Date: 12/1/2001


A. Fatima wrote, December 1, 2001,

"I'm doing a paper for one of my class on the partition of India. I'm looking for other people's opinions on it especially hindus and muslims.

What circumstances, in their opinion, lead to the partition and who do they blame for what happened?

I would appericate if you could e-mail me some of the stories that people have posted about the partition, something that they heard from their grandparents who went through it.

Thanks a lot.


REPLY: Thanks for your e-mail.

Blame for partition can be put on all the three parties, the British who could have left a UNITED India on the model of the UNITED Kingdom and the UNITED States.

But they decided to leave it broken and fragmented, bleeding and in perpetual strife and turmoil.

Then among the criminals comes the HINDU community. Being the majority community and NATIVE to the soil, they defended their territory like the jackals and the rats.

In 712 AD they could have chased MOHAMMED bin Qasim back to MECCA and set fire to the city, razed the Ka’aba to ground and left with a warning to the ARABS, "You dare again!"

But the cowards FAILED to do so. Thereafter history of Hindustan remained one invasion after another, one ceasefire after another and one surrender after another.

The last one in 1947 was absolutely unique and horrendous. ONE MILLION innocent people killed in the most beastly manner, FIVE provinces surrendered unconditionally overnight and then total amnesia.

The race of pygmies sings and dances to celebrate their imaginary independence, when they ought to hang their heads in SHAME over their country's Partition and a big reduction in size.

The third criminal is the Rascal Mohammedan himself, the 'Conqueror of India's FIVE Provinces on one day'!

He was born, bred and nurtured in India, sang her praises ("Saaray Jehan se achcha . . .!") and swore loyalty to her but he never regarded India as his holy land. To him it was the scorching hot desert of Arabia and the sweetest language on earth was NOT his own mother’s but the one of the Arab camel drivers.

Now if you bring them together in one pot, you will see fireworks. That is what Partition was.

If you let loose a monkey in your house then after three days you can write up a thick volume on what all it did in the meantime in every room, in every nook and corner- downstairs and upstairs.

This web site on 1947 was set up with the specific purpose of INVITING true life stories. But the INDIAN race (the native people of all three fragments of the once united India) has gone totally silent on Partition. Not one contribution has come in. We definitely want all personal stories at the time of Partition for the benefit of scholars, researchers, and posterity. Let them be wiser by learning some lesson from their ancestors' treason on one side and cowardice on the other.

Afghanistan is a good example of what the FOREIGNERS will do to a country whose native sons of soil go off guard for a minute.