Date: 11/2/2001


Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, who surrendered Lahore, Nankana Sahib and Gujranwala to separatist fundamentalist ISLAM without a single condition in 1947, thus breaking the backbone of the thriving Sikh community in the Punjab, feared his EXECUTION BY FIRING SQUAD by some aggrieved Sikh. He was warned by his close advisers and associates, mostly MOHAMMEDAN, that to ensure the perpetual rule over Hindustan by his offspring, he had to fear the Sikhs, NOT THE HINDUS.

This was much before some Hindus caught up with the High Treason of Mr. MK Gandhi and "executed" him on January 30, 1948, when he was still crying for his "dear Muslim children" in Pakistan and wished to hand over half the treasury despite their sudden and unprovoked INVASION of Kashmir in October 1947.

Nehru's arrogant daughter INDIRA, who inherited his "throne", tried to endear the Hindus by provoking the Sikhs and, thus, inviting their retaliation. The political "WITCH" was expert in the game of DIVIDE AND KILL.

The Sikhs then PAID HER BACK IN THE SAME COIN. The Hindu nation is still under the LETHAL spell of Nehru Dynasty and many a scum step forward to touch the feet of the "national disgrace" called Sonia, the Italian born brat of RAJIV KHAN, Indira's loafer son, who is keen to ascend the throne of India one day- of course, with the help of her lickspittle subservient Hindu serfs and slaves!

The Sikhs as a community would have been highly appreciated as one of the FINEST on earth, and India ought to have felt PROUD and STRONG by having them. But not this PARTITIONED decomposing India which has let herself be pulverised mentally, spiritually and physically, into dust under the foot of Dynasty.

It is so ironic that while the Muslims in BROKEN BHARAT (India) are waiting for their moment ONCE AGAIN, the Sikhs are demanding Khalistan due to fear of extinction.

"If they defend Amritsar as they defended Karachi, Lahore, Sialkot, Sylhet, Dhaka, Chittagong and NORTH KASHMIR, then EAST Punjab will be wiped out from the map of India like all those towns and cities. You will only find the Sikhs in Europe and North America desperately trying to convince the host communities that they are not the Taliban, nor the Afghans, and nor even the MUSALMAN, though they look like them due to their own terrible history when they had to stand up to the Moguls with the same WEAPONS and TURBANS and BEARDS, as the Moguls had, to defy the MASTERS in those bloody days when the Hindu nation was still reconciled to the Grand Mogul Emperor called Bahadur Shah Zafar.

Since "Zafar" means VICTORY, his very title proclaimed his victory over the Hindu Infidels who were paying him JEZIA (a punitive tax 'a la Koran') and offering their daughters to evey KHAN who fancied them.

That was 1857 when the brave British appeared to catch Mr. Zafar and banish him to Rangoon, leaving the Hindu nation orphaned and crying. Don't they call it "War of Independence" in all the history books in Hindustan?


It is ironic that the Jews were despised for their money which they often contributed to the Christian Kings and Dukes for their own wars and the Sikhs are despised by NEHRU DYNASTY, the entire filthy treacherous lot down to Priyenka Wadra who wouldn't touch Hinduism even with a barge pole, for their VALOUR and PATRIOTISM.

An example of their PATRIOTISM was seen by the great Hindu "mahatma" MK Gandhi in Amritsar in 1919 and an example of their VALOUR was seen by the whole world at the Battle of Sarangarh in 1897. Now when was that?

An honourable Hindustan would have celebrated the day every year with big military parades throughout India, paying tribute to the Sikh valour. They could also designate some other days to celebrate the victories over the hated Mohammedans by the Rajputs, the Gurkhas and the Marathas. Couldn't they?

Alas, this India is too busy, desperately trying to forget her DEFEATS.

Her worst was the surrender of five provinces in 1947 and her biggest degradation is the fact that none of the following, at the top of HINDU India today, is Hindu :-

The President

The President's wife (an import from Myanmar)

Leader of Opposition (an import from Italy)

The DEFENCE Minister.

Umpteen ministers, ambassadors and GOVERNORS.

Despite the DARKNESS of the Hindu world, the Sikh sky is lit up with many a BRIGHT star and sun. Here is one, of which the Sikhs are mighty proud while the crushed "Hindu" India under the JACKBOOT of Dynasty, is ashamed.


Saragarhi, a communications post was beseiged by over 10,000 PATHAN (Afghan) tribesmen with only 21 soldiers, all Sikhs of the 36th Sikh Regiment. The battle of Saragarhi Hill, fought on 12 September 1897, has been cited by UNESCO as one of the five most significant events of its kind in World history.

When news of the battle reached London both Houses of Parliament gave a rare standing ovation in honour of the 21 Sikhs who died holding the post.

Viscount Slim, who was born in Quetta and spent over 20 years living in India said: "You are never disappointed when you are with Sikhs. While at school in Dehradoon he was regarded as a good boxer, he was only ever beaten once, by a Sikh (but the Sikh did not tape down his Kara as he was supposed to!).

He is still in touch with that Sikh and he remains one of his closest friends. He said that he knew many British Officers who had such a close affinity with their Sikh soldiers that they felt that they were also Sikhs alongside them. He himself used to wear a "pagri" (turban) because you feel silly wearing a "topi" (hat) when all those around you are in their "pagris".


SHAME on Hindustan who could not find any good use for the distinctly dynamic and brave community of Sikhs, yet is derisory of the Anglo Sikh bond of friendship that kept the Muslim wolf away from the Hindu throat. How quickly he JUMPED ON THE HINDU THROAT in Kashmir as soon as the British pulled out!

India is still BLEEDING profusely, looking up to the SIKHS to defend the land as mercenaries, and to re-assure the FLEEING Hindus from there. A quarter of a million Hindus are wretched refugees in their own land called Hindustan!

What is there in such a Hindustan to celebrate? The ruined Temple of Ayodhya?

Who will tell them, "Throw out the FOREIGN Fifth Column, and give the Sikhs VISIBLE honour. Replace the present GOVERNOR of EAST Punjab by a SIKH to start with.

Your next long overdue step is to put that wretched fellow PRAKASH SINGH BADAL, Chief Minister of EAST Punjab, on his own territory.

Pay full compensation for the loss and destruction of Sri Akal Takht Sahib in 1984.

Finally give to the Sikhs TERRITORY equal in size to WEST Punjab that was unconditionally surrendered by your "Nation of Jackals" and the timid "Fathers of Nation" to separatist ISLAM without consulting the Sikhs or demanding Referendum.

You know what kind of battle the Sikhs fought in Saragarh. So be warned. You either have your "jackal's secularism" that was born only after the SURRENDER of Lahore, Karachi, East Bengal and Gilgit, or your peace.

ALAS, who will take note of this posting:

The President? The President's wife? The Leader of Opposition? The Defence Minister? Priyenka KHAN-Wadra? Her lap dog called "Hindu"? WHO?

NB: This posting is made by a HINDU, not by a Sikh.