Date: 11/27/2001



The Mussalmaan (MUSCLEMAN) turned Talian in Afghanistan had been DEAD for 7 hours when we spoke to him.

Released of fear of Koran and the terror of fellow Taliban, he confessed:-

“We proclaimed KORAN as our guide and constitution, and proceeded to do three things in public as per its teachings:-

1. Beat up women in public;

2. Ordered the Hindus to wear yellow ribbons in public; and

3. Destroyed the two Buddha statues in public.

Koran made us haiwan & shaitan, IN PUBLIC.”

Then as a rare glimpse into TRUTH. He added,

“What we did as per KORAN, is NOT coming back to us as a reward, but as a severe punishment. Therefore, I believe that Koran could NOT have been dictated by Allah. Now that I am dead, I can speak out my mind.”

A Hindu refugee from Srinagar sighed and said, ”What a pity, ONLY A DEAD MUSALMAAN IS A GOOD MAN. The living ones are all shaitaan, haiwaan and beimaan.!

(Tell that to “Bhangi” Ambedkar who wrote in his Constitution, “Any Musalmaan in PARTITIONED India is as good as any Hindu and even better than a Sikh.”)


WISDOM OF LORD KRISHNA & DIVINITY OF LORD RAMA translated into reality on ground in BHARAT:

India accepted PARTITION and got on a lorry with only three wheels. It is going round and round and round, getting closer and closer and closer to the 'KHUD', to fall into eventually.

Tell this to the "BHANGI" who is the Supreme Commander of the Indian Armed Forces with a Burmese Bra on his side as his chief counsel and adviser on NEPAL.