Date: 11/8/2001



We believe the TALIBAN Noticing the excessive coverage in media of the plight of millions of Afghan refugees and dozens of appeals being made in their name, a friend had this to say-

My first comment is, How is it that during World War 2, none spared a thought for the millions of German refugees fleeing the Eastern front. No food drops were made to them even though they were European and Christian.

My second comment is, How is it that the Taliban are determined to IGNORE the plight of their own people by going on fighting against the civilised world? Don't they know that after their departure, all the Afghans will return?

But there is another reason. As we know Afghanistan has no economy except drugs and narcotics. With rise in general awareness, their sales are dropping and Afghan profits shringking.

So there is now a desperate need to find some way to feed the people. In their opinion the best way is to put the baby in front of the neighbour's door. Surely in the name of Allah, they will feed and clothe the baby.

The Taliban, too, have discovered the only way to feed their population- to drive them out and throw them in the lap of CHRISTIAN west. Not only will they get fed, but inturn they will also produce more Mohammeds and bring ahbout the downfall of host civilisations. "Praise be to Allah!" they shout thrilled at the thought.

Thus they are determined to carry on the war till all the people are OUT leaving only the Taliban and their immediate families back in Afghanistan.

I believe this is the only way to feed their restive STARVING population. To carry on with the war, which will drive out millions of Afghans from their homes, who in turn WILL BE FED BY the CHRISTIAN West. So problem solved. How clever of ISLAMIC Afghans!

That is why all the fleeing Afghans are advised to go on and on till they get to America in the West and Australia in the Esat. Many will make England, where many native females are looking forward to being embraced by an Afghan, a staging post.