Date: 11/11/2001


COMMENT: "Worldwide outrage is needed to force an end to centuries of discrimination in India."

What was the writer protesting about? It was on a report by Eric Margolis in the Toronto Sun last August.

(Quote) In a uniquely Indian version of Romeo and Juliet, a teenage girl and boy were publicly lynched earlier this month in rural Uttar Pradesh. The girl's parents and hundreds of villagers watched and applauded. (Unquote)


Like bride burning, it was not an isolated instance. Indian politicians and journalists alike have little time left for the common suffering people after filing copious reports on the lives and speeches of their rulers. It is typical to open a daily newspaper to see coverage on Sonia KHAN and her mother-in-law claiming more space than the one billion rest.

Where did the nation go wrong? It went wrong in retaining MUSLIM 'moguls' in film industry and print media. The Hindus were not too keen on media and the Sikhs were not too keen on films. They left these fields to their enemies. (Which Muslim can be called 'friend of India' since Partition? Partition is still seen as a nightmare on every map of India. Where is LAHORE? Where is East Bengal? And what is this 'ISLAMABAD' doing on the secular TERRITORY of Lord Rama?)

What Pandit Nehru, the first native who took over India in 1947, had to do was to mobilise every muscle and nerve of the debilitated, limp and lifeless virus eaten body of his country to rejuvenate the broken bleeding partitioned nation, and try to bring it up to acceptable standards.

Sadly, the natives were tricked into believing that their slavery under the brown skinned native was his independence.

Pandit Nehru and his Nepotism then did run down India enormously. There was the treacherous betrayal of Kashmir and the malicious attack on Golden Temple. There was the liberation of EAST Bengal to be returned to Islam. It was a slap in the face of Partitioned Bengal. A really terrible slap given by none else but by a third rate gangster female we called 'INDIRA IS INDIA'! Fires of corruption raged all over.

The PANDIT was law unto himself. So was his daughter. Million mutinees have broken out there now. Misruled pseudo-secular chaotic India stinks.

It is ironic to say that WAR purifies a nation and thrusts its development FORWARD. One only needs to spare a thought for the Economic Miracle (WIRTSCHAFTSWUNDER) of Germany after the big War, and in view of all the scientific, medical and other ADVANCES since, including SPACE FLIGHTS.

It is the conviction of many that India has missed the boat of peaceful eradication of evils like caste system, dowry deaths (bride burning) and street violence. What will now purify her soul, society and air, eradicating all her evils, is the next big and bloody (civil) war on the sub continent.

Bandit Jawaharlal Nehru, a clever barrister at law, who did not ask for referendum before the surrender of Lahore, did not keep the MUSLIMS back in India after Partition without a good reason!

We will see all the treacherous “Gandhis” blasted away, and the SWORD of Chatrapati SHIVAJI, Maharani of Jhansi, Maharana Pratap and Guru Gobind Singh doing wonders, and TRIUMPH in the end. The NATIVES must keep their valour and fighting spirit alive and not drown to death in Gandhian/Nehruvian philosophy of treachery, appeasement, cease-fires and surrenders.

It is a challenge we must accept. For the Hindus, living in South Asia is like living among the wolves hungry for their daughters and TERRITORY, or like walking on quicksands.

Tragically for the Hindus right now, the ruling establishment in India is in foreign hands. They are not prepared to dump that FILTHY name of the 'political WITCH' stuck to the International Airport in New Delhi, leave aside abrogate Article 370 of Constitution to integrate Kashmir with the rest of India.

At this rate, we will see India decompose further and DIE with all the anti national virus taking over her body. They could only do half the job in 1947.

The fires of pyres all over Hindustan will purify everything once again- from Kerala to Kashmir- and that will be the end of it all, including caste system and Muslim appeasement.

We saw how WAR brought the high and low in England together. There was NO Brahmin or Dalit in the England of 1940. The NRI’s know this and need to pass on the acquired wisdom back home.

Hindustan (Partitioned India) will live or die. She cannot remain suspended, or go on living on air supplied by the IMAM of Delhi and Sonia KHAN of Italy for ever.


What is it?

Yasser Arafat wouldn’t give up but our Atal Behari Vajpayee wouldn’t touch. What is it?