What do YOU think, Son of Bharat?

Date: 11/9/2001



Hindu holy men and women have been preaching and chanting, "Hindu and Muslim is the same. Gita and Koran are the same."

Now our Bharat is totally brainwashed but they WON'T leave him alone.

Not one ignorant Hindu "cuckoo" questions, "Then why are Dhaka, Delhi and Lahore in THREE different countries? What is the meaning of the ongoing Muslim onslaught on Kashmir?"

What is the TRUTH for the Hindus? What is the REALITY for the crushed and brainwashed Indians?

The truth is that while the Muslim does not hesitate from MURDER, RAPE and MASSACRE, even devastating surprise attacks on America, the Hindu, hiding in his deep dark hole, is terrified of even telling.

MUSLIM Pakistan celebrates her birth on August 14 every year.

When does HINDU India commemorate her PARTITION and her DEAD?

Now the whole world can see the Truth behind THEIR brutality, and OUR cowardice.

"What's the way out of this lethal ISLAMIC trap?", ask many Hindus."

What did Guru Gobind Singh do to turn the 'despicable race of rats' (the HINDUS) into 'lions'?

If there is no better idea for the Hindus in South Kashmir, EAST Bengal, Sind and Ayodhya, then let us get Him (the Great Guru) back?


What was so terrible about that WHITE swan with its outstretched large wings, desperately trying to take to air?

You ought to have noticed the wings of the miserable bird, gasping for breath. They are COAL TAR LIKE (JET) BLACK in colour.

On either side of the truncated rump of Hindustan are the two ISLAMIC republics (Pakistan and BOGUSdesh) like those wings impregnated with heavy, thick, coal tar, oozing out poisonous fumes.

What do YOU think, dear Son of Bharat?