Date: 11/25/2001



Since September 11 last, President George Bush has not rested a moment nor forgotten that savage ISLAMIC attack on America, her secularism, democracy and way of life.

Now in contrast, look at the President of PISS (Partitioned Indian Secular State).

When the news of massacre of 36 Sikhs came in from South Kashmir, he did not miss his banquet in honour of President Bill Clinton.

And when the news of massacre of ONE HUNDRED Hindu pilgrims, who were on their way to Amarnath Cave pilgrimage, came in, he did not even travel up to the spot.

The blighter has never accompanied the dead body of any officer or soldier from Srinagar to the place of cremation anywhere in Bharat though he is their Supreme Commander.

What happened in 1993 when the MOHAMMEDAN terrorists did to Bombay STOCK EXCHANGE what they did to the Pentagon building in Washington DC last September?

They were all allowed to escape to Abu Dhabi by the Indian ruling establishment which is heavily bribed by Pakistan's ISI. Not one of those terrorists has been brought back for trial or to face execution. Nor has any of the mobs on the rampage in Delhi during 1984, been hanged for his crimes of murder and rape.

That is the proof, if anyone needed a proof, of the rapid decomposition of India that was supposed to emerge as HINDU India after her savage partition in 1947.

But while this P.I.S.S. immediately recognised the TEARAWAY Islamic republic of Pakistan, she refused to give recognition to its own native HINDUISM as something NOT worth the penny.

The rotten traitor we are focusing on right now, is none else but the PRESIDENT OF INDIA.

The present incumbent in the post of PRESIDENT, country's HIGHEST constitutional office, is a 'BHANGI' who shed his native Buddhism to become the despicable offshoot of our colonial CHRISTIAN ruling past, in order to "RUIN, or STALL," the HINDU country, which ought to have been 100% Hindu after her Partition in 1947.

And to boot, his wife is an import from Myanmar, just as our loafer Prime Minister Rajiv Khan's, brought in from ITALY, as if to PRONOUNCE to the whole world that the "Native Hindu women are damn INFERIOR- simply cows and buffaloes."

These men in India's TOP POSITIONS never even once said, "Be proud. Brown is beautiful. Indian women have grace, beauty and dignity that one cannot find in Italy and Burma."

Yet the whole nation lay under their foot. There is NO protest, not even from our dignified decent WOMEN to oust Sonia and the President's foreign wife.

They both got the much devalued and rotten cheap INDIAN passport within minutes of applying. There was NO character or loyalty vetting in the case of Sonia- not even language check.

At that time, according to her own statement, she had enough command of Hindi 'to talk to servants'.

One is shocked at how these worthless cheap foreign imports or 'White Elephants' ridicule Hindi, and REFUSE to embrace our Hindu religion while fattening themselves in our Hindustan.

The top people in Bharat have set an atrociously disgusting example for our youth. They are the WORST role model one could see in any country on earth.

How can a Dalit CHRISTIAN and his evangelist Burmese born wife inspire MY children, or your children, or ANYBODY ELSE'S children in Hindustan? Are we all self-surrending and self-negating clueless Kanya Kumaris to whom Hinduism means acceptance of this kind of female DEGRADATION in Bharat?

One KANYA KUMARI was thrilled at the visit by Sonia KHAN to one of their "Om Shanti Shanti" type events in Bharat. She was in the United Kingdom, NOT East Bengal at the time. NO Kanya Kumari is seen in Peshawar of Sylhet. But they swarm like the flies the landscape of Hindustan, increasing its rate of decomposition.

"Did you suggest to Sonia to embrace Hinduism?" I enquired.

"No, we didn't. Hinduism is not worth commending. It will come to her eventually."

"O yes? What if your living idol Sonia is also hoping that HER LORD will hit your head from the top and ENTER YOUR BODY from below, one day!"

The clueless Kanya Kumari promptly FLED further discussion. Sonia and her Pope, Mrs. Usha Iin Tin Narayanan and Governor PC Alexander and ex high commissioner Salman Haidar can be very happy that 'maggot ridden corpse' of Broken Bharat tolerates everything, even PARTITION that was nothing but the brutal mutilation of every Hindu's MOTHER (India).

India's own eminent scholars who do not tow Bandit Nehru's pseudo-secular line,and what is coming out of Jawaharlal Nehru (JLN) University in New Delhi, are in wilderness while the 'dogs and donkeys' produced by Nehru Dynasty & their stooges are ruling the land of Lord Krishna and FOOLING the Hindus.

We hope one day this realization will travel across the land like this message on Internet.

The top priority in Bharat ought to be to gift a few computers to the VHP head office in New Delhi and encourage them to hold a short but intensive IT course so that these volunteers could then fan out to 25 states across India and train at least one branch personnel in the use of computers and e-mail.

Tomorrow's "Word of God" will be COMMUNICATION and that is why all the ANTI HINDU forces are bent upon denying COMMUNICATION to the Hindus. They are quite happy if the Hindu pandits and the Sikh granthis remain ignorant coots.

They are quite happy to ACCEPT and RECOGNIZE Islamic constitutions in Pakistan and Bogusdesh, yet the term "Hindu Rashtra" sets fire to their a***-holes.

VHP in the United Kingdom and the United States needs better men and women at the top and VHP in Bharat needs to ensure two things for every Hindu priest:

1. A degree in HINDU THEOLOGY, and the knowldge of at least one foreign language.

2. Economic security so that the respected priests do not depend on public charity and alms, which is so degrading. It is a relic of our colonial past when our priests had to hide or starve. We understand the Government of India allows, or even pays, salaries to the maulvis and imams while nothing to the Hindu priests and Sikh granthis.


"SET FIRE" to the Viceroy's Imperial Residence in New Delhi so that the President is forced to move to, and live in, BHANGI COLONY among his own people, where the 'Father of the Nation' used to stay.

Or, turn the PRESIDENT'S HOUSE (Rashtrapati Bhawan) into a University named after Guru Gobind Singh.

Don't just show respect to the Great Guru, whom we know as the Defender of Hindu Dharma and Dharti, but do something to honour him ON GROUND which is dominated by the Hindu bashing rascals and thugs.

And what about the profane and provocative name of New Delhi's International Airport? Are we telling the world that since the founding of Delhi several millennia ago, there was none else but Nehru's daughter INDIRA KHANUM, whose profane memory and the manner of her DISHONOURABLE DEATH has to be perpetuated by the nation of her BRAINWASHED subservient Hindu serfs and slaves?