologise for dropping a bomb on the hospital in Kabul, and say “Sorry” for killing the donkey that was carrying the family of the Taliban,” comes the reply from the cocky Mohammedan with a Klashnikov in his hand.