Date: 11/18/2001


The following item shows that Muslims have gained many converts in the United States since attacks by the MUSLIMS on September 11.

There is a psychological explanation for this. Whoever ATTACKS, wins many admirers. Whoever RULES, gains converts.

Millions of HINDUS in India converted to savage Islam when they saw the manliness of the predators and cowardice of their own defeated race. As a result now every KHAN in India is considered a hero- both on and off stage.

Many a KHAN easily seduced a Hindu maiden while all the Hindu young men merely looked on, some mighty envious. Such grab of girls has been reducing the gene count of Hindu race. We saw the end product who froze in terror when the Muslims took LAHORE out of the map of India. Yes, the entire Hindu race froze due to terror of Islam. Many Hindus felt so insecure that they promptly converted to Islam.

On Indian screens, the KHANS are having a field day while NO Hindu actor dare touch a Muslim actress. So it is clear which side in India will be gaining GROUND and converts, and AT WHOSE COST.

Man is basically an insecure animal. He knows that he will be safe under, or with, a "man-eating tiger", than with a "holy cow".

Secondly just as in England, so in America, the Western leaders are TOO SCARED of Islamic republics, little realizing that MOST like Afghanistan are bandits and bullies or field marshals with little education but prolific crop of children from their over-filled HAREMS.

What else can be the reason for such rapid growth of Islam whose followers hold the notoriety of murder, crime, rape, druge trade and all sorts of crimes?

Should the Western people not have realized that all the MILLIONS OF MUSLIMS are fleeing their lands (there are FOUR MILLION Afghan refugees in Pakistan alone!) due to one reason alone: Mohammedan Constitions provide the WORST systems of government.

One could see the quality of government and religion in AFGHANISTAN.

But the 'soft' European is lost due to the TREASON and COWARDICE of their own Christian leaders who are more proud to show their secularism and multi culturism. In India the 'proud Hindu stalwart' is the one whose daughter has married a KHAN.

The world should have seen the MUTILATION of the multicultural peacock called India where the ISLAMIC culture became the DAGGER that cut through the rest. A look at the map of India will show where the DAGGER cut through, from the Arabian Sea to the Himalayas, and in the East from Chittagong to Sylhet.

For the MEN especially, there is plenty of 'warm bed comfort' in Islam. To start with the houries and maidens by the hundred that are promised to the martyrs in the Islamic paradise.

And if the men fall into the trap, can the women stay behind? So Islam is gaining converts- both men and women in the West.

What are the LEADERS in our free secular and democratic world doing while the DARK SHADOWS of the new Islamic menace are lengthening across the globe?

Once America is "softened up" the rest of the world will fall like the domino pieces. Imagine the fate of the surviving Hindus on earth, who are the least bothered about the dangers ahead- DESPITE PARTITION of India!



MEMRI: Muslim American Leaders: A Wave of Conversion to Islam in the U.S. Following September 11

Special Dispatch - Terror in America (26) November 16, 2001 No. 301

Muslim American Leaders: A Wave of Conversion to Islam in the U.S. Following September 11

Since September 11, 2001, many articles and reports have appeared in the Arabic press claiming Muslim proselytizing ("Da'wa") in the U.S. has seen an upsurge in Americans' converting. These reports claim messages of tolerance promoted by the U.S. government and local authorities has induced many to convert to Islam.

Immediately after the September 11 attacks, Sheikh Raid Sallah, the head of the Islamic movement in Israel, called on U.S. President George Bush to convert to Islam and thus solve all problems. Recently, Sheikh Sallah reiterated his call at a rally in the Arab town of Tamra (the Galilee): "Oh, peoples of the West... We say to you: We are the masters of the world and we are the repository of all good [in the world], because we are the 'the best people, delivered for mankind' [Koran, 3:111]. We do not hesitate, Oh Bush and Blair; we invite you to Islam, enter Islam, you and your peoples."(1)

Muslim American reports in the Arab press indicate that Muslim proselytizing efforts have been unusually successful since the September 11 attacks. 'Alaa Bayumi, Director of Arab Affairs at the Council for American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), wrote in the London daily Al-Hayat that "non-Muslim Americans are now interested in getting to know Islam.

There are a number of signs...: Libraries have run out of books on Islam and the Middle East... English translations of the Koran head the American best-seller list... The Americans are showing increasing willingness to convert to Islam since September 11...Thousands of non-Muslim Americans have responded to invitations to visit mosques, resembling the waves of the sea [crashing on the shore] one after another... All this is happening in a political atmosphere that, at least verbally, encourages non-Muslim Americans' openness towards Muslims in America and in the Islamic world, as the American president has said many times in his speeches..."(2)

CAIR chairman Nihad Awad told the Saudi paper 'Ukaz that "34,000 Americans have converted to Islam following the events of September 11, and this is the highest rate reached in the U.S. since Islam arrived there."(3)

According to Dr. Walid A. Fatihi, instructor of medicine at Harvard Medical School, Boston has recently become a center of Islamic proselytizing aimed at Christians. On September 22, 2001, Al-Fatihi sent a letter to the Egyptian weekly Al-Ahram Al-Arabi, in which he described the unfolding of events since September 11: "...From the first day, the media began to insinuate that Muslim Arab hands were behind this incident. At noon, the directors and administration of the Islamic Center of Boston held an emergency meeting, and I stayed on the line with them from my clinic. We decided to hold a blood drive, and we set up a committee to contact the Red Cross and organize it for us. We invited the media to cover the event..."

"All of us tried to grab onto every scrap of information that would indicate that Muslim Arab hands were not involved in the loathsome crime. Yes, my brothers and sisters, we tried to prove our humanity on the day we found ourselves attacked from all sides. Our hearts bled and our spokesman said that proselytizing in the name of Allah had been set back 50 years in the U.S. and in the entire world..."

"On Saturday, September 15, I went with my wife and children to the biggest church in Boston, [Trinity Church in] Copley Square, by official invitation of the Islamic Society of Boston, to represent Islam by special invitation of the senators of Boston. Present were the mayor of Boston, his wife, and the heads of the universities. There were more than 1,000 people there, with media coverage by one of Boston's main television stations. We were received like ambassadors. I sat with my wife and children in the front row, next to the mayor's wife. In his sermon, the priest defended Islam as a monotheistic religion, telling the audience that I represented the Islamic Society of Boston."

"After the sermon was over, he stood at my side as I read an official statement issued by the leading Muslim clerics condemning the incident [i.e. the attacks]. The statement explained Islam's stance and principles, and its sublime precepts. Afterwards, I read Koran verses translated into English... These were moments that I will never forget, because the entire church burst into tears upon hearing the passages of the words of Allah!!"

"Emotion swept over us. One said to me: 'I do not understand the Arabic language, but there is no doubt that the things you said are the words of Allah.' As she left the church weeping, a woman put a piece of paper in my hand; on the paper was written: 'Forgive us for our past and for our present. Keep proselytizing to us.' Another man stood at the entrance of the church, his eyes teary, and said, 'You are just like us; no, you are better than us.'"

"On Sunday, September 16, the Islamic Society of Boston issued an open invitation to the Islamic Center in Cambridge, located between Harvard and MIT. We did not expect more than 100 people, but to our surprise more than 1,000 people came, among them the neighbors, the university lecturers, members of the clergy, and even the leaders of the priests from the nearby churches, who invited us to speak on Islam. All expressed solidarity with Muslims. Many questions flowed to us. Everyone wanted to know about Islam and to understand its precepts."

"Of all the questions, not a single one attacked me; on the contrary, we saw [the people's] eyes filling with tears when they heard about Islam and its sublime principles. Many of them had never heard about Islam before. Well, they had heard about Islam only through the biased media. That same day, I was invited again to participate in a meeting in the church, and again I saw the same things. On Thursday, a delegation of 300 students and lecturers from Harvard visited the center of the Islamic Society of Boston, accompanied by the American Ambassador to Vienna. They sat on the floor of the mosque, which was filled to capacity. We explained to them the precepts of Islam, and defended it from any suspicions [promulgated in the media].

I again read to them from the verses of Allah, and [their] eyes filled with tears. The audience was moved, and many asked to participate in the weekly lessons for non-Muslims held by the Islamic Center..."

"On Friday, September 21, the Muslims participated in a closed meeting with the governor of Massachusetts. In the meeting, a discussion was held on introducing Islam into the school curriculum, to inform the [American] people and to fight racism against Muslims arising from the American people's ignorance regarding the religion. With the governor's support, measures to examine implementation of this goal were agreed upon..."

"These are only some of the examples of what happened and is happening in the city of Boston, and in many other American cities, during these days. Proselytizing in the name of Allah has not been undermined, and has not been set back 50 years, as we thought in the first days after September 11. On the contrary, the 11 days that have passed are like 11 years in the history of proselytizing in the name of Allah. I write to you today with the absolute confidence that over the next few years, Islam will spread in America and in the entire world, Allah willing, much more quickly than it has spread in the past, because the entire world is asking, 'What is Islam!'(4)

Fatihi's reports of American Christians' crying upon hearing Koranic verses have an historical context. This type of narrative is about part of the ethos of Islamic proselytizing. It comes from the tradition of the Prophet Muhammad's invitation to the Christian community of Najran, located in what is today North Yemen, to visit the mosque. When the Christians of Najran were exposed to the verses of the Koran, the tradition says they burst into tears and converted to Islam."(5)

Fatihi also published an article in the London daily Al-Hayat in which he boasted of another success of the Islamic movement, namely, damage to Christian-Jewish relations in the U.S.:

"...Despite the attacks of distortion coordinated by the Zionist lobby, to which it has recruited many of the influential media, there are initial signs that the intensive campaign of education about Islam has begun to bear fruit. For example, the rate of converts to Islam since September 11 has doubled... There is solidarity with the Muslims on the part of many non-Muslims in American universities. For example, dozens of non-Muslim American women students at Wayne [State] University... have put on veils as a symbol of identification with the Muslim women students at the university and at the other universities of America. For this reason, the Jewish institutions have begun to contact Muslim institutions and have called on us to hold dialogues with them and cooperate [with them]. They are afraid of the outcome of the Islamic-Christian dialogue through the churches, the mosques, and the universities..."

"There are many examples of the signs of change [for the worse] in Christian-Jewish relations, as a result of the openness towards Islam and the beginning of an Islamic-Christian dialogue. NPR, for example, broadcasted an evenhanded program on Palestine and the suffering of the Palestinian people; as a result, Jewish (Zionist) donors in the U.S. called for their donations to be withdrawn from the station. This annoyed the station; in response, it intensified its coverage of Muslim American affairs and the Palestine problem..."

"One of the most important topics was an interview with several young women at American universities who recently converted to Islam through the Islamic Society of Boston. They hold advanced degrees from universities in Boston, such as Harvard, and they spoke of the power and the greatness of Islam, of the elevated status of women in Islam, and of why they converted to Islam. The program was broadcast several times across the entire U.S..."

"Thus, the Muslim community in the U.S. in general, and in Boston in particular, has begun to trouble the Zionist lobby. The words of the Koran [3:113] on this matter are true: 'They will be humiliated wherever they are found, unless they are protected under a covenant with Allah, or a covenant with another people. They have incurred Allah's wrath and they have been afflicted with misery. That is because they continuously rejected the Signs of Allah and were after slaying the Prophets without just cause, and this resulted from their disobedience and their habit of transgression.'"

"The great Allah spoke words of truth. Their covenant with America is the strongest possible in the U.S., but it is weaker than they think, and one day their covenant with the [American] people will be cut off."(6)


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Voice of Judea Commentary:

There is no doubt that these Islamic propagandists are grossly exagerating and inflating the number of new converts to Islam. However, it is also clear that American politicians have paved the way for Islamic fundamentalists to reap great reward for their acts of terror, by repeatedly misrepresenting Islam as "the passive, peace loving religion" that it never was and never will be.

The educated respectable Muslims quoted in this article are unable to hide their ultimate goal to dominate and control the world and to convert anyone who does not believe in their conception of Allah.

Once again, we see reference to the full justification of the persecution of the Jews who are blamed for killing the prophets and rejecting Allah. Even when nthey attempt to speak love and peace they spew hatred and intolerance of any other religion. It is these words that President Bush and all of the other clueless American leaders ushered into the homes of Americans after, Sept. 11, in their unholy mission to purify and beautify Islam.

In the words of Dr. Walid A Fatihi, head of the Instructor of Medicine at Harvard, "These are only some of the examples of what happened and is happening in the city of Boston, and in many other American cities, during these days. Proselytizing in the name of Allah has not been undermined, and has not been set back 50 years, as we thought in the first days after September 11. On the contrary, the 11 days that have passed are like 11 years in the history of proselytizing in the name of Allah."

Indeed, Muslims in America have gained ground in wake of the American tragedy perpetrated by Islamic terrorists. Haters like these have been given a free ticket to espouse their virulent nonsense. U.S. politicians and Rabbis called upon their constituents to vist Mosques and to show sympathy for the American Islamic community. And it is absolutely true that thousands upon thousands of Jews and Christians visited Islamic centers around America to hear about how the Jews are to blame for the attacks, because of U.S. policy in the Middle East. And they heard about how the Jews killed their prophets. Naturally, American leaders urged Americans not to racially profile Muslims. Instead, they offered the Muslims the necessary base to profile the Jews. How strange indeed! Rather than Americans blaming the Muslims for the Islamic attack, Jews have been scapegoated, in the name of misplaced political correctness. And so the culprits are glorified while the victims are punished.

And what of our "Jewish leaders"? They too are a part of this sham/scam. Typically, the JCRC in New York is sponsoring a forum for "good Muslims" to teach us what Islam "really" has to say of terrorism in New York on Dec. 5. Meetings like this have been organized in every major city by the Jewish Establishment. Last week, Mr Jacobson of the ADL, addressing a group of students at Baruch college in New York, explained how Israel and Jews will benefit by the new understanding of the dangers of global terrorism. Jewish leaders continue to lie to their constituents and to bury their heads in the sand. Israel and Jews are being forced to pay the price for the fragile, so called coalition against terror. And Americans have not become tough against terror and its roots. They have actually become sympathetic and soft to those who hold a double-edge sword to their throats.