Date: 11/27/2001


There is a great noise about RELIGION in the present war in Afghanistan. Religion is much relegated in the secular West and people do not understand what all the fuss is about.

However, there are various reaosns why we should look at RELIGION as a factor of peace or war on earth, not the least because the Taliban are a RELIGIOUS band of fanatics. They have NO economic ideology or agenda.

Let us look at the Religion of Islam visa vis the ECONOMIC prosperity of a nation.

Muslims are destined, or CONDEMNED, to be poor. Here are some of the causes.

Firstly, in Islam SEX and SENSUAL GRATIFICATION is paramount for a MAN. It is due to the fact that the male in Islam has primitive drives while mentally he lives in the century of his Prophet Mohammed (Peace be upon his VICTIMS).

All that pull for "SHAHAADAT" (martyrdom) is linked to his wish to be in paradise with the virgins, the houries (NB: my dictionary describes houri as "a beautiful young woman in the Muslim paradise") and the 'almond eyed' boys.

Tell them, "In paradise there are NO women," and you will find the supply of mujahideen, fidayeen and taliban dry up fast.

Fixation and obsession with SEX and sensual gratification takes away a lot of time, energy and attention of the Muslim male who is perpetually looking for a 'sexual conquest'.

Secondly, the study of KORAN and the ARABIC language being mandatory, there is little time left for WORLDLY subjects like Humanities and Sciences that bring in JOBS.

How many Koran experts and Arabic scholars does a society need?

Thirdly, their ABOVE AVERAGE rate of reproduction severely divides the income of a family. The much alarmed and concerned Non Resident Indians now supporting the rightist British National Party, pose the question, "If the Muslims increase at the current rate in Great Britain, will there be democracy, secularism and respect for woman left in our society?" We cannot blame them if some still hear their grandfathers telling them about the state of secularism in North Kashmir and EAST Bengal.

Let us see the population figures of Partitionned India in 1947 and 2001, and ask, "Which community has outstripped the rest and why?"

We should also NOT overlook the fact that in 1947 'the BEST' of India (economically) went to the MUSLIMS and 'the REST' of India came to the Hindus who were again BLIGHTED to carry the crippling / back breaking DEAD WEIGHT of Islam as per Nehru's Constitution. How is it then that the Hindus in India are doing much better ECONOMICALLY than the Muslims in India as well as in Pakistan?

Pakistan was once (not so long ago) Western India, and a lot more prosperous than any other part of India due to heavy British presence there on strategic grounds. There was heavy industrial and agricultural investment, including the world's best irrigation system in WEST Punjab down to Sukkur dam in Sind, and much more.

The older Hindus had to tell the nation about the prosperity of cities like Quetta, Karachi, Lahore (where every Hindu's house in Model Town had marble floors and stained glass windows), Multan and Rawalpindi and beyond, including the prosperity that was brought in due to numerous military cantonments.

We can also cite 'easy' divorce and mulitiple marriages among the Muslims. There is NO sanctity attached to marriage as among the Catholics and the Hindus. It is more common to see a 60 year old Muslim with a 20 year old wife than a Hindu or Sikh. How old was Mr. Yasser Arafat when he married his 'latest' young wife?

Abducting, converting and marrying a NON Muslim female gives the Muslims in general a special thrill. It is not condemned socially as among the Hindus but regarded a Muslim's holy duty.

Fifthly, I could mention BACKWARDNESS of women in Islam. Why not look at Afghanistan which is 100 per cent ISLAMIC?

When HALF THE POPULATION is kept indoors or 'under lock and key', economic prospertiy goes to pigs.

Here are some case studies: Afghanistan looted and plundered Hindustan over centuries. They carried away more gold, silver and diamonds than they could carry besides the thousands of slaves and concubines who died in winter in the HINDUKUSH mountains. While Hindustan is still reasonably well off, despite the free for all 'reign of red tape and corruption' let loose by treacherous Congress Party, where does that Afghanistan stand in comparison?

The UNO has poured in BILLIONS of dollars to help that country fight the Russians and then as aid to help them change over to other crops instead of OPIUM & POPPY.

Where has all that money gone? Like the PLO, the Afghans, too, are asking the world for MORE.

Finally look at India. despite all that PAMPERING, appeasing and wooing of their Muslim 'vote banks' by the despicable opportunist HINDU chief ministers and Governors, the Muslims are still at the bottom wrung of society.

Also see the recently arrived Muslim populations in the countries of Europe and North America. They appeared there at about the same time as the Hindus and the Sikhs. How is it that the HINDUS are at the top- ECONOMICALLY and the Muslims at the BOTTOM?

Now would someonse else, too, kindly link the issue with ECONOMICS rather than RELIGION?

We should not forget that if we are talking of MUSLIMS, then to them RELIGION is the TOP ISSUE and economics comes very last.

India was fragmented in a BLOOD BATH in order to create the ISLAMIC state of Pakistan on religious grounds. Not one economic factor was mentioned by all the "fathers" of our nation that anyone can name. So, under WHOSE terror do we now wish to ignore or relegate our divinely pristine RELIGION?


Do YOUR own observations confirm the following statement?

Given the Muslims in a country, there will be rampant strife, unrest, murder, sex trade, abductions, kidnappings and uprisings.