Date: 11/25/2001




There is going to be a big demonstration of the Hindus ofthe United Kingdom, late November 2001, in front of the Indian High Commission in London, to protest at the beastly treatment of the EAST Bengali Hindus in Bangladesh (BOGUSdesh) by their Mohammedan fellow citizens.

The accounts of rape of young girls, the desecration of temples, burning and looting of property and beatings and killing of Hindus are so savage, and out of the Medieval Era, that these are not fit for print.

Yet the GOVERNMENT OF INDIA, who recognise this breakaway pirate Islamic state, do NOTHING. They just watch and feel amused.

Why is this so?

There are two elements that form the “Government of India”: Rascals and Eunuchs.

Rascals are all the Muslims who ought to be ‘persona non grata’ in Partitioned India, and the eunuchs are all the “Iftar” eating secular HINDUS who will defend the right of “White Elephant” Sonia to be sitting in the front row in Hindustan’s Parliament rather than stand up for their own ruined historic Temple in Ayodhya.

These EUNUCHS are the Hindus who watch films with KHANS dancing with Hindu maidens and boast of a MOHAMMEDAN son in law without any shame.

So while the Hindus of Britain will be demonstrating out in the streets in cold, rain and possibly snow showers of London, shouting slogans against the ISLAMIC rulers of BOGUSdesh, little will the FOOLS think of the gift of territory that India’s Prime Minister Indira KHAN gave to Shaikh Mujiburrahman in January 1972.

Could she not have said, “O’ Shaikh, Pakistan was conceded by a terrified Gandhi and a treacherous Nehru without a fight or referendum in 1947. But now that we have bitterly FOUGHT for our own territory, and won, it belongs to my Secular India, not to your rabid, separatist, trouble making, savage, mischievous, medieval ISLAM.”

Yes, couldn’t she have said that, and told the Shaikh,“GET LOST, and go to MECCA!”

BUT NO! The political ‘witch’ of India, who knew of the ethnic cleansing of the NON Muslims in West Punjab in 1947, then gave EAST Bengal back to the ‘wolves and hyenas’ in human form WITHOUT A SINGLE CONDITION OR GUARANTEE.

Who should the HINDUS of the United Kingdom demonstrate against now?

Against Frankenstein called INDIRA GANDHI or the monster she created called BANGLADESH?

We wish to give a slap in the face of every IGNORANT or TIMID Hindu who turns up at that demonstration shouting meaningless slogans against the anti Hindu rulers of BOGUSdesh but not against their own rotten “sarkar”(government) of Rascals and Eunuchs who could have despatched an infantry division to arrest all the Muslim molesters, looters, rapists and killers within seven days and put them on trial.

This damn ‘sarkar’ could also block the river waters, thus bring the MOHAMMEDANS to their knees in three days.

But the Hindus are brainwashed into believing that Bandit Nehru was a patriot, PARTITION was Independence, and EAST Bengal is a sovereign ISLAMIC state like Libya and Iran, while EAST Punjab and South Kashmir must be kept within this stinking secular cesspit called Bharatvarsha- minus head, leg and arm (i.e., INDIA minus West Punjab, North Kashmir and EAST Bengal.).

Dear Indians, if YOU join the demonstration, praise the Muslims of Bogusdesh but abuse PROFUSELY the President and the Supreme Commander of your own HINDUSTAN.

It is HE whose ‘half past six’ limp finger indicates to the virile Muslims in the North, the Muslims in the West and the Muslims in the East to KILL the cowardly Hindu and RAPE his daughter and wife.

That is why what has been going on in MOHAMMEDAN Bogusdesh has not been noticed by the UNO or any Western media.

The beaten and the thrashed Hindus have a very low image in the world. Even the Sikhs are shouting, “WE ARE NOT HINDUS!”

Some, at last, have realized the EUNUCHS that the Hindu nation is, watching the massacre of Hindus in South Kashmir and EAST Bengal without retaliation, without any reaction.

Now it is NOT 1947 that BANDIT Nehru could order the Hindus, “I have decided to give Lahore and Chittagong to the Muslims without referendum. YOU, THE NIGGARDLY HINDUS, MUST LUMP IT!”

So let us first ask the question, “WHO created the MONSTER called Bangladesh?”

Once we know the answer, let us then ABUSE her profusely in public. Be a BRAVE Hindu!