Date: 11/13/2001


IT IS INVISIBLE. That is why it is committed.

Pandit Nehru's High Treason was invisible. (He surrendered Lahore UNCONDITIONALLY to the enemy.) Hence he was not caught and lynched by an angry mob.

His second High Treason was 'sheltering the MOHAMMEDANS' in BROKEN BHARAT even after Partition. But it was invisbile and he was not stood before a firing squad and shot dead. He continued to rule his 'Hindu COOLIE Colony' till he died of syphillis.

Indira KHAN'S return of EAST BENGAL to Islam was HIGH TREASON but it, too, wss invisible. Hence she continued to hold office but not hanged UPSIDE DOWN from a tree and spat on profusely and then STONED TO DEATH, the Islamic way.

Now HERE IS YET ANOTHER HIGH TREASON. Government of India under LALA Atal BEHARI is powerless, too helpless, to resettle even ONE Sikh in Lahore, protect even one Hindu maiden in EAST Bengal and tempt even one Hindu refugee back to Srinagar, but his ruling establishment is encouraging the MOHAMMEDANS from PAKISTAN to return to their homes in Kashmir and claim property, even acquire and buy IMMOVABLE properties, in South Kashmir. Is there any talk of a Hindu returning to North Kashmir?

Would someone please tell us, WHO IS RULING AND FOOLING THE HINDUS?


J&K exiles can return, claim property

Arun Joshi/Syed Liaquat Ali

Jammu/New Delhi, November 13

14th November 2001

The Supreme Court has paved the way for Pakistanis to get Indian citizenship ó in Jammu and Kashmir.

After a 19-year legal tussle, the J&K government can now resettle people who migrated to Pakistan from the state between March 1, 1947 and May 14, 1954. Their widows, wives and descendants can also return to the state. This follows the Supreme Courtís refusal to answer a presidential reference on the validity of the Resettlement Act, 1980.

The apex courtís decision has caused concern in Delhi. While the Bill allows those who return to claim their assets and properties, it is silent on what will happen to those J&K citizens who are already there? Worse, those planning to return donít need to show their passports or immigration papers.

It all started in 1982 when the Jammu and Kashmir Grant of Permit for Resettlement in (or permanent return to) the State Bill was referred to a constitutional bench of the Supreme Court by the President.

The Bill was introduced in the Assembly as a private memberís Bill in March 1980 by Abdul Rahim Rather of the National Conference. Though it was passed, governor B.K. Nehru sent the Bill back to the legislature for reconsideration.

On September 30, 1982, the President placed the reference before the Supreme Court seeking advice. But during the pendency of the reference, the legislature passed it in its autumn session, within a month of Farooq Abdullah becoming Chief Minister on October 4, 1982. The Governor, left with no option, gave his assent to the Bill on October 6.

Rather, who is now J&K Finance Minister, feels the Supreme Courtís refusal to comment on it has vindicated his stand. ďI am the happiest man today,Ē he said.

But Opposition parties in the state feel that if implemented, the Act could have serious repercussions in the state. Says PCC vice-president M.R. Sharma: ďIf the law is enforced, it would mean uprooting tens of thousands of families and creating a 1947-type situation. There is the danger of civil war.Ē


J&K residents who left for Pakistan between March 1, 1947 and May 14, 1954 can now return

Resettlement Bill entitles exiles to claim property they left behind.

Those planning to return donít need passports or immigration certificates. A permit from the J&K govt is enough. They can acquire immovable property in the state.


Today ONE BILLION Hindus would be rushing to TEAR THE HAIR off the head of Mahatma Gandhi, reading this.

His COWARDICE was an invitation to the 'indigenous' Muslms to tear away Pakistan from the body of India, then successfully invade and occupy North Kashmir, and finally exterminate or throw out the Hindus from there.

Now which MOUSE called Lok Sabha will approach the CAT called Islamabad to ask for a similar Bill to allow the Hindus and the Sikhs to claim the properties THEY left behind in SIALKOT, JEHLUM, LAHORE, KARACHI AND SYLHET?