Date: 11/29/2001



Economic Prosperity is underpinned by spirited Religious or Ideological Conviction.


The rich Hindu, riding his limousine challenged the poor Muslim riding his mule, "O fanatic of ISLAMIC republics of Pakistan and Bangladesh, look at my wealth and prosperity."

Replied the Muslim calmly, "Go on getting richer and richer Seth ji, it will all be MINE one day."

Around the city of LAHORE, founded by the son of the Hindu god Lord Rama, where once Maharajah Ranjit Singh had his throne, the Muslims in the country were poor.

They lived in poor quarters, slums and hovels, and worked in menial jobs like tonga drivers, petty hawkers, washermen, gardeners, cobblers, grocers and street cleaners. During the British Raj they provided the cooks, the bearers, the khansamas, the syces (grooms) and the ayahs to the Sahibs.

They used to go past the grand villas, spacious bungalows and large well-built houses where the Hindus lived, and their swimming pools and tennis courts.

Come 1947, THE YEAR OF RECKONING, the Hindus FLED, leaving everything behind to the Muslims. Some could not even take their daughters and wives along with them.

Mahmud of Ghazni, Babur, Ahmed Shah Abdali, Nadir Shah, and every ancestor of Taliban, used to pray to Allah, year after year, "Let the Hindus amass enough wealth to make it worth my while to invade Hindustan again."

NONE of them was never disappointed. The pious, peace-loving, vegetarian teetotaller gentle Hindu worked hard like a donkey and saved enough for the wild Afghans to descend on the land and take it all away.