gandhi to london?  no!    no!     no!

date: 12/4/2001

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gopal gandhi is coming to london as india's next (damn useless) high commissioner. let us all shout, "foul!"

why (the hell) is it always a gandhi but never a govind?

how right was sir winston churchill who said, ?ndia? politicians are men of straw, of whom in a few years no trace will remain?

how right he was. there is really no trace of them left in lahore and dhaka and even north kashmir. the men of straw are vanishing without any trace. india none else but the gandhis- from foreign (mistress) sonia to native (coolie) gopal. shame!


gandhi in london:

the 20th century saw two men who were the total opposite of each other-adolf (short name but very long on aggression and violence) hitelr and mohandaskaramchand gandhi (long on name but very short on patriotism, guts and conviction. forgot his akhand bharat in one second).

most indians living in the united kingdom have no idea who the high commissioner from india is, when he came, when he will disappear, and who will replace him.

the reason of this ?ndian way of life?is distance. distance between the muslim moguls and the hindu subjects like boy hakikat rai, the distance between the british and shaheed bhagat singh, the distance between indira gandhi and the sikhs of east punjab, and the distance between rajiv khan and the tamils of sri lanka.

yes, the distance. the two (the almighty rulers and the crushed hindu subjects) stand poles apart.

any native indian ?igger?entitled to the british title of ?is excellency?then considers himself head and shoulders above the other common dirt, the indian citizens, abroad and athome. see the indians pushed behind the foreigners when they land at the international airport of new delhi that is named after a political witch! see them searched, abused and insulted when they expected someone to say, "welcome to your motherland!"

the second reason is that the nri? do not ever get to see the diplomat from back home because the blighter? ?ed letter day?in calendar is when he goes to heathrow airport in london to receive the grand daughter of ?igger?narayanana, the supreme commander of ceasefires, or to welcome soni? poodle coming to london for veterinary treatment. then the indian high commissioner congratulates himself for having done his patriotic duty so bravely.

the third reason is india? secularism that was imposed by ?ung ho bandit?prime minister jawaharlal nehru.

while surrendering lahore to mohammed ali jinn, he dropped his own india into the cesspit of secularism. nehru hated the word ?indu? his daughter indira hated the word hindu. his grandson rajiv hated the word hindu. sonia gandhi hates the word hindu. gopal gandhi hates the word hindu. out of such loathing and hatred for the word hindu, he turned secular.

so when a hindu has to visit the indian high commission in london, he sees either a catholic pc alexander or a ?usalmaan-beiman?salman haidar, or a demolished secular hindu called gopal gandhi.

he cannot see the difference between a mouse and a cat, between a friend and a foe. the visitor gets his passport stamped and leaves the high commission building in distaste.

the fourth reason is that there is nothing to celebrate in ?andu? hole?called the indian embassy or high commission abroad. you see the other embassies of the world celebrating genuine independence days, republic days, some half a dozen victory days, constitution days, and so on. but the atmosphere in any indian embassy or high commission is black like the black burqa worn by afghan women under the taliban.

citizens of other countries are invited, or voluntarily flock in their embassies in order to participate. there is often music, song and dance, a lot of merrymaking. but there is an air of mourning in and around an indian diplomatic mission.

the staff inside are not decent hindu, but an indecent mixture (kitcheree) of odds and sorts who have no central loyalty to their country, or cause except their own families. they are all morons without shine, spark, initiative or enterprise. when did any indian mission ask for donations of surplus computers for schools back home, glasses, clothes or even food, to convey to the starving fellow citizens of president narayanan whom they all so foolishly call ?ashtrapati?

does a ?ati?starve his wife and children, or neglect them, like this fellow? when did this ?ouse in the hole?ever leave his bhawan to attend the cremation of a jawan killed in south kashmir? the day after one hundred pilgrims were massacred on their way to amarnath cave in south kashmir in one night near pehlgam, this ?ig?of a president did not go to the scene of carnage or cremation.

the ?ative bhangi?behaved like emperor aurangzeb. yet the simple hindus come to touch his feet calling him ?ashtra-pati?

one ought to have asked him, ?hat does your wife think of hindu dharma and what do you think of the native females of bharat??are the indians taught to ask questions at schools and universities?

the biggest event of ?ialk flaunting?lm singhvi of interminable tenure in london, was to mark the birth anniversary of poet mohammed iqbal, the ideological father of pakistan.

singhvi the stooge of bofors chor was doubly thrilled like a proud cock among a hundred hens because the poet's name had mohammed in it, and because for a demolished hindu singhvi the event was to honour a muslim. his high commission in london hasn? celebrated anything like that. the proud muslim high commissioners of bogusdesh and pakistan were the main guests at singhvi? ?ushaira? singhvi made it a point to serve them halal snacks.

no wonder, many an nri in the united kingdom neither knows who the hell the indian high commissioner in london is, was, or will be.

gopal gandhi, a big star like sonia khan in the dark hindu sky above, will further ruin the demolished hindu spirit in the united kingdom. rumours have it that he greets the visitors with ?ai sonia mata!?

yes, while hindustan needed a dalit christian as president, london needed a gandhi from india. both share one thing: hatred of anything hindu.

the indians are naïve and timid to stand up and question anyone who declares out of the blue, ?r.ambedkar was the greatest constitutional expert on earth,?or ?m singhvi was a great vedic scholar,?or, as now, ?opal gandhi is a very accomplished man.?


to be continued.

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