Date: 11/23/2001


At the time when Indira KHAN, alias Gandhi captured the breakaway ISLAMIC republic of EAST Pakistan in 1972 but then overlooking the sacrifices of her own armed forces, she returned the captured territory to her MOHAMMEDAN "umma" (family.)

Simple Hindus were shouting joyfully, "INDIRA MATA KI JAI!"

Now it is too late to catch the Political Witch of India who has left the New Delhi International Airport under her despicable name. It appears that ONE BILLION "eunuchs" inhabiting Partitioned India can NOT remove that provocative signboard and replace it with GURU TEGH BAHADUR INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT. Will anyone object?

seeing the pathetic plight o the HINDUS in BOGUSdesh, NRI Forum Europe wrote the followign letter to the free Western media.


To the FREE (Western) media:



At this time while the world attention is diverted tofghanistan, there is horrendous ethnic cleansing of the betrayed HINDUS going on in the ISLAMIC Republic of Bangladesh, that was a gift to Islam by India’s own, revered Prime minister, Mrs. Indira KHAN, also known as Mrs. Gandhi, a secret convert to Islam.

She, like her father, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, was in secret league with the MUSLIMS of India. It was their hidden agenda to crush the Sikhs in East Punjab by giving them a terrible “BLOODY nose” in 1984, but to reward the separatist Muslims in EAST Bengal with SOVEREIGNTY- even after capturing that province in 1972.

The “sovereignty” and separate identity of North Kashmir has never been challenged by PI (Partitioned India) since 1948.

These are evidently the higher strategic goals of Islam and, possibly, of the West, too, to divide and destroy India and exterminate the Hindus, AND SIKHS, slowly, see them butchered and raped to the last man and woman.

But should the free and decent world not feel some moral obligation towards the persecuted Hindus in Bangladesh, where the vast human catastrophe is not being reported widely, but simply IGNORED?

Shamefully we must confess that the despicable cowardly RULING establishment of PI is doing the same, overlooking the dying Hindus in Bangladesh, just as they overlooked the dying Indians in Uganda and Fiji.

We are getting reports, suppressed by the MUSLIM 'influenced & manipulated’ media in South Asia and even across Europe and America, of large-scale rape and murder of innocent Hindus, the desecration of temples and the occupation of Hindu property.

Here is just one of the cries received in the West by letter.

There are thousands more. It is a typical narrative that should make every decent journalist and government in the West sit up and do something about it.

The correspondent writes, “I am enclosing a report about the atrocities being committed on the Hindus throughout Bangladesh.

68,000 villages have been attacked in recent weeks. Hindus did not face such atrocities even in 1971.

Mysteriously, India’s own national media are maintaining devious silence over the matter.

20% of the total Hindu population, i.e., FOUR MILLION people, have been uprooted, thousands raped and thousands of temples demolished for no fault or sin of the Hindus.

UNO should take responsibilityfor the hapless Hindus of Bangladesh.

I do not know if you can influence the international humanitarian, and human rights, organisations to visit all these 68,000 villages of Bangladesh and talk to the Hindus privately. There is enough evidence to charge sheet the Islamic “beasts” and the Islamic government of Bangladesh, for committing this genocide of the Hindus and for their ethnic cleansing.

If the Nazi generals were charged for such crimes, then why can’t we charge the notorious Islamic beasts who are continuing their Jihad against the hapless Hindus of Bangladesh for a very long time, indeed.

The international community should stand up and start bombing Bangladesh, like Afghanistan, to save the Hindus of that country from total annihilation.

The life and property of 20,000,000 Hindus are in peril. Right now the international community needs to be alerted.

We do not know if Western media companies could be hired for raising the world awareness regarding the genocide and ethnic cleansing of the besieged Hindus of Bangladesh.”

We hope the western press is still independent and that there would be no question of hiring someone to broadcast the plight of the Hindus in Bangladesh.

It is the primary DUTY of the free press in the Western democracies to INVESTIGATE and INFORM.

We look forward to the American and the European media to attend to Bangladesh on the highest priority before the Hindus are totally exterminated there as in WEST Punjab and North Kashmir.


November 24, 2001.



A Hindu timidly approached the President of All India Congress Party. Once this high political post was held by the Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi.

Today the 'FOREIGBNER' in charge of that party is the Italian born Catholic memsahib SONIA KHAN, also known as Sonia Gandhi.

We should never lose sight of the fact that headstrong arrogant Miss Indira Nehru eloped with a young MUSLIM fellow in Allahabad. After their secret "nikah", HIS name was changed from KHAN to GANDHI. Quite a rope trick!

The sad Hindu, who had a young female cousin back in Bangladesh, implored, "Madam, please intervene with the Government of Bangladesh. They are raping even very young girls while foul-mouthing, "Allah Hu Akbar".

Sonia got infuriated and called two volunteers from her Nirmal Hrday Church, "How come this BHANGI has escaped the holy dip?"

A real BHANGI, standing outside the door, happened to hear Soniaji's outburst. He immediately opened the door and said, "MADAM, if you mean ME, then I am already baptised."

Whereupon "Rashtramata" Sonia said, "Rashtrapati Narayanan ji, I did not mean YOU. It is THIS bhangi who is pleading for the safety of the HINDUS in Bangladesh when WE want them all in yellow ribons as in Kabul."