Date: 11/14/2001



One could shed a tear for Afghanistan, once a peaceful civilised and progressive BUDDHIST land. Today destroyed and ruined through her misleading alien ISLAM.

Afghans speak Pushto, Persian or Dari, NOT ARABIC. Once they were inspired by the civilisations of the EAST- Hindustan and China. Then suddenly they were crushed by the wild and savage forces of Islam from Arabia.

They were FORCED to change something that is dearest to man, their RELIGION. It was like the Germans forced into the NAZI Ideology and then ordered to stay put and live like that forever.

Dirty Islamic Pakistani Finger in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan was once the land of the brave. The Pathans were brave and generous. Tribes lived in amity among themselves and they had a good King, Mohammed Zahir Shah. That was 1958 when His Majesty visited India.

The King visited the Taj Mahal, the National Defence Academy and Bharatpur for a duck shoot. What was most remarkable was the fact that the Royal party had a Hindu among them.

It was 10 years since India’s own bloody civil war when close to a MILLION people were butchered in cold blood, nearly all the victims were Hindu and Sikh.

The eternally treacherous Mohammedans among us had created their Islamic republic of Pakistan as a tribute to their Prophet Mohammed (Peace be upon his victims!).

When questioned about the Hindu Muslim relations in his country, this is what the Hindu had to say, “We have peace in Afghanistan. The Hindus live, work and move around in safety. Not one has been molested anywhere. In 1947 many Hindu families arrived from Pakistani North West Frontier Province. They found safety in Afghanistan. The Hindus are mostly in business and earn well. There are Hindu temples in Kabul and Jalalabad. We celebrate our festivals freely. Here I am as a proof of our safety in Afghanistan.”

That Hindu gentleman was the official photographer and if alive, would be in his 70s now.

But Afghanistan’s luck was short. She had acquired a new neighbour, Pakistan. The Pakistani rabbit had suddenly sprung out of the British Bowler hat. It was a dark magic trick. The rabbit was soon to grow up into a wolf, a dark phenomenon of the MAGIC of KUFR.

The Pakistanis and the Bangladeshis are perhaps the only two countries on earth where the Muslims are like the sub human scared creatures, always hostile, suspicious and troublemakers. They do not understand Arabic and do not comprehend the Arab religion imposed on them by the threat of Sword in earlier centuries when they converted.

In those terrible times during the Mogul rule, Arabs and the Afghans stayed separate from the native scum who embraced Islam more to escape the Jezia tax and to please their rulers than out of conviction. They are now the SCUM OF ISLAM.

The cowardly INDIAN Muslims did not have to fight for Pakistan itself. All that vast territory, from Karachi to Gilgit, was just signed off by the Hindu leaders under pressure from their British rulers in 1947.

It was like the beggars getting the silver of the palace when the mob killed the King and is guards. We saw the palace of Shah of Iran plundered in this way in 1979 when Ayatollah’s followers looted, killed and plundered.

The cowardly Pakistanis incited the Pathans to invade Kashmir in October 1947. Their initial success pleased their masters while terrifying the Hindu Maharaja who flew to New Delhi to sign his Act of Accession.

Pandit Nehru was forced into sending in the Sikh troops to recover some of the land. They were halted in their tracks when the treacherous Pandit saw them advancing. The crushed ignorant Indian scum of a nation failed to read the Pandit’s mind and continued to lick his feet and adore his daughter who was being groomed as his successor. What an Islamic version of democracy!

The Pathan success was a revelation to the cowardly Pakistani “rats”. They decided to use the Pathans as the gun fodder to occupy the whole of Kashmir. It was a grand strategy boosted by the fact that if one calls his dirty war ISLAMIC, then he can be sure of volunteers pouring in from countries as far afield as Bangladesh, Egypt and Sudan. So, the war in Kashmir became an “Islamic Jehad”.

Soon India had consolidated her military hold over the Valley and Pakistan saw the inability of the Pathan mercenaries to make any headway. More volunteers, that is, Jehadis and Ghazis were desperately needed.

What better than to turn the whole of Afghanistan into a satellite subservient State of Pakistan? A GREAT IDEA!

But to put the Afghans and the Pathans under their own foot, the Pakistanis did two things: SPREAD THE DRUG CULTURE, ruin the economy and make Afghanistan delinquent and dependent, turning her people into Pakistani marionettes.

Secondly, start “madrassas” to produce brainwashed fanatics who will take over the country and then send indoctrinated fighters to kill or expel the Hindus from the Valley.

In order to generate more HATRED of the Hindus, they had to be degraded. NON-Muslim faiths had to be insulted. It was in this Mohammedan spirit that the two grand statues of Lord Buddha, a hundred times more divine than Mohammed himself (if one could call Mohammed even divine!) , were destroyed by tank and gunfire.

It was in that spirit of Islam that the Hindus were ordered to wear a YELLOW sign on their dress while moving outdoors. It was in that Mohammedan spirit that the women, who are always the voice of civilisation, were humiliated, abused, insulted, beaten up, flogged and even executed in public in Afghanistan.

This Afghanistan was now a fully-fledged PAKISTANI colony. The brave Pathans, once secular and civilised under their King, were now Pakistani rats. God had to inflict severe punishment on all this new crop of ‘MOHAMMEDS’, masquerading as the Taliban.

Did you see their ignominious end on November 13, 2001?

For permanent peace, the Afghans will have to execute or expel each and every dirty PAKISTANI who had created their own country by slaughtering the minorities and destroying secularism.

When GENERAL Musharraf says, “Kabul should be demilitarised,” the world ought to make sure that Kabul is DE-PAKISTANISED.”

Afghanistan can seal her eastern borders to keep the rats out, and develop relationship with countries to the north and to her West. Tajik, Uzbek and Iranian civilisations have much deeper roots.

When the King of Afghanistan visited India in 1958, Iran was a highly respected country. She had her own Emperor, Raza Shah Pehlavi, and the fanatic myopic Mullahs and Morons were in check. She was known as the “kishwar-i-bozurg-o-bastaani-i-Iran”.

Afghanistan today in contrast, is “kishwar-i-jehaalit-o-barbaadi –i-Afghanistan”.



Knowing the very special status of Kashmir, Pakistan need not have bothered to indoctrinate the Afghans to send them as Mujahideen into the Valley.

The man who went to Kashmir in 1953 saw all the Hindus there living in fear. Kashmir had own President, called ‘Sadar-I-Riasat’ and own flag and Constitution. It was like an Islamic republic with the difference that the Hindu in it could still buy the ticket for Pathankot and take the plane out of Srinagar.

When the man went back in 1973 he saw all the Hindus terrified of their Muslim neighbours. Abduction of Hindu girls and abuse of their fathers was common. One hardly saw a Hindu move about after dusk or before dawn. The police refused to take note of their complaints.

When he went there again in 1993 he did not see any Hindu at all. Their ethnic cleansing was complete. Hindu houses were locked up and he saw big locks on their shops in Lal Chowk in Srinagar. There were green flags flying everywhere. The Kashmiris celebrated the Independence Day of Pakistan and cheered the Pakistani cricket team but booed the Indians side.

Article 370 of India’s Construction conferred special privileges on Kashmir. India paid huge subsidies on food grain and ‘ghee’ and cooking oil and water and electricity- even businesses, were subsidised.

The tourists had vanished. The place was totally ISLAMIC. Did Pakistan have to go another mile, by bringing in the Afghan Mujahideen?

Similarly, when the Taliban were almighty and all-powerful in Afghanistan, did they have to throw the women out of schools, colleges and hospitals? Did they have to beat them up in streets for showing an ankle or a bit of face? Did they have to smash the TV sets and destroy the music cassettes? Did they have to destroy the Buddha statues and force the Hindus to wear a YELLOW sign? Like Pakistan, they, too, went a step too far. They invited the guests from Arabia, the land of Mohammed, who did the rest for them.



The President cum Supreme Commander of Hindustan is KR Narayanan. He is a CHRISTIAN. So whoever salutes him, salutes HIS lord twice.

“If you love the woman,” so goes the saying, “love her dog first.” It also means that whoever loves her dog, must love her.

So whoever salutes the “dog” Narayanan, also salutes his Master up in the sky. Got it? To him Sri Krishna, Lords Raam and Buddha, and Guru Gobind Singh are second rate INFERIOR “native stuff”.

Realising this, a Hindu patriot shouted, “Hang him from the nearest tree!”

But the one billion replied in a chorus, “We can’t. We have only seen our fellow-HINDUS hang from the trees all over, but we have never seen the Hindus hang their enemy from a tree even once.”

The tradition of slavery is so deeply embedded in Hindu genes, that Sonia KHAN, Usha Tin Tin Narayanan and even the Lord’s “dog” KR Narayanan himself, can go on receiving salutes and oaths of loyalty from their timid Hindu and simpleton SIKH soldiers for as long as they live.


Posted November 14, 2001, the birthday of India’s own ‘dirty rat’ who helped his friend MOHAMMED a. JINN to break up their civilised secular land of birth in 1947.

His name? Jawaharlal NEHRU.

No native female was so honoured in his reign as the English wife of the Viceroy. During the reign of his daughter, NO Hindu husband was so honoured as her own Sunni Musalman Feroze KHAN of Allahabad.

And finally in the reign of his grandson Rascal Rajiv, the BOFORS CHOR, NO native Hindu female was so honoured as his Sonia, imported from Italy.

If women are the civilisation and the honour and dignity of a nation, then the ‘Nation of HINDUS’ is still a dog kennel on earth. Can you spot a ‘MAN’ anywhere in Hindustan?