Date: 12/11/2001


Today (December 11, 2001) we heard a most shocking news on BBC World Service, that NEPAL, until recentlfy a HINDU Rashtra, has appealed for MILITARY and economic assistance in order to fight her internal terrorism.

The irony is that her INTERNAL terrorism was created, and is sponsored, by none else but the most powerful anti-Hindu (i.e., Hindu-KILLER) pseudo-secular establishment in Hindustan, and PAKISTAN.

Now one can imagine the scenario if PAKISTAN promptly offers MILITARY support to Nepal and sends an ISLAMIC "peace keeping force" to that wretched country on the model of the mercenary "Indian Peace Keeping Force" sent by BOFORS CHOR (Rajiv Khan), the son of a bi***, to SRI LANKA in 1987!

The result will be THE SAME as in EAST Pakistan during the late 1960's, that is, a hundred thousand Hindu maidens raped and impregnated with MOHAMMEDAN "bastards" in all the time that the Pakistani 'military assistance' lasts. All the 'haraami aulaad' in Nepal will be growing up, bearing names like Mohammed, Ali, Fatima and Hussain, who will proudly say, on the HINDU territory of Nepal, "I AM A MUSLIM". Mosques and Madrassas will come up all over Nepal like mushroom.

A few years from now the new version of "Nepali" TALIBAN will start penetrating the gentleman's HINDU India and the 'nishkam sewak' SIKH'S EAST Punjab from Nepal, rather than from Afghanistan and North Kashmir.

The world can really curse and abuse the one billion "HIJDA" ("EUNUCH") Hindu bodies next door, who are watching in a detached "secular" manner, the grand 'Encirclement of Hindustan' that already lies tightly wedged between ISLAMIC Pakistan and ISLAMIC BOGUSdesh.

To the North there is the "FIRE" of Islam in Kashmir, and to the SOUTH we have the crying and wailing Tamils of INDIAN ORIGIN, getting slaughtered by the dozen daily.

How USELESS must all the generals and supreme cammanders of bleeding PARTITIONED India be, who cannot see this, nor what is coming!