Date: 11/30/2001



Stalwarts, muscular, tall, handsome, MANLY and virile. A fine race of man, wearing graceful turbans, unlike anywhere else on earth- envy of the world.

They are also very intelligent. None can doubt their loyalty even for a second and they will willingly die fighting rather than show the back.

But they have been exploited and ruined by the foreigners. and are being punished by the rest of the world despite the fact that they are very religious and have a divine BOOK to pray from.

Who are we talking of?

No, your guess is wrong.

We are talking of the SIKHS of YAKAB in India. YAKAB means "The Land of One River".

In 1947 they used to live in the grand province called The PUNJAB. It had the economic potential to rival France in 20 years. But their enemies were watchful and isolated them for punishment.

The punishment followed like the rain of bombs falling over the Afghans now.

Punjab became SIHAB (Land of Three Rivers) after India surrendered WEST Punjab without a fight or referendum. The entire Hindu world went along that. They are still reconciled to that bogus and provocative "Partition".

Their enemies were cleverer than the simple “Afghans of India”.

With two more RIVERS taken out (Himachal Pradesh and Haryana) their Sihab was reduced to YAKAB. Not that anyone noticed it or cried out in protest! A sign of Afghan simplicity!

Did they have any HINDU compatriots sharing their territory? Yes, the Hindus. But in 1947 they FLED from all over West Punjab, Sind, Baluchistan, NWFP and EAST Bengal and in 1960 they put Urdu above Panjabi while claiming to speak Hindi.

In 1984 they cheered at the manner of Indira Gandhi’s hunt and killing of thousands of Sikhs who had been AMPLY provoked into unrest. The Hindus trusted their media with the Muslims and the Government. Not a word came out of the true culprits, the Nehru Dynasty.

Not one Hindu stalwart had the guts and courage to declare, “We don’t accept Partition which broke the backbone of our brave Sikh community.” Not one Hindu souted, "Hey, let us rise to get back the territories surrendered by Bandit Nehru in 1947." Not one Hindu leader protested when the name of the political WITCH of 20th century was IMPOSED on New Delhi’s International Airport.

They know how she shut them all up with her draconian EMERGENCY in 1974 but they continued to hail her as "goddess Indira". The 'damn fools' still do, if you care to notice the name of New Delhi International Airport. ONE BILLION eunuchs? Could the Sikhs escape their fate in such a country that is called Hindustan?

So the brave Afghans and the martial Sikhs have the SAME turbans, same beards and also the same fate.

For the simple Americans, it was hard to tell one from the other that gave rise to attacks on the Sikhs in the USA due to mistaken identity.

Mercifully the Sikhs in the United States are now spending less on "langar" (free food for the whole world in their gurdwaras) and more on literature. A giant step for a small community.

When will the Afghans spend less time on Koran and Arabic and more on Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and Electronics? Perhaps the Afghans are looking up to Guru Gobind Singh's YAKAB (Land of One River) to follow the lead.