Date: 12/5/2001


Usually when these‘wonderful men’ of India disappear for a couple of years writing a book for royalties, the Hindu world thinks they have delved deep into research and study of the Vedas.

The longer the period of absence from public view, the greater the halo of scholarship and wisdom woven about them.

Who is to ask Gopal Gandhi, “What did you do for India when you were busy translating Vikram Seth’s thick book that took you two years on full government salary?”

Shouldn’t he be tried and sentenced to jail and asked to refund the salary? But that will be the day when BOFORS CHOR is finally tried.

They say, “Gandhis are allowed 9,000 murders a day in Hindustan,” before their popularity suffers a slight dent.

Rajiv KHAN was hailed as a hero the day a Sri Lankan sailer hit him hard on the head with his rifle butt. So was Indira the day she RETURNED East Bengal to ISLAM in 1972.

The truth behind these fanfares and bursts of praise is entirely different. Dr. Ambedkar wrote the world’s WORST constitution that neither challenges Partition nor calls ‘Broken Bharat’ a “HINDU RASHTRA”.

Cowardly India in the tradition of MK Gandhi, Hiralal Gandhi, Gopal Gandhi, Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi, does not notice the absence of the word “Hindu” from the Constitution, nor wonder why Nehru rejected every Hindu outright, but chose a BUDDHIST to head the Constituent Assembly to write up Bharat’s constitution after whispering into his ears, “Once there used to be Buddhists in Hindustan. Remember what the Hindus did to them!”

He would have loved to give the job to a Muslim but we were too close to bleeding partition. He would have loved to ask a CHRISTIAN to write up India’s constitution in order to please Edwina and Pamela Mountbatten but he couldn’t, since at the same time he was also bragging, “Bapu Gandhi and I chased the British out of India!”

The Buddhist was, therefore, his final choice to head the constituent assembly and the Buddhist did oblige the Bandit by wiping out the word HINDU from it.

Nehru would have thought it rather unfortunate that someone like KR Narayanan was not around then, since he was an ideal candidate- being a Dalit as well a CHRISTIAN. So his megaphones picked up the chant, “Dr. Ambedkar is the best constitutional expert on earth. ”The nation ‘of coolies’ was brainwashed in a minute.

The megaphones got hot again when the president’s post fell vacant. The ruling establishment which wanted Sonia KHAN as the next prime minister, then pumped out the lie, “KR Narayanan is the wisest head in Hindustan. He can bring peace to South Kashmir, finish off the Khalistanis and also, being Narayanan, EDUCATE the illiterate Indians across the nation.”

Now the megaphones are getting hot again for this ‘Dog of Dynasty’ as India’s best man for the difficult job in the United Kingdom which NONE but a Gandhi can do well.”

While the Hindu was busy doing ‘puja’ and the Sikh had not a moment free from ‘akhand paths’ and ‘langar sewa’, NONE could spare a thought for the radical change at the top, the IMPOSITION of another Gandhi on everybody’s head in London.

What is the role of India’s diplomats abroad?

Ever spared a thought? Ever made an observation? Ever questioned? We think NOT.

The top honour went to the ‘Dog of Dynasty’ who was India’s high commissioner in UGANDA in 1972.

New Delhi was quite pleased when the news of Indians being kicked, killed and raped came in. He got a Gold Medal.

Not to be beaten was the man who represented India in Fiji, which is the size of Goa, during 1987. He got Silver Medal.

The the Gold Medal was awarded again to the Indian high commissioner in Sri Lanka. This “dog” helped create ideal conditions in which his master RAJIV KHAN could send in the army to slaughter the Tamils by the thousand. Spare a thought for the wretched Tamils of INDIAN origin in that country who were “looking up to” New Delhi. Their fate was sealed like that of the wretched SIKHS of Lahore who were looking up to Pandit Nehru in New Delhi instead of their own Guru Gobind Singh. They, too, were slaughtered by the million. So, New Delhi awarded a Gold Medal to its high commissioner in Karachi, then the capital of Pakistan.

He really deserved a Diamond Medal since he had also ensured a very successful invasion of Kashmir by Gandhi’s “misguided Muslim children” who were just playing games by killing and raping the Hindus all over- from Karachi to Khyber.

At the time when the Indian high commissioner in Sri Lanka was being awarded the Gold Medal, the megaphones became hot again, crying shrill and loud, “Rajiv Gandu is the biggest patriot who saved Akhand Bharat from the Khalistani terrorists, and Tamil Nadu from an invasion from the South.”

The Indians, holding world record in slavery, ignorance, illiteracy and servility, then swallowed it all and called the spot where the BOFORS CHOR was “buried” a “samadhi”.

Could we enquire if any Hindu leader shouted, “Dash it, a samadhi is only for a holy person, a “mahatma, sant or sadhu”, but NOT for a rascal, rogue or CHOR!”?

NO. Partitioned India is the Gandhian cesspit where the President, the Prime minister and half the Lok Sabha dutifully turn up on 21st May each year to shed tears to mourn the death of the BOFORS CHOR. The world is quite amused and nobody knows whether India has any government at all, or if she is all a monkey circus. Where else on earth can we see such a farce?

And now the propaganda blast again: picked up by the demoralised Indian editors, “Gopal Gandhi is a great scholar.”

O Yes. And his Hindi is superb. Not a word about his wife. Is she an Italian or a Burmese, or even Mohammedan? This becomes irrelevant in secular India, just like the question,“If Lahore is with THEM, then what the Hell is Srinagar doing with US?”

One’s first reaction ought to be to REJECT such assertions outright. The entire life of an Indian, up to the age of 50 or so, was spent in an India that lay under the BOOT of some 'damn' Gandhi, and in the shadow of terror of dynasty.

Education was nothing but brainwashing. The aim was NOT to produce scholars and thinkers but MORONS like Gopal Gandhi and LM Singhvi.

For them the Indian civilisation began with the “glow of freedom” speech by Bandit Nehru whose security forces were beating off the starving, semi naked “badly mauled and bereaved” natives from Lahore and Multan, trying to seek his attention with their cries and wails.

Nehru’s civilisation meant the Muslims in your midst once again, despite Partition. It meant an army of spies, sarkari eavesdroppers, government informers, security forces, in and out of uniform, to keep the Hindu masses DOWN and crushed, writing history books with copious chapters on themselves and on one or the other Gandhi (while deleting all references to the genuine warriors like Shivaji, Guru Gobind Singh, Netaji, Sardar Patel, and Lal Bahadur Shastri), controlling jobs, licenses, quotas and permits and bringing up a new INFERIOR breed of Indian morons who would hail every Gandhi without any question.

================== JAI HIND***

***Our Hind has Khyber and Chittagong squarely IN IT.

End of Part 2. TO BE CONTINUED.