Date: 11/12/2001



You are rich ONLY IF someone is poor. Otherwise how do you compare?

Similarly if Mecca is holy and fragrant, then the rest of the world must be STINKING profane as far as the Muslim nose is concerned.

The world ought to notice the continuous EROSION of the earth by the violent, battering, waves of Islam. More recently Afghanistan fell, Lahore fell, Dhaka fell, and North Kashmir fell. Now they are after Macedonia, South Kashmir and a heft bit of tiny Israel.

Not one Buddhist or Hindu yelled out, “Don’t you touch our HOLY land!” Or, “If one Hindu state is attacked, all the Hindu states will declare war on you.” (There are 25 Hindu states under one boot in India alone, some as large as France.)

The Buddhists and the Hindus across the globe did not gang up to start assassinating the Muslims, or destroying Pakistani and Bangladeshi aeroplanes out of sky. So, the dim Muslim morons think they have a point.

In the first century after his DEATH, the dark, shark infested, ocean of his savage, intolerant, murderous ideology suddenly covered most of the earth where the lamps of free expression and dignity of women went out.

Were the people of Sind or Afghanistan praying to God for the arrival of the Mohammedans in their midst? Did the people of Lahore and Chittagong? (We can make the effort to interview the escapees/ refugees/survivors from there who are still alive.)

Once the unfortunate land comes under the yoke of Islam, two things happen-

Firstly all the non Muslim inhabitants are slaughtered or expelled, intimidated, ridiculed, insulted and demoralised. The world just looks on like the eunuch.

I saw the genetically reduced inferior Hindus of this sub human category, living in Pakistan and Bogusdesh, also in South Kashmir. None was left alive in North Kashmir. The world, which is a great champion of the PLO cause, do not wish to recall the Hindus of NORTH Kashmir. (Nor does that bogus stalwart called Atal Behari Vajpayee- to our shame!)

Secondly, they call the captured territory ISLAMIC or HOLY LAND, implying that the rest of the world is unholy or unclean.

What a cheek of the “bast____”, to belittle OUR holy places in broad daylight.

We have to ram the point up theirs that if they call their Mecca “holy” then they must also regard Somnath and Nankana Sahib EQUALLY “holy”, and DISAPPEAR from those Grand Temples of Jerusalem, Mathura and Ayodhya.

Who will teach the Muslims, “Do unto others as you would wish them to do to YOU.”?

“Hey Musalman fellow, come here! How would YOU feel if the Jews turned your Ka’aba into a Jewish Temple? Or if the HINDUS did that to your mosque in Karbala?”

Don’t let them get away with wrong ideas- not in the world that is not yet under the guns of the Taliban.

Under the label of “holy”, any place on earth like West Bank or South Kashmir becomes the ‘collective property’ of the entire bloodthirsty delinquent world of Islam, prompting even the starving illiterate impoverished Mohammedans of BOGUSdesh, and the Mujahideen from Sudan to Egypt, to volunteer to fight and to DIE for the liberation of some dirty Islamic patch from Secularism and Decency!

Therefore, the claims made by Muslims seem quite justified to the cowardly ignorant world at large.

None can see the Hindus of Hindustan crying for the liberation of their fellow Hindus in Sylhet or Lahore. Why not?


A long time ago. Islam ensured the ‘peace of the graveyard’ after slaughtering all the non Muslims wherever they could get the chance.

Given the quality of Muslims on this planet, we can see that whatever they capture, becomes ISLAMIC, and, thus the joint property of every Muslim on earth.

So, in order to confront the beast, let us call every Christian, Buddhist, Jewish and Hindu country “HOLY” so that the ravenous land-hungry Mohammedan, with the appetite of a PIG, dare not take a small bite off your sacred land.