Date: 11/21/2001



Is the same as ITALY AND INDIA.

There were TWO foreign ‘fingers’ up Afghanistan’s right now (November 21, 2001), one of Arabia in the shape of Osama Bin Laden and his Al Qaida, and the other PAKISTANI in the shape of all those damn 'HOLY' SCHOOLS(“madrassas”) which trained and infiltrated Mohammed’s willing volunteers to fight and kill.

The world can see how bombs are raining over Afghanistan right now to knock some sense into the Afghan heads.

In the case of INDIA, the two long fingers pushed deep up hers are ITALY and ISLAM.

One controls her foreign direction and the other is the master of her internal policy.

The poor native HINDU, who dare not challenge PARTITION, but accepts it upon his hands and knees, is looking forward to his own bloody civil war in the near future.

What was left of his “Bapu” (Mahatma) Gandu’s AKHAND BAHRAT, is about to go up in flames. That provocative obscene ISLAMIC flag that has not been removed from Lahore, is about to fly over Delhi, too.

Nobody on earth knows when the Hindus would UNITE in order to create a UNITED India to rhyme with the United Kingdom and the United States.


Apparently, a very popular quiz in the top ruling establishment in NEW DELHI these days goes like this:

“Name the second-largest Muslim community in the world.

Iran? Wrong.

Pakistan? Wrong.

Saudi Arabia? Wrong.

Time's up — you lose.

Answer: India.


The morons were delighted to see India at the TOP of the League of harbouring, sheltering, feeding and serving the MOHAMMEDANS, until a dead Hindu stood up from the 1946 Holocaust in NOAKHALI, East Bengal, and shouted,


Name the country that is about to GO UP IN FLAMES with millions slaughtered, tens of thousands raped and a new flag about to be hoisted in Delhi.

Colombia? NO.

The Philippines? NO.

Pakistan? NO.

The answer will surprise you: It is the land of Mahatma Gandhi- PARTITIONED INDIA."