Date: 11/1/2001


FIRST THE COMMENT, AND THEN (BELOW) THE REPORT FROM "Rediff On The Net" which prompted the comment (acknowledged with thanks.)

Quote: Former prime minister Inder Kumar Gujral does not like comparisons but says: "There may have been faults in her policy, but viewed as a whole, she served the country to the best of her capacity. She had courage." Unquote.

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The first thing to TELL you, Sir, is that Inder Kumar Gujral, the so-called "Son of EAST PUNJAB" did not see even one suitable Hindu or Sikh in his own Much Reduced East Punjab for the post of PARTITIONED India's high commissioner to London.

The "mouse of a" son of a smashed Hindu father sent SALMAN HAIDAR, a Mohammedan, to prove his secularism to the World of Islam and Sonia KHAN alias Gandhi.

All the many other so-called "sons and daughters" of DECOMPOSING and DISINTEGRATING HINDUSTAN are no better. The future of such an India, which has NOT acquired a clear Identity or a Master despite Partition, does, indeed, look really HORRIBLE.

Indira's worthless son RAJIV KHAN, alias Gandhi, did not invite any NATIVE shankaracharya even for a cup of tea but did invite his ITALIAN born wife's Pope all the way from italy as STATE GUEST- and TWICE in as many decades.

The HINDUS and their Hindustan had to lump the disgrace and DEGRADATION. The foreign religious head was far SUPERIOR in the smashed and spineless Indian "COOLIE COLONY" than any NATIVE holy man. Did the Hindus protest?

Your report under the head "India misses Indira" is a most damning indictment of the extremely LOW sense of independence of the Indians, still at the level of the cattle.

How come, all the compliments to her include some serious fault and defect, INCLUDING HIGH TREASON like the return of EAST Bengal to the Islamic Devils in 1972, yet the "great Hindu scribes" go on to praise her instead of suggesting that she should have been stood before a firing squad and executed?

It's remarks like, "She was wonderful apart from her Emergency . . . . She was wonderful apart from her attack on Golden Temple . . . , She was wonderful apart from her CONTEMPT of the Hindu religion and total disregard for Ayodhya Temple . . . . She was a great patriot apart from her lack of interest in liberating North Kashmir . . . ." and so on.

Indian COOLIES, much enamoured of her success in EAST Bengal, do NOT realize that it was in response to the cries of the native MUSLIMS that she acted. She had disregarded the dog's life of the Hindus in the same artificial country for decades. She had totally disregarded the DOG'S LIFE of the Hindus in South Kashmir till open rebellion broke out there in 1989.

That she kept Article 370 of Constitution in force does not appear in any comment by any Indain praising the DYNASTIC "WITCH" sky high.

No Indian COOLIE ever spares a thought on the question, "Where would this brat have been had she not been the daughter of prime minister Nehru?" Yes, WHERE?

India has ignored and trampled upon a thousand females far more capable and far more patriotic and far more worthy and far more honourable than this arrogant woman.

Yet the INDIAN COOLIES march on praising anything connected to Nehru- down to Priyenka and her lapdog.

Not one is perturbed over the spectacular rise of a semi literate Sonia KHAN in the dark political sky over India. Where would she be in her native Italy today had she not been picked up by the Indian COOLIE called Rajiv Gandhi, and then, even without security vetting, placed in Indira Gandhi's palace in New Delhi? Yes, where?

The mentally BRAINWASHED, RETARDED and CRUSHED Hindu top scholars do not dare to investigate whether Feroze was a Gandhi or a KHAN of Allahabad.

They do not dare to comment on their rotten Hindustan having a CHRISTIAN President and a CHRISTIAN defence minister and countless MUSLIM ambassadors and minsiters. Should the Indian Muslims not have been PERSONA NON GRATA since Partition?

Yes, where on earth is another country where the native religions are so far down in public esteem?

Of course, let us totally overlook her dirty role in alienating the "SWORD ARM OF HINDUSTAN", the Sikhs. They are expendable and don't count. Do they?

Sadly, the Sikh slaves of Indira had as much political awareness of their doom in 1984 as the Hindus had of THEIR OWN in 1947.

A country that cripples the right hand that holds the SWORD, is soon ridden by FOREIGNERS like a concubine.

Indira's India is a mule being ridden by ITALY and ISLAM right now.

To know which side this 'ASS of a HINDUSTAN' will vote at the UNO, just see which way the PLO chief Yasser Arafat votes.

How could Indira be so wonderful or democratic if she SLAPPED the face of freedom of speech by her Emergency in peace time, and just because she was about to lose an election?

Indira while grooming her own son Sanjay for the top post, was GUILTY of nepotism of Nehru which brought her to the top in the first place.

Does India belong to the Dynasty or to her PEOPLE?

The crushed native people do not relate to TERRITORY hence none accuses Nehru of the High Treason of the unconditional surrender of Lahore and none hurls obscene abuse at the "BITCH" for, first conquering, and then RETURNIN, East Bengal to the separatist Devils called Muslims.

Indeed, the world of INDIAN "NIGGER" IS STILL DARK and the yoke of slavery, far worse than under Indira, is about to descend upon the clueless HINDUS' necks.



THE REPORT from Rediff On The Net

Wednesday, October 31, 2001 at 5:40 p.m. IST

Seventeen years after her assassination, former Indian prime minister Indira Gandhi is still remembered as one of the most powerful leaders of the world's largest democracy.

Many people may have forgotten her death anniversary on Wednesday, but Gandhi's monolithic memory remains etched in public fancy.

Gandhi, who ruled India for 16 years over two spells, was gunned down by two security guards at her residence in New Delhi on October 31, 1984. This followed her order to the Indian Army to storm Sikhdom's holiest monument, the Golden Temple in Amritsar, to quell a separatist campaign.

In the past few years, whenever governments fell and prime ministers dithered over pressing issues, it would be a rare occasion when people did not recall Indira Gandhi's stern, even arrogant demeanour and iron-handed rule, marred only by the "Emergency rule" of 1975-77 when she jailed thousands of critics.

India misses her, say a cross-section of citizens who voted her the best prime minister the country ever had in an opinion poll published in August.

Chosen by Congress bosses in 1966 as a prime minister they thought they could easily manipulate, Jawaharlal Nehru's daughter stunned everyone by quickly building a mass following, splitting the century-old party, and establishing herself as the unquestioned leader - the only "man" in her Cabinet as some said.

Nothing that she accomplished is remembered more vividly than the way she led India to a decisive military victory over arch foe Pakistan in 1971, breaking up that country's eastern wing, which became an independent Bangladesh.

That came barely two years after she brought about radical changes in politics, injecting large doses of socialism, and went on to turn India from a food deficit to a self-sufficient economy, and took the country closer to the Soviet Union.

Domestically, however, she scored poorly.

She deftly - and often brusquely -- handled party leaders who ranged from noisy rebels to greasy sycophants. Gandhi proved vulnerable only when it came to her younger son Sanjay Gandhi, whom she tried to groom until he died tragically in a plane accident in June 1980.

There was a strong mind under the head of close-cropped hair with the signature silver streak, concede admirers and detractors alike.

Asked by India Today news magazine who they thought was India's best prime minister, 41 percent of the readers gave the mother of two the highest points, piping her father and independent India's first prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru (13 percent), present Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee (11 percent) and Lal Bahadur Shastri (9 percent), at the post.

"It is hard to come by a leader like that. If only she were alive today," remarked Anil Joshi, an executive with an international bank who claims he is politically neutral.

Had she been alive she would have been 84, but he told Indo-Asian News Service that he found it hard to imagine that even a decrepit Gandhi could not run the government as she did till 1984.

Even Jagdish Prasad Mathur, a leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party, attributed some of the after sheen of the Indira persona to the canonisation of the dead.

"Past leaders are always remembered. She is also being remembered as a good leader," said Mathur, one of the founder members of the Jana Sangh that was born as an alternative to the Congress in 1951.

Mathur admitted that she was an effective prime minister.

"She was daring and decisive -- such as is needed in any good leader." The flipside, however, was her hunger for power.

To many minds, nothing compares to the audacity of the Emergency rule. Gandhi took this drastic step when her election to the Lok Sabha was challenged and a court unseated her.

Says Khushwant Singh, a noted writer-historian and a family friend of the Gandhis: "She was dynamic but she also destroyed all institutions of democracy."

There were two different facets to the same person. She was decisive, yet she put loyalty to her person above loyalty to the party and the country, sometimes at a great cost, Singh opined.

"Today's leaders are namby-pamby. They cannot make up their minds and always pander to their supporters," he observed. "I think what India needs today is a leader like Indira Gandhi but one who has learnt the lessons from her mistakes."

Over the years, Gandhi's charismatic personality seems to have prevailed over her dictatorial ways. She was named "Woman of the Millennium" in a BBC poll in 1999. She upstaged even Queen Elizabeth II.

Former prime minister Inder Kumar Gujral does not like comparisons but says: "There may have been faults in her policy, but viewed as a whole, she served the country to the best of her capacity. She had courage."

Indo-Asian News Service

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