Date: 11/8/2001



At the time of PARTITION of India, an anguished Hindu cried, “Look, the Muslims are taking the BEST of India while leaving the REST to us.” This outcry had profound significant.

The Punjab was the granary of India, its people were hard working, industrious and a manly race. There was world’s best developed irrigation system and a network of canals. The land was blessed with FIVE rivers. The North West Frontier Province was rich with natural minerals that were yet to be extracted.

Baluchistan has natural gas under the earth. The landscape of Pakistan is varied- from the snow clad mountains in the north to the hot plains of Sind in the south. Karachi is a good port for import and export by sea.

EAST Bengal, that was part of Pakistan then, was rich in fishing and paddy, her people meticulously clean, sharp of wit, and intelligent.

Thus Pakistan, on the day of her birth, was truly the land of promise. It had the potential to surpass Spain in national wealth and prosperity within three decades.

To cap it all, there was KASHMIR, the paradise on earth. It could either come to Pakistan or serve as the route for tourists via Rawalpindi, the traditional route from the Punjab, towards Srinagar and the Valley.

People clamouring for the creation of the new Islamic state on the soil of India thought that their poverty was due to exploitation by the hated Hindu money lenders, and the discriminatory British policies towards them because they were not “docile cows”, or willing slaves, like the Hindus.

But Pakistan’s tragedy was that it came to the debilitating, destructive ISLAM which ruined it very quickly.

Instead of democracy and era of rapid progress like Germany after World War 2, that had finished two years before the birth of Pakistan, Pakistan suffered from feudalism, female illiteracy, military governments and total neglect of education. Instead of well run state schools, the fundamentalist “madrassas” in mosques took over. As a result of all this, very soon the culture of DRUGS and JEHAD took hold of the land and unemployment soared.

The Pakistanis started fleeing their newly acquired Mohammedan Paradise in their thousands. Was it God’s punishment to them for doing the ethnic cleansing of the minorities by killing over a million Hindus and Sikhs within months of their Independence in 1947? We shall never know.

Theirs had been the greatest historic victory over the Hindus, yet it became their greatest tragedy.

Sadly Partitioned India’s fate was no better. It fell into the clutches of Bandit Nehru who was least interested in her economic progress, quality of education, clean administration, private initiative and enterprise, and freedom of Broadcasting.

Corruption, disorder and civil unrest flourished while the rulers came down to the dirty politics of “divide and rule” and the open appeasement of Muslims. It was not realized soon enough by the nation that Nehru Dynasty was, in fact, either pro Islamic or downright Muslim, masquerading as Hindus for the sake of power in order to CRUSH Hindu heads or keep them down.

The Hindus, despite the independence of India in 1947, are still badly thrashed and beaten, not only in South Kashmir and Ayodhya.

Theimpoverished Indians and the Pakistanis both met in England as immigrants seeking livelihood, and exchanged views on how Independence had gone bitter and sour for both.

On the soil of the UNITED Kingdom both looked (damn) FOOLS, having fled their DISUNITED India.