Date: 11/26/2001



Is God retracing his KILLER steps on earth?




The reality on ground in INDIA today can be turned into a picture. You see a well-furnished comfortable sitting room in a well-guarded big mansion on JANPATH (formerly called Queensway) in New Delhi. A modern day Queen of Hindustan is reclining on a sofa chair with female servants and maids in attendance. A glass of Italian wine and a bowl of fruit are on a marble-top table in the middle.

The young queen has a baby in her lap which is neither a boy nor a girl but a eunuch. It is not her real baby. The palace officials had procured it from the servants’ quarters when her own new born died in the manner of mysterious cot death. Her breasts were full of milk and so another baby was promptly procured.

The baby called Hiralal, was born in Bhangi Colony, not far from the palace. His father, called Mohandas Karamchand (EMKAY), readily gave it up on hearing of the queen’s predicament. Emkay was a chicken-hearted timid fellow who cried whenever he saw someone pricked by a thorn or stung by a bee.

We can see Hiralal suckling at its adopted mother’s breasts. It’s not a healthy child but pale and skinny. The baby’s skin is noticeably dark brown in contrast to the queen’s white complexion. Among the many toys on the floor there is a teddy bear, a rattle, some balloons and, at complete odds with everything else around, a real lion cub in a cage. The lion cub is frolicsome but annoyed and is impatient to get out of the cage. It was caught after its parents fell to the hunter’s bullets.

By now most readers would have guessed as to who is who in this symbolic scenery.

The young queen is SONIA KHAN alias Gandhi, aspirant to the throne of Hindustan who has a large following among the “DAGGER/DANDA” wielding Mohammedans and many influential Italian friends abroad. Like PARTITION she is IMPOSED on the ignorant and smashed HINDU nation. There was NO referendum in the first instance and NO security or loyalty vetting in the second.

This Hindustan got what the Taliban got- FOREIGNERS, FOREIGNERS AND MORE FOREIGNERS.

One had the Arabs, Bin Laden, al Qaida and the Pakistanis. The other has the Italians, the Parsis and the Pakistanis. Since Partition there is no such beast or man as the INDIAN Muslim. All are Pakistani. Even Allah and His Messenger Mohammed cannot deny this FACT. That’s what it states categorically in the “Act of Partition, 1947”, signed by the top Hindu leaders of the time. Sardar Baldev Singh was a HINDU.

All the Indians born since 1947, wouldn’t have a clue as to the permanent partition of India when the INDIAN NATION OF ISLAM issued the ultimatum to the Hindus who were THREE TIMES their numbers, “We will have the TERRITORY. You have the Rest and the Riff Raff.”

Since then history books have been re-written which do not have the word PARTITION in them.

The Hindus, by the BILLION, are growing up in ignorance like the sheep. They have NO concept that after shedding both its wings the bird emerged as “grounded” wingless Bharat. Bharat is just the rump, not the whole country. The Muslim attack on the body of Bharat was so savage and severe that words cannot describe what is about to hit the Hindus really hard all over. But most (damn) fools are least bothered. They have NO clue to the real implications of partition for their very survival. Truly, IGNORANCE IS BLISS. The long period of slavery under the FOREIGNERS has made the Hindus the MOST IGNORANT people on earth who cannot be reached with this message, warning them of Death.

The retarded invalid infant suckling at the breast denotes the HINDUS in India and the lion cub in the cage stands for the restive Sikhs in East Punjab.

The political TRISHUL of Bharat (India) comprises-

1. the arrogant self-righteous superior FOREIGNER whose religions are centred in the turbulent brutal Middle East;

2. the famished native HINDU, still confused and minus identity; and finally,

3. the SIKH who has been robbed of his TERRITORY and impoverished through plunder, and the lack of provision of good education.

At Partition, the Hindus could SHRINK BACK into their inner heartland but the Sikhs were robbed of their very heartland, which comprises LAHORE, GUJRANWALA, NANKANA SAHIB AND AMRITSAR. While the former three are under the provocative Mohammedan flag, Amritsar is trapped in India’s own suicidal secularism.

Until 1947 the Sikhs were proud of their victories against the Muslims and the two well fought wars against the British. They lived and worshipped separately yet enjoyed goodwill of all.

At partition this social calm was suddenly shattered. The Muslims shot up, angry and swords drawn, and took vast territory out of the map of India. In treacherous collusion with the Muslims they broke the backbone of the Sikh community, robbing them of their heartland and intelligentsia.

Things took a turn for the worse when Pandit Nehru and his cronies cast a tight net over the Hindu nation , trapping them like the partridges for dinner.

This is what he did-

1. Kept broadcasting under state (read HIS!) control.

2. Appointed a Buddhist, NOT A HINDU, to write up the constitution of post partitioned India. Nehru was a barrister-at-law from London and a very cunning legal expert. He told Dr. Ambedkar in private, “Wipe out the word HINDU from your Constitution the way the Hindus wiped out the Buddhists.” Ambedkar took due note of advice.

Ambekar was also a Dalit, the lowest of the lowest of mankind, thus a genetically inferior “rat”, whose Constitution accepted Partition as final and the Muslims as more than equal. Afterwards Bandit Nehru congratulated Ambedkar and told his Indian COOLIE COLONY to hail him as the greatest constitutional expert on earth. The clueless Hindus still believe that to be the case.

3. One has to be a scavenger or a latrine cleaner for generations to realise why Mr.Ambedkar ignored PARTITION out of hand and FAILED to call the Muslims “PERSONA NON GRATA” because of it.

4, Full blast propaganda machine. In no time was Bandit Nehru himself elevated to godhood, MK Gandhi, the FUNK, to mahatmahood and “BHANGI” Ambedkar to ultimate wisdom and scholarship.

All criticism was thus eliminated or made to look blasphemy.

5. To prevent the surfacing of free thought and emergence of good education, Pandit Nehru wished to keep POWER within his own family. He brought up his own daughter to take over the country effortlessly after him.

6. Criminal hi-jacking of elections, which were always meant to return him and his Congress Party to power. Congress men and women who ought to have been lynched or shot dead by the people of India, became their spokesmen in Parliament

7. Create INSECURITY. First the Hindus were betrayed at the Partition talks, then subjugated by the Constitution, then brainwashed under the hammer of Nehru’s Socialism that was to prove more lethal and debilitating than Stalin’s Communism, then impoverished through corruption, and finally made to feel insecure. Many a scholarly Hindu, close to death with eyes wide open at last, still sighs, “But Indira was a “devi”, a great prime minister, India’s own Iron Lady.” Perhaps the brainwashed Hindu “rat” hopes to land in paradise after death where he might find her re-born as a virgin. The idea that Indira KHAN, alias Gandhi, was a secret agent of Islam who declared Emergency to stifle the Hindus’ free expression and then returned EAST Bengal to ISLAM after capturing it instead of putting it back in her own secular India, seems a cardinal sin to many a Hindu.

In that tradition of 'DOGS', the whole Hindu nation has accepted her name for the New Delhi International Airport. Watch the clever smart NRI’s, the millionaire banyas, the billionaire lalas, even well groomed Sikh sardars, and all the third rate Hindu Excellencies arrive at the airport or take off from it without noticing the SPIT that gets pasted on their heads at that Airport.

The world may care two hoots for the Hindu’s dignity and freedoms but WHY DON’T THE HINDUS CARE?

“Give the Hindus a spine,” is a very apt cry these days, but WHO turned them into jellyfish in the first place?

Sweeper Ambedkar’s Constitution does not let you whisper the answer, “The Mohammedans!” You are liable to be arrested and jailed for speaking the TRUTH in Hindustan.

The end product of 50 years under Congress rule, 100 years under the British and 1000 years under the TALIBAN (Moguls) is the Hindu who RAN AWAY from the defence of Lahore, applauded when Indira won BUT RETURNED EAST Bengal to the ENEMY while keeping WEST Bengal and EAST Punjab under her “secular” boot.

That is the HINDU end product whom you saw transformed into a suckling infant at Sonia’s breast while amusing itself by watching the lion cub in the cage.

An appeal to the Italians, “Please let the infant stand on its own feet. Teach it to walk.”

An appeal to the Muslims, “Please, tolerate the Hindus in what can be called the REST OF INDIA after you took away the BEST OF INDIA in 1947. Let them re-build their Grand Temple in Ayodhya.”

We make this appeal most humbly, upon our knees. Let the impoverished crippled Hindu infant think for itself.

Kindly go back to Italy and Arabia respectively. If you slaughter on convert all the Hindus on earth, then by what yardstick will you measure the POWER of Mohammed and the EXCELLENCE of Jesus? Yes, by WHAT yardstick?



With hands raised above his head, the Taliban begging for surrender in the name of ALLAH, along with his Koran and Kalashnikov, cried,

“I went to war against the Americans thinking they would be a walk-over like the Hindus. I had seen the Colonel of FIJI scatter them like the flies and I saw Colonel IDI AMIN of Uganda throw them into the sea. I even saw BOGUSdesh, the gift of INDIA to ISLAM in 1972, encourage the rape of Hindu girls by the thousand, destroy their temples in broad daylight, kill the Hindus, even the soldiers of the Indian army and mutilate their bodies, limb by limb. So I thought every Infidel on earth was the same as the HINDUS.

Now I know America is NOT India. Now I know I made a fatal blunder.”