Date: 11/11/2001



(By S.P. Attri: USA)

1. One must distinguish between chaff and grain. One must call a spade a spade, and see the difference between the murderer and his victim, between the builders who build the buildings and those who descrate and destroy them. A cross-section of Quran (Holy Book Of The Moslems) lays bare the un-pleasant truth, that it is a 100 % "Gospel Of Hate."

Islam's Followers have been a gang of marauders, they have been carrying on their Jehadic-Raids against the Non-Moslem Kafirs (the Godless Non-Moslem Infidels), on an International Scale, always trying to uproot the Kafirs by their roots. Islam's objective in India has been no different. History of India records the gory deeds of murder and massacre, unparalleled terror and torture, pillage and plunder, rape and desecration of Hindu-Women, that the brigands of Barbarian Islam have been conducting against the Hindu for 1200 years.

Their aim always has been the decimation of the Kafir-Hindu and make a Dar-Ul-Islam out of India. For the benefit of the Moslem-Followers, Quran tells the Moslem-Followers, how exactly to deal with the hateful Non-Moslem Kafirs, and the Moslems have been sedulously following the directives of the Quran, as a matter of sacred duty.

2. For 1200 years, the Plunder-Machine of Islam has been laying its unflinching-ambush against the Hindu, to either convert or completely annihilate the Kafir-Hindu out of India, and establish a Dar-Ul-Islam in the Hindu land of India. Soon after their arrival in India, Moslems found out that Total-Annihilation Of The Hindu, is an Un-reachable-Goal. Moslems found out soon that Hindu Defenders fought fiercely and bravely, to defend their sacred Bharat-Varsha, that they could not swallow the Kafir-Hindu in a Single-Gulp. Moslems, therefore, decided to eat out the Hindu in installments, and started ripping off chunks of meat from the body of the Hindu.

Moslems have been diligently trying to shake loose as much Hindu Property, as much Hindu Land, and as many Hindu People out of Hinduism, as they possibly can.

3. Hindus must not tolerate this brazen behavior of Moslems/Islam. Moslems are not invincible and when confronted resolutely, they always back down. Hindus must raise their Vedic-Guard, and put up a mighty fight to thwart the fiendish aims of the Barbarian-Moslem. Hindus must understand the game that Islam has been playing against them, they must recognize and realize that Moslems are Barbaric Islamic Conquerors, they must be fought with all of Hindu Might (half-hearted/half-a** approaches will not do).

Hindus must not feel overwhelmed by the hordes of Barbarian-Moslems, and by their sickening record and mind, of un-mitigated brutality and barbarism. Instead the Hindus must resolutely take on this barbarian of Islam, and swiftly eliminate his curse from Bharat-Varsha. Teachings of Quran and Hadith urge the Moslems to value war and to fight. You can count upon the Moslems, to conduct exploratory raids also, to probe the Hindu's Defenses. The Hindus must not just repulse these Probing-Raids and let them go at that, but eliminate the Sullas completely.

If Moslems are allowed to escape (as Prithvi Raj Chauhan did), you can count upon the Sullas to come back at the Hindu, and carry on their depradations against the Hindu with renewed fury.

Simply put, Moslems have been on a war-path with the Hindus, ever since they landed on our Bharat Varsha. Even now, Moslem Terrorists are active in practically every state of India, not in just the state of Kashmir. Sabotage, Shop-Burning, and Bomb-Explosions by Moslems are an every day occurrence in India, bombs were even exploded close to the Red Fort.

Hundreds, possibly thousands of Moslem-Madrassas, are cropping all over India. They are certainly going to create a sea change in the mind of the Moslem, and make them feel totally different from the Kafir-Hindu, and augment their desire to liquidate the Hindu in India.

4. Hindus must understand the danger that Islam clearly poses to Hinduism, particularly in India. In order to do that, the Hindus need to realize clearly that a Moslem can never wish the Hindu good, nor can he ever be friend to him, nor can he be loyal to him, his relations with the Kafir-Hindu must always and must necessarily, be adversarial. Quran specifically forbids the Moslems from taking the Kafirs as their friends. In fact, Quran admonishes the Moslems to degrade, demolish, and insult the Kafirs as much as possible, show them the inferiority of their Kafir-Religion, and never respect them.

5. Because these tenets and commands of Islam are right inside the book of Quran, any Disclaimers on them, and contrived contrary-assertions (and torrential rain-storm of Islamic-propaganda) to portray Islam as a religion of peace, love, and brotherhood, are complete non-sense, they are hypocritical, hollow, and at variance with truth. There is no truth whatsoever, in any of these contrary-assertions.

Islam does not and cannot acknowledge or accept the veracity of any faith other than its own. Islam ardently desires to exterminate all other (Non-Moslem Religions) religions, as well as all those Jahals (Ignoramuses) who follow these foolish and false (Non-Moslem) religions. "Islam's Actions" speak louder than "Islam's Words," they demonstrate clearly that Islam not only always does, but must also always, of necessity conduct aggressive wars against the Kafirs of the world.

Make no mistake about it that Islam was born as well as bred in blood, it must continue to shed Kafir-Blood on a permanent basis, to continue its own existence. If it stops doing that, and becomes a religion of peace, love, and brotherhood for a change, then that would be the end of Islam. "A Good-Bye To Islam," is not on the mind of any Moslem. Moslems won't want to make any kind of change, that brings to them the painful-prospect of "A Good-Bye to Islam," they cannot be expected to want to cut their own throat. To save Islam and assure its existence on a permanent basis, the proper approach for Islam has got to be, "a declaration of war against the Kafirs of the world," on a permanent basis.

6. Moslem Mullahs tout the generosity that Islam shows, by allowing the Kafirs the Concession Of Survival, on payment of Jaziya (a poll-tax) rather than outrightly Slaughtering The Kafirs. As an example and proof of this generosity, they cite and confidently ask," Did we Moslems and our Islamic-Sharia not grant the concession of survival to the Hindus in India, upon the payment of Jaziya?" Did not the Kafir-Hindu enjoy the gift of life, upon payment of Jaziya, rather than being slaughtered outright? Is this act not the generosity of the Moslem and of his Islamic-Law? They remind us Hindus, that if they and their Islam's Generosity had not allowed this concession to the Kafir-Hindu, then all traces of Hinduism would have vanished from India, root and branch.

7. Because of these kinds of asinine, morally-outrageous, and barbaric insolences and insulting assertions, and statements of rudenesses, it is an act of absolute folly and total madness on the part of us Hindus, to be either passive or defensive, or do any @#%$-footing. Unfortunately and Unwisely, we Hindus have done exactly that, we have been too passive, too defensive, too compassionate, and for "far too long." And we have followed this civilized and peaceful approach all this time, towards these Good-For-Nothing Barbaric Moslems, who are the Empire-Builders for Islam.

We Hindus have neglected our Hindu-Interest, and for this negect we Hindus have paid a heavy price, we have lived through the Hell of Islam, we have endured the most colossal carnage, of our Hinduism during the last 1200 years. If we know what is good for us Hindus, then it is more than obvious that we Hindus need to shift our gears, and alter our course, otherwise there is no future or hope, for either Hinduism or for us Hindus. We Hindus must learn (and do it fast) from our mistakes and from our dismal failure of the last 1200 years, we must pursue those courses that protect our Hindu Interests, not the interests of our adversaries (Moslems and Christians).

8. What then is the solution for the Hindu, to deal witht he Hell and Havoc, that the Moslem has been raging in India for 1200 years? To find a solution to this problem, the Hindus need to realize, that the Barbarian-Moslem has been waging a relentless Jehadic War against the Hindu, for 1200 years. It is a theo-political and theo-military war against the Hindu, it has been going on for 1200 years, but it has not ended, nor is it going to end by itself. There is "only one way" to end this Jehadic-War, and that is to combat it, with the usage of Hindu-Power. The Hindu Power that is used, has to be an Over-Whelming Force. It should be designed not only to defeat the Moslem, but to destroy his confidence in the Islamic System.

The Moslems need to be made to understand that they have no chance at all, of establishing an Islamic State inside India, or in any part of India, that for their own good, it is better for them to forget about this kind of Islamic-Dream, it is just not in the cards. When the Moslems find out that any tryst with the Hindu Forces, gives them a fright of their lives, then the Moslems will start to have dis-belief and dis-faith in the concepts of Quran. The Moslems will then begin to realize that Quran's Concepts of Murdering, Robbing, Pillaging, Plundering, and Raping the Kafirs, does not pay, and that these Quranic Concepts are Totally-Irrelevant in the world of today.

9. What this means is simply this that the usage of the famous Ahimsa-Parmo-Dharma principle (touted by the Imbecile Gandhi), in facing the Barbarian Moslem, is the wrong approach, it is totally out of date and out of place (we need something else, something totally different) for us Hindus. Unless we are willing to bear the loss entirely of our beloved Hinduism, we Hindus must loudly proclaim to ourselves: To Hell With Ahimsa-Parmo-Dharma!

We Hindus have plenty of experience with the usage of the Buddhist Principle of Ahimsa instead of the Vedic Principle Of Confronting Asuras boldly. The Ahimsa Principle totally destroyed the military (Kashatriya) spirit of the Hindu in India, the results of this action were predictable, and nothing but hell and havoc ensued for the Hindu. Ahimsa has burned the heart out of our Bharat Mata with a Red-Hot Poker, it is a despicable traitor to us Hindus, and the only place where we can properly consign it to, is either the Islamic (or the Christian) Hell.

10. We need to build the teeth and tusks of the Hindu, to confront the onslaughts of the Barbarian-Moslem, not only to defeat him at his own game of Jehad, but to eradicate him totally from the sacred land of our Bharat-Varsha. What this means is that we Hindus need to go back to our Vedic System Of Confronting The Asuras.

We Hindus have Dharam & Karam on our side, we cannot lose if we do our Dharmic Duty. The Karma of the Moslems is an Evil-Karma: Looting, Killing, Pillaging innocent people, Raping, Enslaving people, Converting them by the sword, etc is the Karma of the Moslems. The Moslems are 12% of the population of India but commit 60% of the crime in India. The Moslem's Disportionality-Ratio from these numbers not only rings our alarm-bells, not only reveals to us, that Moslems are a "Highly-Undesirable And Criminal Bunch," but also lays bare for us the kind of Karma the Sullas are earning, and that they deserve no consideration from us.

11. The Moslem has been practising this kind of Evil-Karma for 1200 years, and it has worked to his advantage, why should he abandon his winning technique. There is no promise of any behavior change on the part of the Moslem. Consequently, it is the height of foolishness on the part of us Hindus, to treat the Sullas with Kid-Gloves, we must hit them hard, we must kick their A**, and punish them for their Evil-Karma against the Hindu, we must take vengeance on the Barbarian-Moslems.

12. The Pseudo-Seculars and Leftists amongst us Hindus, have a habit of converting Islamic-Insults into Certificates of Commendation for the Hindus, and they always trivialize Hindu-Concerns. For instance, instead of trying to understand Ram Janambhoomi in Ayodhya, they try to present it as a dispute over a piece of real estate. But it is not just a piece of real estate, it is a Sacred-Spot, it is the Birth-Place Of Our Greatest King, Lord Ram. It is sacred to the Hindus for religious, cultural, and historical reasons, it is a symbol of Hinduism and of India.

What Ram Janambhoomi means to Hindus is "Hindu Dharma" and "Hinduism At Its Best." In plain terms, Ram Janambhoomi is a Hinduism Symbol. Babri Mosque is no symbol of Dharma or Decency, it is a symbol of Babar's Butchery and Babar's Imperialism. Equating Ram Janambhoomi with Babri Mosque, is the single biggest insult to Hinduism.

13. We Hindus must never forget, that nearly every mosque in India is built over the ruins of a demolished Mandir. Big and Small, some 63000 plus of our sacred Hindu Shrines, have been descecrated and demolished by the Moslem Barbarians. Something surely shall have to be done to recover and re-claim all of them. We cannot avoid facing these serious and fundamental issues. Ayodhya Temple is not the only temple to be re-claimed, there are 63000 plus other temples, that are to be re-claimed by the Hindus, Hindus will not stop until they have re-claimed all of them.

14. Ask yourself a simple question: How can we Hindus allow the construction of Babri Mosque on the site of Ram Janambhoomi? Would the Americans permit the construction of Osama Bin Laden's Moslem Mosque on top of a demolished Statue Of Liberty? Would the English allow the construction of a Moslem-Mosque after demolishing the Westminster Abbey in London? Statue Of Liberty is tied in with American Nation, the Westminster Abbey is tied in with English Nationalism. Similary, Ram Janambhoomi is tied in with Hinduism and with Indian Nationalism, it is a National-Symbol. Don't the Hindus of India have the same rights, that the Americans and the British have.

Babri Mosque is no national symbol, it is a mark of disgrace, it is an edifice of Babar's Barbarism, it is a Structure Of Shame for the Hindus of India. It is awful stupid to give it the respectability that it does not deserve.

15. I have previously written about the Boy-Cott Technique (and other techniques), to eliminate the Sullas (Moslems) from India, and have also explained these to Hindu people in person, during my conversations with them. Every Hindu tells me that my techniques are Doable, they are Powerful as well as Practicable, but do requires Courage To Put them Into Practice. About these techniques, and particularly the Boy-Cott Technique, Hindus always tell me:


(courage is what is needed).

But when I turn around and ask them, what do they propose to generate this kind of Hindu Courage, they do not have a clue.

Therefore, let us Hindus get back to our Basics And Classics of our Vedic-System, let us put on our Thinking-Caps, and get busy on trying to figure out, how we are going to Generate The kind of Hindu-Courage that is needed, to do what is needed to be done, to defend our Hinduism.

16. To sum up:

There is only one way to deal with the Merchants Of Murder (Moslems), and that way is to crush them with the use of force, and totally eliminate them.