Date: 11/24/2001



One is for FIGHTING the terrorists, the other is for APPEASING them.

A letter to the mass circulating daily of Great Britain (Saturday, Nevomber 24, 2001):

Editor, The Daily Telegraph.

Sir, We read with disbelief the headline in today's "The Daily Telegraph", (Saturday November 24, 2001, page 1), "Livingstone: Be lenient on Muslims who went to war".

We are shocked at this kind of indirect High Treason from a man who is so influential in the politics of this country.

Sometimes a nation destined to doom, who needs a Churchill, gets a Gandhi. Is it the turn of our UNITED Kingdom now?

We recall President Bush and Prime Minister Blair declaring, "friends of terrorists are our enemies". Surely Mr. Livingstone does NOT know who the terrorists are, nor what Al Qaida stands for nor even the meaning of the word "enemies".

These Pakistani Muslims, holding British passports, were linked to the World of Islam and the World of Terror, and had little or nothing to do with the secular democratic world of our own Britain.

Furthermore, they went to Afghanistan in order to FIGHT and KILL in a war that was not declared by this country, their own adopted land of sworn loyalties upon a thousand oaths on Koran.

On the contrary, fighting on the side of the ENEMY they were prepared to KILL British troops- their own fellow citizens.

We are reminded of the attack on India in 1947 by her own indigenous Muslims who were all our fellow citizens.

Every since, we have remained convinced that the Muslims are a separatist, restless, disgruntled, turbulent and hostile nation within our own. The size of the Muslim population is a barometer of the size of threat to democracy, secularism and unity of this country.

How long can we live in the UNITED Kingdom if the number of separatist, secessionist, Muslims goes on increasing?

Pakistan herself was born out of High Treason committed by all the separatist, murderous, fundamentalist ISLAMIC forces.

Earlier, during the entire British rule, the Indian Muslims remained as “law abiding, hardworking and patriotic” as any Hindu, Arab or Jew in today’s Britain and America.

We think Mr. Livingstone should be removed from office for being so naive, sent to Pakistan where all those Pakistanis fighting for Al Qaida in Afghanistan ought to be interned and then DE-BRAINWASHED along with him.

Mr. Livingstone's own father may have fought in World War2, perhaps even flown as a bomber. Did he show mercy for the innocent civilians of Hamburg, Dresden and Berlin down below? The Germans (NAZIS) then said, “Never again!”. That war thus concluded finally, and Germany is secular and democratic today.

However if we go lenient on the warring Pakistanis when they come home, which Muslim terrorist across the world will say, “Never again!”? We need to think.

By being lenient, how does Mr. Livingstone wish THIS war against terrorists to conclude?

Perhaps in a 'cease fire' like India's own wars since 1947.

Mr. Livingstone describing the Taliban as "flipping mad religious nutters", may be compared to India’s own “Apostle of Appeasement” Mahatma Gandhi who described the founding fathers of Pakistan exactly like that.

After the birth of Pakistan a terrified Gandhi feared for his life and never set foot in Pakistan.

Yours truly,

NRI Forum (UK) Non Resident Indian Forum (We are Indians from PARTITIONED India- partitioned, fragmented and broken up, thanks to all the "Ken Livingstones" we had among our COWARDLY CLUELESS ranks in 1947.)


Please reflect on the QUALITY and PATRIOTISM of all the mayors of the cities in PARTITIONED India. Most of them are looking forward to eating "Iftar" with their MUSLIM "vote banks".

The persecuted Hindus of EAST Bengal (returned to full sovereignty by Mrs. Indira KHAN alias Gandhi in 1972) are NOT on anyone's mind- not even on the mind of the President of India, who being a devout fundamentalist CHRISTIAN, wishes them all DEAD or CONVERTED.