Date: 10/31/2001


Mohandas Karamchand “Mahatma” (“Bapu”) Gandhi.

Born in AKHAND BHARAT (UNITED INDIA), October 2, 1869.



Manner of death. Execution by Shivaji’s “firing squad”, an act of utmost courage that every follower of Guru Gobind Singh ji wished to do in order to enter the “ Roll of Eternal Glory”.

(NB: British media from the UNITED Kingdom and American media from the UNITED States call Nathu Ram Godse "a fanatic” Hindu", not an Indian PATRIOT.

How would THEY feel and react if a County in the United Kingdom or a federal State in the United States of America declared itself ISLAMIC REPUBLIC in the manner of Pakistan?)

Gandhi was a POLITICAL WRECK of a leader though he wore the loin cloth and ashes of a holy man to deceive his HINDU (and SIKH) following. The Muslims of India did not touch his ideas even with a barge pole, and, instead, launched a sudden and most savage onslaught upon the Hindus in order to take out one third of Gandhi’s India to establish their own theocratic Islamic Pakistan where the cowardly Hindus were exterminated and the terrified Christians fear for their lives (Bahawalpur, Sunday October 28, 2001).

The Sikhs of Punjab suffered the most loss of life, honour and property. Many a son of a grieving Sikh widow wanted to “despatch” Gandhi for his cowardice and treachery.

(Their glorious turn came TWO generations later when they did the same to Nehru’s daughter Indira in 1984 what that honourable and proud Maratha young man did to MK Gandhi in 1948.

Here, ironically, we see the years 1984 and 1948 reversed in the manner of George Orwell’s novel "1984". India’s own political witch, Indira Khan, a.k.a. Gandhi, was the arrogant DICTATOR George Orwell had predicted way back in 1948.)

Gandhi did not challenge Partition nor call for a referendum over partition. His second act of High Treason was to ensure the safety and well-being of the MOHAMMEDAN Fifth Column in his own bleeding Partitioned India who stayed back to multiply, re-organise, re-attack and RE-ENSLAVE the Hindus.

The inner propensity and pull of the Hindu nation is to INVITE the yoke of slavery and to go under the foreigner’s BOOT for their “feel safe” factor.

Pandit Nehru followed up on High TREASON by enforcing his own brand of secularism which still means that every Hindu is guilty of fundamentalism unless he offers the hand of his daughter to a Mohammedan bridegroom at “nikah”.

Now there are over 120 MILLION “ Pakistanis” in the BROKEN Bharat of Gandhi and there are also as many in the Pakistan of MOHAMMED ali JINN.

The future FUSION of the three fragments of Gandhi’s Akhand Bharat will be worth watching.



1. Declare and celebrate your own Dussehra on October 31 (Halloween) every year. You ought to KNOW who was despatched to Hell on that auspicious day in 1984.

2. Declare the bogus and treacherous division of Punjab (your own HOLY LAND) null and void without waiting for the HINDUS to declare Partition reversible and unacceptable. By Faith, the Sikhs have to act FIRST to set an example.

3. Establish a SIKH HOLOCAUST MUSEUM somewhere in EAST Punjab. Again the Sikhs are enjoined to set a precedence for the Hindus who have been slaughtered in Hindustan by the million by Muslim invaders through centuries, even by the “indigenous” Mohammedans as in 1947.

While Crescent and Cross flew over Delhi FOR CENTURIES, not once did Trishul fly over Mecca or London. SHAME on the Hindu race and religion, that lay, and still lies, so DEFENCELESS and DEGRADED.

The Sikh leadership has to pass these three tests to qualify for a certificate of merit by the world community. The dull and duffer, and the cowards, do not make good neighbours or fellow citizens.