TEMPLE-WALLAHS, Where are YOU in EAST Bengal?

Date: 11/11/2001


We are privileged to reproduce a spirited call by a veteran Hindu patriot who addresses those who manage mandirs and gurdwaras.

They have immense funds at their disposal but most of them do not spare a dime for the sake of Bharat's honour and even the survival of Hinduism on its very land of birth. They do not seem to reflect, "Where are the temples and gurdwaras of West Punjab?"

Only if they had botherd to recall some of them set on fire with congregations trapped inside. Here is the message-

"But friends, let us, for God's and Hinduism's sake forget the Hindu templewalas.

Why do I say this?

Here it is; When Hindu Human Rights did a similar protest in September (in the UK) highlighting the killing of two priests in Jammu in August this year I personally wrote to each and every Hindu temples (140 of them) in the Gt. Britain. Only Shree Bimal Krishandas Ji of ISKCON turned up - the rest were simply enjoying themselves - Goonda swamijis - parasites want to live on our donations. It is about time we took them out on streets - naked- and beat them up first.

THEY ARE THE REAL LIABILITIES WE ALL HINDUS POSSESS. Have we still heard of any statements from these 'gadhas' after the reports of the Dalits converted to Buddhism? NO NO NO NO. Why not? What are they doing?

Where is the Hindu eldership? It does NOT exist. Does it? What exists is GAAD DAMN SAMPRADAYIC VIBHAJAN. What sort of adhyamtikmta are they taking about?

I personally met two so called spiritual/religious heads in 1995, with representatives of Indo European Kashmiri Forums, and requested them to visit the camps where in the politically displaced (in their own country) Kashmiri brothers and sister live in utterly inhumane conditions. To-date these 'gadhas' have not had any time to visit the fellow Hindus. They have all the time to visit UK, US and other countries. Why do they come here?

Why don't they engage themselves in uplifting the poor of India? But no - they don't care. What do they deserve? Laat on their back side. They are NOT swamijis. They are not Robin Hood. They are looters.

There are many, repeat many, who are not in saffron but in suits and ties, who are doing millions of time more better service to Hindus than these some (majority) swamis. There is a difference between a 'Ghoda' and a 'Gadha'. See what I mean?

Sardar Patel will have to take a birth again - this time with Nathuram Godes' pistol, aiming to these bhagavewale gadhe.

Yes, let's go ahead and do a demo - invite the gadhas - see if they turn up. I bet you all there will be many excuses. Expose the 'gadhe'."


It is a part of curse upon our nation that nearly ALL temple-wallahs and gurdwara-wallah are literally IGNORANT 'asses' when it comes to world affairs around them. How many are on Intenet?