Date: 11/13/2001


Dear Mrs. Robindon, please see the refugees from South Kashmir and the persecuted from 'BOGUSDESH' (EAST Bengal). Do YOU call it Bangladesh like the CRUSHED Indians? Was the land surrendered to Islam as a result of any referendum?

Madam, if YOU collapse before the SWORD OF ISLAM like the terrified trembling Hindus of PARTITIONED India, then who (Who?) will be seen standing up to the bullies on this earth?

NEWS ITEM: United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Mary Robinson, has arrived in India, for a nine-day visit which will include formal meetings with government officials for the first time.

The initial part of the visit will focus on the first general meeting of a new non-governmental organisation.

South Asians for Human Rights brings together human rights campaigners from Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

In the second phase of her visit, she will meet the Indian President K.R. Narayanan . . . . .


In the second phase of her visit she will meet the Indian President . . . . .

Who is this guy, the Indian President?

Did you not know? He is "NIGGER" Narayana, a CROW among the native SWANS, also the Supreme Commander of India's Mercenary Armed Forces who have yet to recover an inch of Islam's HOLY LAND called North Kashmir.

He lives in the Imperial Palace of the former Viceroys in New Delhi, not in 'BHANGI COLONY' like his own native father. Like the British Viceroys, he is also DETACHED from his wretched subjects living in the terror of Islam.

Supreme Commander Narayanan has yet to show up in Ayodhya though India is the world's largest HINDU country. The Grand Temple there is still in RUINS- A SLAP IN THE FACE OF THIS 'HINDU' INDIA.

THIS USELESS FELLOW has still to receive a Hindu delegation from BOGUSdesh (East Bengal) to listen to their tales of horror.

Which other land on earth is so useless where even the Prime Minister, LALA Atal Behari Vajpayee, can do NOTHING, yes, NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING, to save the dignity and honour of the daughters of Hindus who were consigned to ISLAM by none else but the "goddess" of India called Mrs. INDIRA KHAN. The political "WITCH" of India was very quick to hand over the territory of EAST BENGAL to the Muslms who at once IMPOSED their Islamic constitution upon the Buddhist, the Christan and the Hindu alike. Her father had surrendered FIVE provinces of India to the Muslims in less time in 1947.

We have sympathy for Mary Robinson that in her line of duty she has to meet such "road sweepers" like KR NARAYANAN of HINDUSTAN.

A persecuted Hindu from EAST Bengal was so distraught on arrival in WEST Bengal that he violated all the norms of political correctness of his 'EUNUCH' HINDU WORLD and shouted,

"Will somebody "SHOOT DEAD" this despicable "nigger" Narayanan, whose heart is in Myanmar where his wife was born, head in his Lord's Bible, but mouth in Hindustan!"

We wonder under what section of Penal Code this insolent Hindu could be tried at court for insulting the President of PARTITIONED India.


Dear Mrs. Robindon, you are an honourable lady. Please CANCEL your appointment with this useless fellow called Narayanan, but INVITE a delegation of Hindu destitute from EAST Bengal and one of Hindu refugees from South Kashmir to meet you. We shall have much respect for you. Thank you.