Date: 12/3/2001


The Mohammedan being a "mischievous monkey" (ask the victims of WTC towers in New York!), there will be NO peace if there is even one Muslim living in Israel. He just cannot feel at home in a secular or NON Muslim society.

Throughout history he has remained AT ODDS with his "kafir" and "infidel" environment. We believe that the Jews are "infidels" in his eyes.

The solution is to take the Christians out of the PLO, and then tell the remaining MUSLIMS what the Muslims themselves did to the HINDUS in India in 1947.

They took out their PAKISTAN (East and West) and then EXTERMINATED all the NON Muslims.

Today the same Pakistan has the land and capacity to accommodate TEN TIMES the Arab/Muslim population of PLO. That is where they all should be sent to.

So why does ISRAEL not suggest or ENFORCE this decision?

None could complain.

Anyone complaining can take away all the Muslims from PARTITIONED India, who have NO business to be there at all after Partition!

OBVIOUSLY (that is, as the whole world can see!) the Muslims are doing it to HINDU INDIA from both ends. They took out Pakistan and also stayed put.

Israel, surely, is not "Hindu". Please show them the way OUT.