Date: 11/11/2001


India and Pakistan are both nuclear powers today, but the guts AND MOTIVATION to drop one on the other rest with the ISLAMIC state, not the HINDU gentle men and even gentleR HINDU women of Hindustan.

In this respect a news just come in indicates that Pakistan is moving nuclear weapons and General Musharraf says arsenal is now secure


Pakistan will move a lot more besides her nuclear weapons very soon including India's a _ _ _ , that she already hit hard and penetrated deep in KASHMIR in October 1948.

One billion dollars aid to Pakistan from America?

Western silence over Paki ongoing incursions into Kashmir?

The American suspicion and hatred of Hindu belief, culture and way of life?

The West's appreciation of a mischievous ROGUE state in south Asia that is neither democratic nor secular?

The United States know that Pakistan was created without referendum by bullies who smashed Secularism like the two jumbo jets ramming into WTC towers exactly two months ago.

America is aiding Pakistan who in turn is aiding the Taliban, being their creater and ideological father, but what aid is India giving to the Northern Alliance? Aren't they left to fend for themselves like the INDIANS of Fiji and Uganda (and South Kashmir) as far as India is concerned?

Pakistan insists on having a Taliban element in the new governmnet of Afghanistan. What is india's stand? She doesn't even protest, "Then what is the good of going to war if the same "NAZI Party" of Taliban are going to be in the next government?

What is India's stand? Is it any different from that of PLO and the Imam of Jama Masjid who has declared open support for Bin Laden?

India will remain zero so long as she remains bogus secular dummy despite partition, so long her spokesmen are either MOHAMMEDAN or the cowardly Hindus who are mighty terrified of the 'indigenous' dagger wielding Islam.


Decomposing, disintegrating 'fatherless' PARTITIONED INDIA being ZERO is a grave threat to the peace in South Asia. As the giant POWER VACUUM in the region, she is attracting and INVITING aggression.

Mongrel India's IDENTITY after her brutal break-up needs to be firmly established. By that event it is HINDU- pure, undiluted and unadultrated.

If Islam is not apologetic for their countless provocative ISLAMIC republics on earth, the Hindus need not crawl upon their bellies and knees in dust before the rest of the world.

Remember, Secularism can be imposed in Delhi ONLY if it is valid in LAHORE. Otherwise the terrified brainwashed crushed HINDUS are eating Bandit Nehru's 'muck' day and night.