Counterpart of Hindu  "devis" are Muslim prostitutes.

Date: 12/2/2001


Whenever there is filthy news of crime, immorality, violence, and high treason against one's country of birth or fellow citizens, invariably there is a MOHAMMEDAN "devil" behind it.

"Why can't they push their KORAN up theirs when they step out of home?" was the question one asked who went to Iran as a tourist but only saw dark menacing ISLAM everywhere. With two days he got FED UP with the uniformity, inflexibility and rigidity of mentality and the ISLAM in names: Islamic Road, Islamic University, Islamic Hospital, Islamic Kindergarten, Islamic Constitution, Islamic Government, Islamic Bakery, Islamic Butchery, Islamic nurse, Islamic sweeper, Islamic cleaner, Islamic thought, Islamic act, Islamic deed, Islamic history, Islamic Science, Islamic politics, Islamic kitchen, Islamic lamb, Islamic sheep, Islamic knife, Islamic butter, Islamic Republic, and even Islamic toilets and sanitary towels.

With small freedoms, liberties, joys and choices in life GONE, ISLAMIC Iran (like Islamic Pakistan and Islamic BOGUSdesh) started STINKING in the international community and life became unhearable for the decent, educated and civilised non Muslims.

The BAHAI's, the enlightened NATIVE sons and daughters of land, TOOK TO FLIGHT, leaving Iran an intellectually barren landscape like the deserts of Arabia, with women in black chadors moving about fearfully as if in the 'Realm of Ghost'.

The macho "Ghost" of a War Lord, who condemned the WOMEN of Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan to shame, and the BLACK of funeral, was MOHAMMED.

Compare his language and message in KORAN with the holy sages' messages in Sri Guru Granth Sahib. One is for inter community hatred, the other is for universal love. One equates the KAFIRS with the PIGS, the other calls all humanity "children of ONE God." One is the sound of a file rubbing a stone, the other is composed in sweet and moving music. Is there NO difference? NO?

We can also ask, Why was the late George Harrison attracted to the fragrant message of 'love for ALL mankind' in Hindustan? Why did he not head for the BLACK ROCK of Mecca?

Taliban in Afghanistan saw much in KORAN to celebrate. It gave them power- power over WOMEN. They could whip someone's wife or mother in public with impunity for showing face or foot.

Taliban claimed to be the IDEAL Muslims and each one reflected the DARKNESS of Mohammed's mind. ASK THE WOMEN of Afghanistan!

Ask the Hindu from Multan, the Sikh from Lahore, the Buddhist from Chittagong, and the one condemned to ISLAMIC terror in EAST Bengal. Such terror has dried up the guts of India's Supreme Commander who is seeing his soldiers bleeding to death in South Kashmir, and the BETRAYED Hindus being raped and beaten to death in EAST Bengal.

The intimidated Sikhs of EAST Punjab, when they manage to think and stand up, will also abuse Supreme Commander "rat" KR Narayanan who can only IMPOSE his secularism in Delhi, NOT in Lahore.

With the Hindus' despicable COLLAPSE in South Asia, the Muslim 'devil' finds the field free, to jump, leap, abduct and rape, take on several females as wives, f***, and run.

He threatened civil war in Ayodhya (the Grand historic Temple there was to burn their Islamic ar**holes across the globe), he blew up the Bombay Stock Exchange (the counterpart of World Trade Centre towes in New York).

He penetrated "soft" Hindu bottom in NEPAL as soon as its Hindu Constituiton was burnt down due to Sonia KHAN's displeasure, and he attacked and attacked and attacked the peace of SOUTH Kashmir in a thousand ways.

Worst of all, he did not even hesitate to misuse Muslim girls, some of whom bear the name 'Fatima'.

Such degradation of MUSLIM females will be a shock to most Hindus whose pre-Congress civilisation regarded them as "devis" (goddesses).


ISI’s sex trap in Kashmir

From O P Verma

DH News Service

New Delhi, Dec 1

Pakistan's ISI has trained about 500 Kashmiri girls to use them as a sex trap for army jawans deployed in Jammu and Kashmir.

Many jawans have already fallen victim to love games being played by these "highly motivated" girls who use sex for extracting sensitive information, security agencies sources told Deccan Herald.

Several sex-related killings have come to the notice of authorities but no FIR could be lodged, the sources said, adding that most of the jawans, working under fear and away from their families, fall prey to these attractive and charming girls.

The authorities are aware that there are about 30 (sic) cases in which "homesick" jawans have shot dead their superiors who refused to sanction them leave for going home.

About a year ago, these girls were sent to Kathmandu for which no passport is required. (WHY NOT, YOU "demolished HINDU" NEPAL?)

From there, they were sent by air to Islamabad and from there to the Pakistan-occupied Kashmir for six to ten months of training. They have been trained in various seductive techniques, how to be friendly with jawans and use their bodies for sex for the sake of “jehad”. These girls are less educated and belong to lower and lower-middle class families.

It is not yet known whether these girls were trained in handling arms and ammunition. But some jawans have been killed by these girls with the help of some of other terrorists. None of these girls have been interrogated by security agencies as they do not have any women personnel to question them.

Some of such arrested girls were handed over to local police but without any tangible results.

Home Minister L K Advani, who boasts of following a "proactive" Kashmir policy, has not yet bothered to provide women personnel to security forces to deal with ISI-trained girls.

These girls also use burqa to smuggle arms from one place to another and no security jawan has guts (SIC) to touch her.

These girls trap jawans in market places and then take them to their "addas" as the army personnel cannot take them to their barracks.

Some of these girls have set up STD booths and courier services, which are being used by jawans. Under the cover of courier services, these girls try to have good liaison with the offices of securitymen.

When security forces arrest suspected terrorists, these girls intervene by posing as as their wives or sisters. When a call is given for protest march, these girls come forward to lead demonstrations.


Is PARTITIONED India decompsing and disintegrating more rapidly than we care and dare to think, than we care and dare to see?

Just watch the demographic map of South Asia changing FOR WORSE before our very eyes. Most Indian press being MUSLIM INFESTED, and given that the 'Government' of India (if there is any government of India!) freezes on seeing a dagger in the Muslim's hand, the "Deccan Herald" is an honourable exception which could publish the news.