Date: 11/30/2001


6 Hindu women and a girl allegedly gangraped in Bagerhat, Bangladesh, according to a news item today (November 30, 2001).

Although such news has been routine for the last few decades, this one calls for strong NO NONSENSE politically incorrect reaction.

To Hell with the world community that has not yet caught one killer or rapist from Bangladesh to be produced before the Tribunal at Hague. How quick were they to catch the Serbians!

We, the Non-Resident Indians living abroad, therefore, ought to be a lot more interested in finding out as to what the Government of India and the HINDUS of Bharat have done about it.

We may be wrong, but if the answer is DAMN ALL, then those poor wretched Hindu girls have got what the HINDUS of Bharat and the GOVERNMENT of India wished them to get.

They also got what the ARROGANT POLITICAL "WITCH" OF INDIA wished them to get when she returned EAST BENGAL to the MUSLIMS in 1972 after capturing the territory from the fundamentalist Mohammedan "KILLERS & RAPISTS".

She is still revered and the New Delhi International Airport bears her filthy name. Even that DALIT CHRISTIAN "dog of dynasty", KR NARAYANAN, lands and takes off from there without batting an eyelid.

It seems the Indian COOLIE press has been instructed to call him DALIT to show the social progress made by the Hindus of Hindustan who have put a 'road sweeper' upon their heads. None is supposed to call him CHRISTIAN for fear of losing Hindu public opinion.

It was the same when Indira NEHRU eloped with a KHAN and returned as a Mrs. Khan.

What did the old BAPU of AHIMSA suggest to the media?

"Simply call him GANDHI and the Hindu public opinion will remain attached to her foot."

We are sure Most Hindus will be mighty upset by those two words (DAMN ALL) written above, instead of the torture and DEGRADATION of those hapless betrayed Hindu females.

That is the state of our 'PARTITIONED INDIAN SECULAR STATE' (PISS) which we all wish to elevate to a decent "HINDU RASHTRA" around Ayodhya.