Date: 11/30/2001


If you take out a maggot from the decomposing stinking carcass and put it gently on a fresh rose flower, it will die.

Some may wince at the word IMPOSE in the title line above. Let us remind them that the RAIN OF BOMBS falling on the hills, plains, caves and cities of Afghanistan are also an IMPOSITION. What else then? So, please read on with an open mind.

The BAD NEWS is that there will be NO peace in Afghanistan, given two factors:

1. They are not secular like dynamic Germany and prosperous Japan but ISLAMIC like turbulent Pakistan and decomposing Bangladesh.

The words “co-operation, integration, tolerance and dignity of woman” are NOT seen in the Koran. The plight of women will remain ‘as per Koran’. They will continue to be traded as MAN’S property, and used, misused, beaten up, stoned to death, and traded like that.

2. Afghan society belongs to TRIBAL LORDS. Now who (the Hell) are these tribal lords? Can we put each one of them on the floodlit catwalk and look them up from right and left, up and down?

Are they graduates of any university? Are they educated? Are they civilised themselves? Are they gentlemen? Do they believe in EDUCATION? Has one of their wives ever spoken to a journalist to broadcast the story of her life? Could one appear on BBC, CNN or Fox News? Can they walk without escort or burqa?

For peace in Afghanistan a secular Constitution has to be IMPOSED by the civilised democratic secular West who are now rescuing the nation from the tyrannical Taliban who followed the KORAN to the letter.

The German and Japanese constitutions are a good precedence. Today’s German Constitution does not smell of “Mein Kampf” at all. Why should the constitution of new Afghanistan smell of KORAN?

We think the Afghans will not even consider these TWO options. Not that the world is as sincere to them as it was to Germany and Japan.

Hence they will revert to their traditional Islamic MAYHEM, VIOLENCE AND ANARCHY once again. That tradition is a thousand years old. It is a petrified crust in the Afghan psyche.

If what is suggested above is not done, there will be a strong lurking suspicion in many a mind that the West do wish the Afghans to cut each other’s throats for ever.

This is what MRS. INDIRA GANDHI did to EAST Pakistan. After capturing the wretched Province in 1971, she returned it to ISLAM!

How right she was! Bangladesh is drowning in the cesspit of poverty with the rock of KORAN tied to its neck. Instead of linking up with the secularism and rising prosperity of India, rejoicing in sharing India's old tradition and civilisation that produced original works like the Vedas, the Gita and the Granth Sahib, the Bangladeshis find Saudi Arabia closest to their minds and souls.

Bangladesh today is "BOGUS-DESH" or a "BEGGING BOWL". Taiwan and Austria on the other hand, due to their secularism, are bright and shining.

The tribal chiefs in Afghanistan are very jealous of their own position and power. They are an obstacle to free mobility of Afghan TALENT and LABOUR across the land. They also do not want investments from the outside that will threaten their lordship.


Now it is up to the PEOPLE of Afghanistan to go secular just as it is up the PEOPLE of Hindustan to demand a committed HINDU President (not a Christian KR Narayanan as at preesnt!). Hindustan needs a President who can ride a horse and fire a gun from the hip.