Date: 11/6/2001



When a member of the British National Party (BNP) asked me for my personal view of Islam, I was afraid of obliging him for fear of being labelled “friend of NAZIS”.

This is their image created by the media in this country. My mind immediately went to my own PARTITIONED India (BROKEN Bharat) where the same word is being used to ruin the image and standing of any good Hindu who speaks up for his Faith and Land. The despicable scum of Hindus trailing behind the Italian born Scion of all powerful (Nehru) Dynasty, Sonia KHAN a.k.a. Gandhi, are put under a very praiseworthy label of being a true patriot.

We should note that the Hindu is still struggling for his independence. His own religion is nowhere in the Constitution of Hindustan, and he is ZERO in Kashmir, having fled the Valley, ZERO in Ayodhya where he is not allowed to restore his historic Temple and ZERO in Sind and EAST Bengal which are now ISLAMIC.

I wanted to know, “Who created the criterion that a ‘good Hindu’ is the one who acts as Sonia Gandhi’s lap dog, an even better Hindu is the one whose daughter has married a Muslim, but a ‘dangerous fundamentalist Hindu’ is the one who wishes to raise Hinduism to the level of Islam in South Asia in order to match, if not excel, the ISLAMIC republics on either side of his own decomposing secular Hindustan?

It is the media. Media is the most powerful weapon which can turn a god into a devil and a devil into a god. Hitler laid great stress on media which turned him into a God like the LAST Rasul Allah. The brainwashed Germans then fought the rest of the free world for six long years. Mohammed's brainwashed fanatic followers, it appears, will fight the FREE world for as many decades more.

In Britain the media has given the BNP a bad name that they do not deserve. Any Hindu or Sikh who joins the chorus against this Party ought to reflect in utmost SHAME that we did not have a party like the BNP in 1947 to chase the dangerous separatist Muslims to Mecca in order to ensure the integrity of India, the secularism of Lahore and the dignity of our defenceless women.

With that realisation I agreed. Here is what I wrote up for them. I am sure it will also be useful for the brainwashed Indians, especially the timid Hindus and Sikhs of Partitioned India. The message is, “Ignore the manipulated media giving labels to the patriots. Go and discover the truth yourself. And, having discovered it, BROADCAST IT TO THE WORLD.

Islam broke the backbone of the Sikhs by taking Lahore out of the Punjab, and crushed the guts and spirit of the Hindus by inflicting a crushing DEFEAT on them in 1947. So it was incumbent upon them both to tell the world what happened to them in that year.

I was also more than willing to make a contribution since I am the lucky survivor from a terrible holocaust, the Indian civil war of 1947, which claimed over a million innocent victims whom the world wants to forget.

To me it is absolutely pathetic that most Sikhs who do share my experiences at the hands of Islam are either too timid to speak up, or, are complacent about what contributes to the safety of a ‘peace loving, progressive and all-embracing society’ such as their own.

However, one ought to note that the pain and torture of their souls is reflected in their daily prayers and in the photographs and paintings hung in the dining halls of Sikh Temples across the world, showing the Sikhs tortured to death who resisted forcible conversion to Islam. Till the Sikhs muster guts to establish a SIKH HOLOCAUST MUSEUM somewhere on earth, the whole world is invited to visit their GURDWARAS (places of worship) and see these gruesome pictures and paintings inside that show ISLAMIC barbarity and bestiality.

We should ask, "What were the Moguls from Afghanistan doing in the Punjab then, or even in Delhi, Allahabad, Secunderabad, Ghaziabad and Faizabad? Why is there not one RAMPURA, KRISHNABAD or GOBINDGADH in Afghanistan?"

I also have two attributes: Willingness to speak up and the courage to do so in public. A multicultural, multi-ethnic, multi-racial and multi-lingual mixed society such as India’s and in the West, is not ‘one nation’, one language or a homogenous peace loving one family. Our society comprises elements that are ideologically at loggerheads, instinctively afraid and secretly suspicious of the others. This aspect has not been considered by the free Western world carefully yet.

Our society contains those elements which support and nourish terrorist cells in them, and possess the tendency to become predators (Muslims) and those with the wish to be left alone, with the instinct to become its victims (Hindus and Buddhists).

There are continuous underlying struggles going on for political power, and to gain an upper hand over the rest. Some, like the Muslims, have their hidden agenda- to bring everyone under the banner (or hammer) of Islam.

Ordinary people who don’t know, are then overtaken by events that they failed, or didn’t bother, to notice. America was drowned by such a tide of terror on September 11 last. India was destroyed in 1947. Armenians were slaughtered en masse a hundred years ago, and so on.

To me the Muslims, collectively, are like a heavy rock on the trailer behind a car. It reduces its speed, increases its wear and tear and is expensive on fuel. Public expenditure to raise the educational level of the Muslims in EAST END of London, England, far exceeds the expenditure elsewhere, yet with no results. They are still the poorest of the lot.

The Muslims reduce themselves to poverty by staying separate (Muslim Parliament in the United Kingdom, Nation of Islam in the United States, Islamic Pakistan in Asia, and so on), away from the hard working decent mainstream of mankind. They sink lower and lower in social status by keeping their women backward and indoors, by marrying them young and then burdening them with children (more mouths to feed, poorer the community).

No wonder the Muslims, once the absolute rulers and plunderers of India, are now the poorest of mankind. Their impoverished Hindu subjects are among the richest. What polarises the Muslims across the globe downwards into the cesspit of poverty, illiteracy, separatism, seething discontent, revolt and JEHAD? We need to explore.

Non Muslim citizens are entitled to know the rate of rise in Muslim population in their midst, for their own safety and eventual survival.

Non Arab Muslims (overwhelming majority) waste thousands of hours learning Arabic to understand Koran and pray, instead of humanities or sciences for a better living.

Being the poorest, the Muslims in any society are a huge burden on its resources. Add to that is the cost of “welcoming” and housing the illegal immigrants, invariably from Muslim countries where the status of a Christian or a Hindu is that of a dog. We can see how the shores of England and Australia are being “invaded” by the armies of Mohammed with horrendous implications for the future.

To me, Islam is all right in the Arabic world, not anywhere else.

Our great Tenth Divine Master, Guru Gobind Singh in the latter half of 17th century, had the sharp eyes to see the wolves from the jackals in the human jungle. So he created the lions (SINGH). He was also to discover the worth of an “Oath taken on Koran”. A million of them were not worth a tiny lump of mud.

We forgot the great Guru’s life and struggles (our unique heritage) and lost that discrimination since the British rulers, who annexed the Punjab in 1849, levelled up all the natives, Hindus and Muslims alike, under their rule and made “political correctness” the order of the day, something the present Government of the United Kingdom is trying to do.

My own observation, however, has convinced me that the human world resembles the animal world. Along our slow evolution as humans while branching out as a separate specie, we brought with us all the traits of the animals of our previous common biological stock.

Thus there are greedy pigs, voracious wolves, cowardly cows, frugal ants and industrious bees among the humans, too.

When we transfer this idea to mankind, then we see the all-embracing retreating Hindus, the all converting, all devastating, “fastest growing” Muslims, and finally the tolerant civilised Christians- each with its own separate qualities which have blighted or benefited mankind. As a visible proof of the superiority of Christian world we see all the others, including the Iranians, the Libyans, the Arabs, the Irakis, the Afghans, the Pakistanis, even the Indians, knocking on its doors to gain entry.

There are two reasons for this uncontrollable mass migration towards the West. One is the low level of education of populations the other is the corrupt native “thugs, rascals and generals” who are in charge of these nations. Some of these rulers nourish the “predators” to kill off the opponents of the regime or deliberately create a sense of insecurity, even “divide to rule” (Nehru Dynasty in India) in order to stay on in power.

One can understand the reason for the Indians to avoid the topic of Islam which devastated their land (the fragmentation of India in 1947) and destroyed their civilisation like the Spaniard Conquistadors in Latin America. None would wish to speak of the disasters, defeats and abuse of the past.

Added to that is the TREASON of the leaders of India themselves, mostly clueless HINDU, who have dropped the word “partition” from their vocabulary, calling it “independence”, instead.

The reason for this is their total brainwashing and the seizure of their guts and brains by none else but their own revered Mahatma Gandhi and Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. While one was a downright coward, the other an agent of Islam.

Some believe NEHRU was fathered by a Mohammedan. It was kept a secret from the simple gullible Hindus just like the secret “nikah” of Indira to the son of a Sunni Muslim in Allahabad. Before marriage to Indira the Mohammedan bridegroom was Feroze Khan. After marriage he became Feroze Gandhi, and a Parsi to boot!

Hence it was so easy for the INDIAN Muslims, ever so separatist, ever so ready to slit the throat of an infidel, ever so willing to burn and destroy everything in their path, to launch the new propaganda onslaught that was promptly followed by the threat of civil war if their demand for the partition of India was not conceded. In the event the Hindus conceded Pakistan upon their knees. Is there a lesson here for the Christian West which is heading for Islamic take-over via similar concessions and rapid dilution of Christian values?

In my childhood Islam came down crashing into my life like the two jumbo jets which hit the tall towers of World Trade Centre in New York.

In India the collapse came about in the ambient climate of Hindu collapse and cowardice, reinforced by the “Ahimsa” (meaning ‘peace at all costs’) by millions of saffron clad Hindu holy men and women and leaders like the loin cloth clad Mr. Gandhi. There was NO retaliation. NO response whatsoever.

Partition of India meant the surrender of vast territories inhabited by people of ALL religions and faiths. It was like cutting off the head and tail of an earthworm which still keeps on moving on and on, through its life cycle as if nothing happened.

One could compare the collective HINDU body to a mound of mud. Truckloads of mud dug away from one side do not cause any stir or reaction on the other.

We need to ask, “What made the Hindus collectively an “earthworm” or a “mound of mud”? It became doubly incumbent upon me to ask this since my fellow Sikhs suffered the most. They were like the rabbits on the huge HINDU ship that was set on fire by MUSLIM ‘suicide squads’ and had to perish, too. And I saw them perish in the most terrible manner that words cannot describe.

In the first year of the birth of Pakistan the minorities were subjected to the kind of massacres that we only read about in history books. Sikh homes were torched, women dragged out and gang raped, men and boys forced to watch them and then killed and there was plunder and loot everywhere in an area the size of Holland. It was ironic to see the Sikhs, so brave at one time, the rulers of Punjab in the previous century, now being trampled upon, hunted down, and on the run everywhere.

Could it not happen to the Christians in this country if the MAJORITY community in England or Germany went to sleep like the Hindus in India?

All-India Congress Party of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, which was a “party to partition” banished two words from the vocabulary of the Hindus: “partition” and “refugee”.

The whole Indian race was made to sing and dance like coolies and servants on the so-called day of independence, i.e., 15 August, and not a moment’s thought spared for the ONE MILLION slaughtered, FIVE PROVINCES surrendered and 15 MILLION destitute and refugees of that year.

Governments in the West which do not tell the truth about ISLAM to their citizens for the sake of votes or to be politically correct, invite disasters of the kind India saw in 1947 and the United States saw on September 11th.

India had not prepared her people to face the ISLAMIC onslaught when it came, and also forced her subjects to forget their biggest ever defeat at the hands of Muslims. To me it was both shocking and amazing.

I saw the Jews painstakingly reconstruct the fate of each and every individual who perished in the Holocaust and I saw the dogged loyalty of the PLO to their dream of a Palestinian State. Yet my own Indian world had become an open gutter or sewage in this regard. One starts to hate his fellow Indians.

Over the last 55 years I have been committed to ONE idea: to make the Indians recall Partition and deal with the Muslims in a way that either the three fragments of India come together to form one country, or all the Muslims are expelled from Partitioned India.

To me the independence of India is temporary while the Sword of Islam hanging overhead, is PERMANENT.

There is an explanation for this AMNESIA of the Hindu race. As in the human brain, there are memory cells in the collective psyche of a nation, too. These are gradually destroyed if the enslaved nation is unable to react or respond to attacks due to swift retribution that would follow, if it is subjected to frequent murder and beheading, and if it is ordered to FORGET. In the case of the Hindus, these cells are totally destroyed in the collective Hindu body.

The collapse of 1947 convinced me that the Hindus’ ability to retaliate is completely crushed due to the hammering they have received since the year 712 AD when the Arabs first showed up in India. The savagery inflicted upon the defeated Hindu King of Sindh and his family caused shock waves that must have shrunk the Hindu guts considerably.

For the first time the Hindus, who had previously fought as per code of chivalry and honour, saw an enemy gouge out the eyes, cut up the victims limb by limb, abduct and rape their women and worst of all CONVERT, and behead anyone who resisted. They razed every library and place of worship to ground which neither the Greeks had done in the same area in 325 BC nor the British did after 1857 AD.

That’s what the Taliban did in Afghanistan early this year. When there were no Buddhists on hand to slaughter, they destroyed the two ancient Buddha statues. One can imagine the ferocity of Islam a thousand years ago when India came under their jackboot for the first time.

Coming back to my childhood. Happy days ended abruptly when the Muslims, who had lived peacefully among us, raising no suspicion about their loyalty and sincerity, suddenly took up the cry of “DEATH TO SECULAR INDIA!”

That was early March 1945, just five months before the date set for the final departure of the British from India.

The non Muslim minorities living in the Muslim majority areas that were doomed to go under the flag of Mohammed, were very jittery and nervous.

My father was the chairman of Minorities Federation, Multan. People looked up to him for guidance. He called for a public meeting on 4th March 1947 to inform the citizens of what lay ahead. He was an active politician, a spirited Sikh, dynamic and bold, and known for his dash and daring.

My father was actively campaigning for peace and amity among all, and should have succeeded in his mission but for the Muslims who kept away. They were dreaming of immense wealth, cars, bungalows and swimming pools that Pakistan would provide each Muslim.

The meeting was extremely well attended. Nearly all the Hindus and Sikhs of Multan turned out to listen to the various speakers warning of the dangers ahead. My father, known in the area for his oratory, boldness and charisma, spoke for an hour and called upon all to resist the Muslim onslaught with all means at their disposal.

His voice thundered across the vast central square (called Kupp Maidan) and inspired everyone present to fight the separatist Muslim beast like a wounded tiger. The air was rent with loud cries of “Long live, Secular India.”

While the bright secular forces everywhere hailed my father as their hero, the pitch dark separatist Muslim mind marked him as their enemy. The next day he was set upon in city centre by a group of Muslim assassins and repeatedly stabbed till he fell and breathed his last. With him ended the dream of keeping India secular and united.

The whole of Punjab was shocked at the beastly manner of his murder and riots erupted all over. The Hindus cried all over, “Never trust the Muslims. Any time they can gang up and attack you and your country!”

The brunt of this tragedy was borne by my mother who became a widow at the age of 35 with all of us to feed and fend for. Since the whole area went under the obscene flag of Mohammed, she had to flee her maternal city of Gujranwala and come as a refugee to the State of Patiala under a Sikh Maharajah. Here we felt secure from the Muslim beasts but her struggle to earn money to feed and clothe us still causes us great mental hurt. Her whole life was turned into very sad widowhood and we were deprived of the love and care of our father by the followers of Mohammed (Peace be upon his VICTIMS) who in my eyes was nothing but a war mongering evil person who passed on such hate and callous bestiality in his followers. I often wonder why this Arab, who was born in Mecca, had to go and die in far off Jerusalem simply to carry the torch of war to the Jewish heartland. The only comparable instance is of the Afghan invader Babur who destroyed the grand Hindu temple in the heart of India to destroy the peace of the Hindus for ever. Surely the Jews and the Hindus ought to have been stronger to keep the Muslim marauders away from their frontiers.

Islam blighted the whole life of my mother, reducing her to a grieving widow all her life, and assassinated my father, a leading lawyer of his day. His only sin was to speak up in public for a secular and united India after the departure of the British from the sub continent.

Wouldn’t a doctor who discovered a good remedy against some lethal virus tell the others? What a pity nearly one billion Hindus discovered the TRUTH about Islam, yet sealed their lips. I am now simply stating what I discovered. It may benefit the free world if it could overcome the hurdles of “political correctness”.

The worst massacres perpetrated by the Muslims were in my ancestral city of Rawalpindi where the whole countryside was laid waste with every Sikh butchered or forced to flee. It is a SHAME upon the Hindu nation and on all the Sikh leaders since, that there is NO detailed account published of those days. I have mentioned the cause of his national amnesia.

Decades later I found a book, “FREEDOM AT MIDNIGHT” by Larry Collins and Dominique Lapierre in a library. It gives some details of those massacres and everyone ought to go through it. The only message anyone can draw from it is that what the Muslim citizens of India did to that country, they are quite capable of doing to ANY country on earth.

That was the kind of IGNORANCE of the Indians about the events in 1947. All they knew was that Mahatma Gandhi and Pandit Nehru “chased” the British out of India, and we won Independence.

We remained totally ignorant of the role of indigenous Muslims in the creation of Pakistan. Such discussion was politically incorrect and against the law.

While America lost only two World Trade Centre towers, India lost FIVE PROVINCES on one day in 1947 due to the same reason- state sponsored IGNORANCE of Islam that resulted in the same kind of surprise and sudden attack as seen by America on September 11th. last.

That is why we ought to look closer at Islam in our midst. Its Allah is exhorting all the good Muslims five times a day to kill or convert the infidels. Our loyalty to our democracy and secularism ought to transcend our fear of annoying the Muslims. A good Muslim is always annoyed. He cannot help it.

My life in India was nothing but a life of insecurity due to riots all over by the Muslims and their irreconcilable stance towards the others, their rejection of secularism, lack of respect for human life, and the maniac obsession with the idea of imposing Islam upon all of us.

I do believe that just as the Muslims are unembarrassed in flaunting their separate identity, separate ideology and separatist Faith, to the point of massacring congregations in churches, banning the construction of any church or temple in their own lands, even destroying the old historic relics pertaining to other faiths and religions, we need to stand up to DEMONSTRATE our own Identity and social ethos.

Failure to do so will be to inflict the fate of Hindus upon our children in the West. It is the fate of a vanquished race minus dignity, living under the burden of INFERIORITY COMPLEX turned guilt complex to the extent that many a Hindu stalwart in his own country feels safe if his Governor is a Muslim or his son or daughter converts to Islam.

The Hindu regards conceding, yielding and surrendering to the Muslims a kind of virtue, or a certificate of his good conduct. All the previous defeats of the Hindus and the unparalleled surrender of 1947, which was meant to buy eternal peace for India, has only whetted the appetite of the Muslims for more territory and for more slaughter of the Hindus.

I hope the proud Anglo Saxons never fall deep into the Islamic cesspit like the Hindus of Partitioned India which should be called “BROKEN BHARAT”. Had the Hindus been a manly race like the Anglo Saxons, their India (Bharat) would still have been united (“Akhand”).

So beware, the Free World! It was politically correct then, as it is today, to say “All religions teach love,” or “All religions are the same,” or “Islam is a religion of peace,” etc., deliberately ignoring the entire history.

The spirit, that rises instinctively against discrimination on religious, and indeed, on any other ground, is CHRISTIAN in nature. It is not the Islamic spirit. So to me it is strange to let the Muslims in our free world off the hook by the yardstick of OUR own spirit and norm, not theirs.

To see THEIR spirit and norm, one has to enter a mosque or “madrassa”, and any Koran school. What is going on there? What is being taught there? Let us find out. Let everyone know. How is that for the rules of this game?

No wonder the cowardly Hindus could not define the indigenous Muslims as PERSONA NON GRATA in their post-partition India. Isn’t that amazing, unbelievable and preposterous?

I lived as a child in a SIKH family in MULTAN which went to Pakistan simply because its Muslim inhabitants outnumbered the non Muslims!

I went to a local school run by a Hindu Trust. In my class there was only one Muslim boy and he was my close friend. It seemed natural for me to feel good with him. The reason was our mutual contempt for the Hindus.

On reflection now I know why the Hindus were the object of universal contempt. Their history had been revised or written by the British rulers and earlier by the Muslim rulers. So there was not one decent word about them in any book I read. History of India stank from a mile if you were a Hindu. It was full of narratives of terrible defeats, massacres and persecution by the NON Hindu rulers and masters. The rulers were called the Moguls. Today we know them as the Taliban.

The Moguls had established a strong empire over the disunited Hindus, reducing their genetic quality all through the following centuries of occupation. Worst of all, history books were often written by the Muslims themselves who further embellished the Islamic rulers many of whom were known as BUTCHERS to the Hindus and Sikhs.

Thus the Hindus appeared in a very bad light to me in my childhood due to their proverbial cowardice confirmed by every account I read in the books at that time. In fact the evolution of Sikh Faith was a reaction to Muslim brutality and Hindu cowardice.

The Sikhs emerged as formidable fighters. Finally they created an empire for themselves with its power centre at Lahore in central Punjab. In 1947 our free and secular world lost this great city to the Muslim barbarians.

The Hindus were subjected to the same kind of propaganda, prejudices and clichés over several centuries as the Jews in Europe. They were supposed to be mean, devious and blood sucking money lenders.

The degradation of Hindus under Muslim rulers was a further reason for me as a Sikh to stay clear of them socially. Yet at the same time we Sikhs felt more safe and comfortable among the fellow sufferer Hindus since our own history was equally wretched. Sikh holy men, Gurus, even women and children had been butchered in large numbers in the earlier era.

While the Hindus were subjected to Jezia tax, there were rewards to anyone bringing the severed head of a Sikh. So the Sikhs have had a pretty horrible encounter with the Muslim rulers of India who were even more brutal since they were dealing with the lowly infidels who were meant for extermination.

Until the end of World War 2, the social climate in India was by and large amicable. All the communities lived cheek by jowl. Usually the Hindus had their shops and businesses, the Sikhs had the farms, and the Muslims had both. The first preferred career for a Sikh young man was joining the army.

We understood that the British had great trust in the Sikhs’ loyalty. Though they were close to the Muslims in many respects but at the same time they were also wary of them. The Muslims resented the British more than any other community in India. This is due to the fact that the British had put an end to the hated Islamic rule over India for good with the help of Sikh troops.

The British conquered nearly all the world and so they understood the intrinsic worth and qualities or weaknesses of most peoples and races. In the case of the Punjab, they found the Sikhs as formidable foe and had to fight two wars before they could annexe the territory to British India. But once subjugated the Sikhs made a complete about turn and allied themselves fully with the British. The other community of this sort are the Gurkhas from Nepal.

India under the British was not a chaotic or violent place full of civil strife, communal mistrust and hatred as she is today. To start with she was whole, not a fragment, and Kashmir was still a tourists’ paradise called the “Switzerland of Asia”.

The British were seen to be a manly race. They had been victorious. Their unity and strength was proverbial. Today the Hindus, who replaced the British as the rulers of India in 1947, are not held in the same esteem or awe. They are perceived to be cowards, downright “rats & vermin” who suffered a crushing defeat at the hands of indigenous Islam in 1947. The Hindu leaders also surrendered two thirds of the Sikhs’ homeland to our enemy. That was the beginning of the rift between the old allies, the Sikhs and the Hindus.

They say, “If you kill the lion all the other animals in the jungle will be your servants.” The Muslims go for the top. The rest simply crumbles down under their feet. They went for the kings and rulers whom they converted after defeating them. Here in Britain they are after a member of the Royal family. In India the grand daughter of Poet Laureate Rabindra Nath Tagore, married the Nobab of Pataudi, a Muslim. Many other girls from extremely rich, famous and influential families have married Muslims, reducing the gene count of the Hindus all the time.

In India the Muslims have always snatched, abducted or seduced the most beautiful and talented Hindu girls over the last one thousand years. This one-way “beauty and brain drain” has left the Hindus listless, lacklustre, timid, submissive and a cowardly race.

“Christians, better WATCH OUT for your gene count! The Muslim drag downwards is very strong,”

In the West some responsible people are thinking of devising a Code of Conduct for the Muslims, especially the bachelors who believe the Christian girls are for the picking. Some of the points are given below:-

1. Keep your religion to yourself. De-brainwash yourself into believing that a Christian, Hindu and Sikh loves HIS religion with equal passion and is not meant to be converted by force or any devious method. In a secular society all must enjoy equal freedom and all religions must be respected.

2. Enter discotheques with a female companion, preferably your sister. You are liable to be refused entry if you turn up single as in an Islamic society. British volunteers will try to enforce this Code should it be “politically incorrect” for the others.

3. Bring your families with you when you turn up at ports of entry and ask for political asylum. There are no concubines, girl friends or marriage partners available in this country.

4. At school your girls should not be forced to cover their legs by wearing tousers. There are no lewd men staring at their legs as in an Islamic country. The dress code should be the same for all the pupils.

5. Let the Muslim women walk ahead of their men in public.

6. In mosques, pray in family groups. Don’t make it an all-male gathering of men and boys only, standing and kneeling in straight army like ranks. Women were banished when the savages gave them dirty and lewd looks. Mohammed did not trust the men even in mosques and, therefore, told the women to pray at home. All-male congregations often erupt into gangs bent upon beating up, even killing, the non Muslims they confronted. In 1947 the carnage of Hindus was maximum on Friday afternoons when incited Muslim mobs poured out of mosques. Having prayed inside they set upon looting, killing and raping outside. That was Islam to us- rascals on the rampage when everyone else shut the doors tight and hoped for survival.

7. Respect the person of women and girls. The Muslims have no such concepts like “dignity of women”. A Muslim has no respect for a woman’s body. Her status is seen by her total absence from the definition of “paradise” in the Koran. The martyrs for Mohammed get virgins to themselves, and eternal youth, while the women get just a promise.

Before grumbling or complaining over any restriction in the West the Muslims ought to think of the conditions of life the Christians are subjected to in an Islamic country. Can they build a church in Saudi Arabia? The British ought to point this out before conceding to the Muslims. Let England not degenerate like Hindu India where mosques outnumber Hindu temples by 10 to 1.

8. All portions of Koran that violate Race or Gender Equality laws of Europe must be expunged from that Book.

9. The Muslims ought to be told that Koran was NOT dictated by God but written by some clever man. His own sexual conduct with numerous wives, concubines and slave girls would land him in prison in any democratic Western country.

10. All creatures were created by God with equal love. For example God who created the pig also created Mohammed. Thus the God of ALL could not hate an Infidel and love a Muslim!

11. To claim that Mohammed was the last Messenger of God upon Earth amounts to blasphemy against God. Why can’t he send another Messiah?

12. Henceforth any Imam or Maulvi issuing a “fatwa” will court arrest and imprisonment according to English Law. “Fatwas” are the job of Judiciary and the police.

13. The Muslims must bring their Koran up to date for the multi religious SECULAR societies where the Muslims very much wish to come, live and reproduce. The Muslims may “believe” in what they like but practising their lecherous, autocratic, insensitive and macho life styule can not be allowed. They cannot marry four females at the same time. They cannot divorce one by merely saying the word “divorce” three times. They cannot keep concubines like Mohammed. And certainly they cannot demand that Sharia Law be applied separately to them in the United Kingdom.

14. Finally, every Muslim ought to sign a declaration on his/her Application for a British passport that they will not regard their Islam as a global religion with loyalties outside this country but their PERSONAL Faith. There has to be a line, “My loyalty to Crown is above my loyalty to Koran. Thus if Britian is at war against Afghanistan, I shall shoot at the Taliban, not at the British soldiers.”

During my life time I have noticed some strategies employed by the Muslims all over the world.

1. Hit and humiliate the mightiest and the most powerful country. The rest will simply collapse before Islam.

No single country in free world could have opposed Hitler alone. A world wide alliance had to be formed to defeat the “devil”. In the same way NO single country can meet the present Islamic threat to world peace and secularism. All the free and democratic world has to unite against the callous murderous bullies.

2. Domination of media. It is Broadcasting and the printed media. In India the media Moguls and the movie Moguls are invariably Mohammedan who are softening up the target psychologically by brainwashing the simple and gullible Hindus day and night. As a result the Hindu still perceives himself to be the scum of mankind. Muslim media Moguls have been working day and night to sap all his courage and spirit. He believes that 100 Hindus are hardly equal to one Muslim in any combat.

We notice the gradual penetration of the media by the Muslims both in the UK and the USA. Look out for al those MUSLIM names in CNN, BBC, ITV and Channel 4. Many innocent looking announcers and workers are linked to their families and their families in turn are linked to the mosques and the mosques in turn are linked to the wider Nation of Islam across the globe.

Several years ago I came to the conclusion that Hitler’s Mein Kampf and Mohammed’s Koran are essentially one and the same thing. Both divide the human race though by different criteria- one on race, the other on Faith. Hitler was not smart enough to declare, “Mein Kampf was dictated to me by God and I am your LAST Messenger on earth.”

None could have fought the NAZIS but only the few active terrorists among them. And the free world could have spent all its resources to detect, find and catch the terrorists which would be like locating a needle in a hay stack.

The followers of Mohammed are very insecure inside their minds. The phrase “Fastest growing religion” hides this insecurity and uncertainty of the Believers. They need to grow up fast before the gardener brings out the weed killer.

In Australia now there are so many rabbits that their extermination is out of question. That is how they ensured their survival by being “the fastest growing animals”.

I also believe that the UNO ought to declare all the so-called Islamic republics illegal, unconstitutional and vulgar. No Constitution on earth can divide the subjects on the basis of religion alone. Why should a Christian be an underdog in Pakistan while a Mohammedan is a Governor in neighbouring Hindustan? Somebody has to approach the UNO otherwise their Human Rights’ Charter is a bogus document.

Islam to Mr. Anwar Shaikh, a great Muslim scholar, is simply Arab Imperialism. It is bigger than the Roman Imperialism and more widespread than the old British Colonialism.

Every slave has to pray in the Arabic language, degrading his own mother’s. Every slave must visit Mecca at least once in lifetime, every slave must look up to, and adore, an Arab, and every slave must join in the war on behalf of his Imperial Master.

No wonder the whole of Arab Imperialism feels under threat by American bombing of Afghanistan. The slaves of the Arabian Empire are in agitation from Indonesia to Pakistan though many do not even know where Afghanistan is and none would go there with his family for a week’s holiday.

Muslims are very inconsiderate towards the others. They did not care that crashing the aeroplanes was going to cause grief and misery to thousands of innocent families, rendering so many widows and orphans.

They do not care about the feelings of the Sikhs that flying the ISLAMIC flag over Lahore and Nankana Sahib is a grave provocation. They are incapable of imagining the hurt they cause. It is the SAME what the Mohammedans would feel if the Hindu Trishul, the Christian Cross, the Jewish Star of David, or the Sikh “KHANDA CHAKRA” flag flew over Mecca. But try telling the brutes, the savages, the UNCOUTH miscreants, called the Muslims.

Forcing their own women into burqa and chador does not pose the question to anyone, “How would YOU look in a burqa, Mr. Khan?”

They do not care if the non Muslim girls feel degraded or insulted when forced to be converted to Islam on marrying Muslim grooms. The free society must insist on the Muslim groom taking on the religion of the bride. Thus Imran Khan was to say, “I have converted to Christianity in deference to Jemima’s wishes.”

They did not flinch from putting a renegade Sikh brat on stage in a big Islamic rally in London who denounced her parents’ Sikh religion but praised the wild Islamic Faith sky high. Did they care for the hurt to the proud Sikhs? Not one Muslim MORON was capable of thinking, “What if the SIKHS put a Muslim girl on the stage to denounce Islam?”

They did not flinch from destroying the two 1700 year old giant Buddha statues at Bamyan in Afghanistan? Did they give a damn for the great hurt their action would cause to the Buddhists around the world who wish the Afghans no harm? That dastardly act was inspired by the teachings of Koran and was the equivalent of a small mouse giving a slap in the face of Mohammed himself. What else? Weren’t those statues as sacred to the Buddhists as the Koran is to the Muslims?

Islamic republics do not extend charity to fellow Muslims but expect the Christian countries to feed their starving millions. Look at the huge expense by the United Nations to feed the millions of Afghan refugees in Pakistan who could have been taken care of by Saudi Arabia. See the children left to die in the streets of Basra (“The Sunday Telegraph”, London, November 4, 2001, page 1). The ultimate burden of feeding the millions upon millions of starving Muslims in Asia and Africa falls on the hard working NON Muslims of the world. One needs to ask, “Why are the Muslims dying of starvation?” The cause is their own unstable perpetually warring societies where women are forced into silence and the men get high, very high, reading all about the ‘life and times of Mohammed’ (the Koran).

Historians have detailed the beastly nature of Islam through factual narration of events that clearly show Islam’s view of the external world. One ought to read of the manner of murder of Guru Gobind Singh’s two little sons, barely 7 and 9, the beheading of Guru Tegh Bahadur (1675), the murder of Banda Singh Bahadur and his two-year old son, and one ought to read each and every book on Islam written by the modern “Messiah of Revelation” called ANWAR SHAIKH.

Islam puts sense of inequality or inferiority by denying churches in Islamic land while building mosques all over the free West.

Interaction turns one into rabbit, Hindus, the Muslims into tigers and wolves. Now the Northern Alliance soldiers taunt the Taliban, “Don’t run away like a Hindu.” (heard on a BBC World Service Broadcast on November 4, 2001)

Islam to me personally is, therefore, a five-letter Ideology. Many times I have turned away from opening a book on Islam. Why go to an ideological wasteland if you have the choice of going to a spiritual garden, full of divine flowers, or an intellectual green park?

“I” stands for Intolerance, “S” for slaughter (of the innocent such as my dear father and a million more in India in 1947, such as the slaughter of the 17 Christian worshippers in a church in Pakistan on October 28, 2001), “L” for loot and plunder, “A” for arson and “M” for molestation of women and mayhem.

Having broken up India in 1947 the Muslim extremists now plan to turn Britain into an ISLAMIC republic like Libya, Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan by 2005, using a combination of immigration, high birth rate and conversion. Who will stop them? Ironically, the party labelled by the media as NAZIS!

I could add, “Without firm understanding of compassion and without the experience of living in peace among themselves and amidst the others, for the last 1000 years, the Muslims have evolved along very different lines from the rest of mankind. They are deeply into drugs across the globe, prostitution, rape, deception, terrorism (one can say that again!), over-production (We produce, YOU feed!), and many violent crimes in every society (on per capita basis).

Numerous splinter groups like the Al-Muhajiroun also try to demoralise the free world with warnings and threats like, “We seek World Islamic State.” (The Daily Telegraph, London, October 31, 2001, page 6). Which Muslim can resist the golden dream of being the Master race on earth one day? But the effect on their victims like the Buddhists, the Hindus, the Sikhs, the Pagans, the Atheists, the Armenians, the Greek Cypriot Christians and the Jews can be that of a nightmare. We already see ISLAM in Afghanistan, Iran, Kashmir, India and Pakistan. What else will it be in the so-called World Islamic State?

Either they do not understand what Koran says (most non Arabs don’t, any way!) or the book itself was composed by a clever unscrupulous and ruthless maniac.

Export of cocaine is the biggest money earner for the Taliban and they are a GOVERNMENT!