Date: 11/22/2001



“He is the Messenger of God. He is the LAST Prophet on earth. AGREE!

The whole WORLD OF ISLAM, stretching from Southern Philippines through Indonesia to Libya, command you to AGREE!

“If you don’t agree, that will be blasphemy and in any ISLAMIC republic, you will be sentenced to DEATH.”

Simple as that!

I considered it a 'slap' in the face of GOD Himself, who gave me human life and form, and the BRAIN, too, to THINK for myself. "If I surrender my free thinking, I shall enter the world of intellectual DARKNESS and find myself in the company of MORONS," I thought. So I REFUSED.

Yes, I REFUSED, and defied and dared the DARK intellectual world of the ONE BILLION 'semi savages to savages'- kept in check only by the STRENGTH of my own country and the international frontiers.

Without these two mighty safeguards on my side, I would be DEAD IN A SECOND- murdered to “please” the Prophet, THEIR prophet, while MINE, from Lord Krishna through Buddha to Guru Gobind Singh, would probably be extremely sad and disappointed, more so since THEIR followers are neutral, disunited, detached and de-linked “chickens” in HUMAN form though numbering no less than TWO BILLION. (When has any of them shouted in public, since the BLACK DAY of unconditional SURRENDER before the “Forces of intellectual JEHAALAT” in 1947, “Lahore must be secular like Delhi!”?)

In other words I was ORDERED not to think for myself. I was ORDERED to deny God within myself. I was expected to BELIEVE whatever was IMPOSED on man from the outside vested- even criminal & immoral- interests.

Since each one of us has a soul, that is the spark of GOD Himself, my own soul revolted at the idea of INDOCTRINATION, the worst example of which is carried out by the “Islamic madrassas” or schools in Pakistan that sent thousands of FIGHTERS into the neighbouring Afghanistan.

Five times a day they bent and knelt, shutting their brains and minds to anything fresh or new, and prayed in an absolutely UNIFORM manner- in total submission.

Five times a day they pledged total surrender, unquestioning obedience and the sacrifice of their lives for a cause that would eventually turn the whole world into the landscape of Afghanistan.

“There is something very wrong with these humans then, born out of man’s seed and woman’s womb,” I thought.

“If all mankind is ONE, then why are THEY so different from me?” I thought. “For example, will I ever come to the idea of CONQUERING Mecca, flying my own TRISHUL over the city, then going mad, charged with my mission, gang up with the others, raise a blood thirsty army, and ADVANCE in all directions, yelling, “Death to all the MOHAMMEDANS,” and then invade Iran, Iraq and Saudi Arabia, scattering the natives in all directions like the gypsies, plundering, burning, killing and RAPING, not sparing even the small children?

Instead, I see the FLAG OF MOHAMMED over LAHORE and KASUR. What connection do these cities in India have with anyone born in the distant and alien Arabia that is cursed into restlessness and with hot and burning sands of the desert where rain of mercy is a very rare novelty?

These cities were founded by the two sons of the HINDU Lord Rama in the hoary past, I reflected, yet not ONE Mohammedan feels for the land he defiles, degrades and desecrates.

What glory to ALLAH? Could anyone define THIS small and insecure allah?

The destruction of the two majestic, hand carved and sculpted statues of LORD Buddha, the ENLIGHTENED one, by the savages with BLACK minds, wearing BLACK turbans, inspired by some ‘DEVIL’ from ARABIA, made me sit up.

And what about the destruction of the two tall World Trade Centre towers in New York, where innocent lives of young mothers and fathers were taken? How do we define THAT carnage if the murder of one innocent person is like the murder of the entire mankind?

How is it that the whole world of ISLAM that can gang up against the civilisation, secularism, democracy, and freedoms of the United States, did not PREVENT that slap in the face of Mohammed himself?

"What Prophet? What Rasul Allah? More of the Promise of DEATH, more of a DEVIL," I thought to myself. "And you DARE stop me from thinking! You will have to KILL me first and accept total DEFEAT of Mohammed whose “armies” fragmented India in 1947, crushed the guts of the NATIVES of Hindustan into accepting PARTITION unreservedly, and then set about EXTERMINATING, DEGRADING, CONVERTING and HUMILIATING those in the lands thus captured and conquered who believed in universal love, tolerance and PEACE.

Could there be some CRITERIA for a man whom we call a Prophet?

Why not, if mankind is not like the unquestioning donkeys and the mules, given the short life-span in human form on this ever shrinking planet of ours, called the earth, WHY NOT?

Why not, if a certain IDEOLOGY, that calls itself a “religion” happens to be the fastest growing in the West, if personal LIBERTY, freedom of EXPRESSION (such as THIS piece) and a woman’s DIGNITY are the fastest vanishing things in Europe and America at the same time?

Now let me suggest THREE criteria of prophethood, and invite the FREE thinkers & scholars of the world (not the brainwashed, intimidated, indoctrinated MORONS) to contribute to this historic task that is vital for mankind in the future.

1. The Prophet should not have carried a murderous weapon like the sword or the gun, but PREACHED sanity with gentle words and love of all.

2. The Prophet should have said, “If you capture women in battle, restore them with honour and dignity to their families afterwards. Treat them like your own daughters, sisters and mothers.”

3. Never destroy but CONSTRUCT. Making a living through the sale of drugs, narcotics, and the abduction, seduction and sale of girls is the biggest sin of man (and woman) for which he (or she) will be sent to HELL after death.


REST OF THE (vanishing) FREE WORLD; please take this List of Criteria up to TEN, and then broadcast these within your “fastest shrinking world. Your very survival is at stake.


WHO wrote this? Does it matter?

What do YOU think, my dear Hindu in PARTITIONED India?