Date: 11/7/2001



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Can one imagine a country of ONE BILLION inhabitants rendered so cowardly and IMPOTENT that not one minister or leader has bothered to find out whether there was any patriot who stood up to defend India’s integrity in 1947 when the whole country collapsed so shamefully?

My dear mother, who fought the battles of life single-handed as a "widow created by Islam”, spent the last 20 years of her life on her own, though in safety and comfort, in the United Kingdom.

She was never visited by any high commissioner of India. Quite often these despicable “dogs of dynasty”, the most rotten diplomats on earth, were the lickspittle stooges of the all powerful “All-India Congress Party”, the party of TREASON that degenerated rapidly into party of NEPOTISM & CORRUPTION.

For decades Partitioned India was represented in London by either a Mohammedan like SALMAN HAIDAR (Pakistani by definition!), a stooge of Congress like P.C. ALEXANDER or a “dog of dynsasty” like the 'tilak' flaunting devious Hindu L.M.SINGHVI, but never by a committed patriot or a decent honest upright Hindu.

None of them wanted to see my mother.

Seeing her, or honouring my father in any way, would have meant going against the Islamic grain of Bandit Jawaharlal Nehru and “Mahatma” Gandhi, who collapsed before the Muslim onslaught at Partition.

A decent and honourable country would have honoured one in her life time and commemorated the other after his martyrdom.

The title, “Islam, the Terrible,” is out of my conviction. If your mother were to suffer and die of CANCER, would you call the disease terrible or benign?

The teachings of Koran have inspired the followers of Mohammed to kill, rape and slaughter MILLIONS of human beings on earth. Look at the man himself- sword drawn, ridinga horse, attacking one city after another with his wild followers till he died in Jerusalem (Thank God, the man was mortal!) while his followers carried on the blood thirsty JEHAD mile after mile, country after country, till they went across Egypt and India, finally stopped only by the deep Atlantic Ocean on one side and the wide Pacific on the other.

By the Will of Merciful Allah, who had created the rest of mankind, too, they did not have good boats to carry them across to North and South America. One can imagine the kind of civilisation prevailing upon the whole earth that we see in Pakistan, Iran, Libya and Afghanistan today!

Muslims ought to free themselves of their invisible mental shackles, and think of Equality and Dignity of ALL mankind including women, and then voluntarily shed something so out-moded, separatist and stifling as Islam, in order to go for something far better including another Messenger of God.

How about Jesus who preached non violence?

How about Guru Tegh Bahadur, even Mahatma Gautama Buddha, the Enlightened?

What good is the present Age of Reason and Freedom of Thought if you cannot swap an intellectually barren all-male mosque with a church full of happy families with the organ music falling sweet on the ears, or even a mandir or gurdwara where they sing the praises of Lord all together like one decent family.

Who can cast lewd stares on females when moved by captivating divine melodies sung with rhythm and vigour as in a gurdwara?

The whole of Guru Granth Sahib, the Sikh Holy Book, is composed in music and melody, and can be sung to soul-calming tunes. Go there and feel the true mercy and peace of God.

None of the true Messengers used a derogatory term like “Infidel”, a rude word for which an infant can get a spank on his bottom, the relic of our savage past, that justifies attack, often by surprise and deception like the one on World Trade Centre on September 11, 2001, and mass murder.

My father, a great patriot, who spoke for universal love and unity of India was murdered by Muslim fanatics. So were three of our Gurus (Guru Arjan Dev at Lahore, Guru Tegh Bahadur at Delhi and Guru Gobind Singh at Naded) and MILLIONS of their followers over the centuries just because they were Infidels as defined by Mohammed in his Koran. We wonder how Mohammed himself would be defined by the modern civilised society.

Surely if a disease killed as many humans, and we had no escape or remedy, and our political leaders insisted on calling it benign and beneficial, we would all go mad in rage, and defiantly, call it “Scourge of God”, not just terrible.

That is the reason why the epithet “The Terrible” is most befitting for the ideological scourge of mankind that finds its justification in Intolerance, Slaughter of the innocent, Loot, Arson and Mayhem on earth.

If one could compare the number of humans killed by Ivan, the notorious Czar of Russia, and ISLAM, then the former ought to be called “Ivan, the Benign”.

Just see, how the FREE world is on the defensive now. Its response is local (Afghanistan) while the Islamic menace to our civilisation, i.e., individual freedoms and liberties, is global.

How many more innocent “infidels” like my father and all those killed in the World Trade Centre Towers will be sacrificed at its blood-thirsty altar before the world discovers the truth, recognizes the menace and retaliates collectively, for the sake of Secularism, Tolerance, Peace and Progress on earth?

The oft stated “Muslim grievances in the Middle East" are a very midleading deceptive excuse to justify their continuous kidnappings, assassinations, killings and attacks not only in Israel but also the extension of JEHAD (holy war) to other countries including the United States. It is meant to cover up something more sinister and perennial, Islam’s global aims.

Israel was not even in existence in 1947 when the Muslims launched their most ferocious and concerted onslaught against defenceless secular India and left one million Hindus dead, and the ancient land fragmented.

How can the kidnap and murder of innocent tourists in Kashmir, Western China and the Philippines be linked to any grievances the PLO in the Middle East may have? Come on!

Clearly, Islam is inherently vicious and violent, and will doggedly push and thrust its JEHAD forward, and beyond, till checked.

I believe that repeated defeats make a nation insensitive to its security. In disputed Kashmir (under Article 370 of India's Constitution) up to forty Sikhs and ONE HUNDRED Hindus have been slaughtered in one night by the Muslims without causing any reaction in the rest of India.

Had those World Trade Centre towers been in India, an embarrassed Government of India would have looked the other way.

When I go past the statues of MK Gandhi in India I have a lump of disgust rise up in my throat. Could they not honour someone who stood up for united India and then sacrificed his life for the great cause, for example, my father?

We all know that Mr. Gandhi died a coward’s death on the day of partition before his physical death five months later.

The devastating blow of Partition reduced India physically (see any map) while diminishing every Hindu and Sikh internally, morally and spiritually.

India, that ought to have warned every country on earth to beware of its “indigenous” Mohammedans, sealed her lips in terror like the maiden who is too ashamed to tell the others of her rape.

As a result, India is still being hammered on the head (Kashmir), and up her bottom (East Bengal).

A weak and decomposing India was NO deterrent to Col Rabuka of Fiji and Gen. Idi Amin of Uganda who scared the Indians to death.

A soldier of Northern Alliance taunted the Taliban, “Don’t run away like a Hindu,” his voice reverberating across the Hindu-KUSH mountain.

What an image the Hindus of India have acquired by stooping so low before Islam, the Terrible!

Europe and America must do better!