Date: 12/13/2001



Please don't laugh!

Thursday December 13, 2001, the apple of "Mahatma" Gandhi's eye, his "mistaken Muslim children", who were devouring the flesh of Hindustan in 1947, thanks to Gandhi's lack of vigilance and lack of defence, went past the loincloth clad semi-naked mahatma's statue in front of the Parliament building in New Delhi, which is supposed to "inspire" India's (once mighty powerful) Armed Forces into ceasefires and receiving bloody nose in battlefields.

Suddenly, like the attack on World Trade Centre towers in New York (September 11, 2001), they VIOLENTLY struck, gun barrels blazing, spreading panic, terror and confusion all round.

The news made us cry.

But what was also reported on CNN News at the same time, made the whole world LAUGH.

One HINDU MP, badly smashed into professing Sonia KHAN'S version of secularism, which is zero in Lahore, declared, (we quote):

"any attack on parliament is an attack on India's sovereignty."

Feeling safe among heavily armed soldiers, the "little mouse" felt encouraged to add, "Every Indian will strengthen his resolve to fight back. We will not negotiate or bargain with terrorists," the MP said. (Unquote).

The son of a "goat", brainwashed by Bandit NEHRU'S Ministry of Education, sitting in the shadow of "Mother Of Hindu Nation" from ITALY, did not know that he was apeing, like a MONKEY, the very words of the Spiritual Lord of PARTITIONED India, "Mahatma" MK Gandhi.

Those were the very words the mahatma had said many times, on hearing that the indigenours Mohammedans wanted to tear out LAHORE from the map of India. That was like gouging out the right eye of his Hindustan, the left eye being Dhaka, besides severing the very top of India's skull in North Kashmir.

"Yes," remarked an INDIAN midget of a cabinet minister, who knows history, "Don't you believe him. His India will NOT negotiate or bargain, but simply surrender."

"Does this 'son of a secular goat' know whether there were any negotations over the UNCONDITIONAL surrender of Lahore and Dhaka?"

Didn't that surrender then promptly INVITE the full-scale invasion of Kashmir within days, and also ENCOURAGE all the subsequent attacks on India and her secularism, and the blasting of her Stock Exchange Building in Mumbai (Bombay) in Jauary 1993?

More details follow:

(Quote) The attack began at 11:45 a.m. local time (0615 GMT) with a heavy exchange of fire and loud explosions.

Most of the gunfire and explosions occurred just outside gate 12 of the parliament.

Eyewitnesses told CNN that they saw people with bullet injuries and local television showed the wounded being put into ambulances. (Unquote)


The rest of the news is secondary, just the usual detail of which the Indian newspapers will be full today and for years to come.

Would someone tell us the name of that MP? At least one "son of a goat" posed bravely before the CNN camerawoman.


MRI (Movement for Reunification of India), believe that India ought to become The United States of India on the model of the much admired "The United States of America". But that will be the day, centuries from now into the future, when TEN Indians equal ONE US citizen. Today the ratio is ONE MILLION TO ONE.

And let us run after that Hindu MP, catch up with him, and ask,

"What stage are the negotiations over the repeal of Article 370 of your Constitution?

What stage are the negotiations over the re-construction of your Grand Temple in Ayodhya? If you have applied for permission to the Imam of Jama Masjid or Sonia KHAN, then you could wait till eternity.

What stage are the negotiations with the Government of Fiji to restore the dignity of an Indian coolie there?

What stage are the negotiations over the return of all the Hindu refugees who fled South Kashmir in 1989?

What stage is the question of smashing your BAPU'S statue that whispers "SURRENDER!" day and night to the Indian Armed Forces?

What stage is the question of returning SONIA KHAN to ITALY with all the dowry she brought to her BOFORS CHOR?

What stage is the spirited idea of re-naming New Delhi's International Airport as "MAHARAJAH RANJIT SINGH INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT", or "GURU TEGH BAHADUR INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT"? In this, you will also be speaking on behalf of the unconscious Sikh body under your foot. Those still semi awake, have become the world's "nishkam sewaks", still in a state of shock over the return of EAST Bengal to ISLAM but suppression of EAST Punjab.

What stage is the dream of recovering the whole TERRITORY at present under the obscene ISLAMIC flag in PAKISTAN AND BOGUSdesh, or committing mass suicide? Wouldn't that be better, to die voluntarily, rather than get disembowelled by the indigenous MOHAMMEDANS who will first rape your daughter, abduct your sister and gang rape your wife before attending to your throat?

Would you muster guts, O' HINDU, hiding behind the holed skirt of secularism, to tell your grandchildern the manner of ethnic cleansing in NOAKHALI (August 1946) and RAWALPINDI (March 1947)?

History of India is not just a "Glorious Chapter of life and times of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru!"

When will your Supreme Commander cross the cease fire line in KASHMIR, accompanied by his BURMESE BORN wife, or attend the funeral of a field officer killed in South Kashmir?

Watch out for the "RASHTRAPATI BHAWAN" in the capital of PARTITIONED India, to go up in flames in the near future.

That's where treacherous KR Narayanan, the "son of a sweeper", resides in his ivory tower, in the imperial style of the last British Viceroy.

And finally, let us repeat what a SIKH friend said on hearing the news, "I SALUTE the COURAGE of the attackers. They may be wrong, very wrong, even criminals, murderers and terrorists, but one thing cannot be denied, that COURAGE does NOT reside in visible symbols but in SPIRIT."

It will take some "Khalsa" to deny that!


When Prime Minister Vajpayee declared, "The nation must unite to fight against terrorism," someone asked him to explain what he meant by "nation".

He added, "One third of the nation is very enemy. They are here although they were all supposed to be in Pakistan! The President of the republic is the friend of the enemy. His religion inspires him day and night to KILL or CONVERT the Hindus. The religion of his imported spouse is even more fiery. It is dead set against the Buddhists. In the land of her own birth she gave a slap to them all, and rejoiced.

The majority community, which gave the country its name HINDUSTAN, is nowhere to be ween in North Kashmir, EAST Bengal or Ayodhya- not even in the Constitution.

So, what nation are you talking of? How much of that Lok Sabha of "RATS" is behind you to declare the MUSLIMS 'persona non grata', or "GASTARBEITER" due to the establishment of Pakistan for them."

Mr. Vajpayee, you have also mentioned the word "fight" which is blasphemy if Mahatma Gandhi, the Apostle of Ahimsa and Surrenders, is your Lord, spiritual Guide and Mentor. He would have been very critical of the violence in your language. He would have preferred you to say, "Come Muslim militants, you can behead us all. We are the followers of Mahatma Gandu!"

How pleased the mahatma would have been!

Mr Vajpayee, COWARDLY India sends signals to your pet Muslim militants in many INVISIBLE ways. They KNOW your lack of courage from the fact that the whole of Lok Sabha cannot grant the non resident Indians the petty concession of DUAL NATIONALITY.

They see your love of collapse, Gandhian style, when you send a GANDHI as your high commissioner to London? You do this when your crushed nation would like to hang every Gandhi from the nearest tree after Partition when we sent a Gandhi to win freedom, not lose Lahore.

Why has Gopal GANDHI been sent to London as India's high commissioner? Will he stay on and on and on like Sonia-stooge LM SINGHVI, who stayed SIX years instead of the normal three? How did Singhvi advance India's cause by inaugurating "RAJIV GANDHI (BOFORS CHOR) FOUNDATION" in London?

A mouse has to climb up the hill and shout threats at the cat while the cat silently pounces upon the mouse and makes a meal of it. So, calm down, Mr. Vajpayee. There is no need to promise violence to Mahatma's mistaken Muslim children since in that violence your own Hindustan will catch fire.

The time to act was when the Indian Army was advancing in North Kashmir. The time to act was when INDIRA KHANUM had captured EAST Bengal. She had to put it under the same flag as WEST Bengal.

The time to act was when America dropped missiles over Kabul after the Al Qaida attack in Kenya. The time to act was when the news came in of the massacre of 36 Sikhs in Chattisinghpura but YOU continued with your banquet for Mr. Bill Clinton.

The time to act was to arrest Governor PC ALEXANDER when the Daud brothers fled the noose of justice after blasting the Bombay Stock Exchange. Governor Alexander has still to be questioned or tried for suspected complicity with the terrorists.

Smart BBC reporters, ever ready to seek out Sonia Gandhi, the uncrowned queen of Hindustan, found her replica in one Renuka Chowdhary, MP Congress Party, who spoke bravely, too. But we know her Party will block every motion that is meant to keep an eye on the Muslims, leaving out the Sikhs, and we know how dead set she is against the idea of a Hindu mandir in Ayodhya! The whole world regards Sonia as the Voice of India.

But where was Sonia KHAN herself? Was she inside the Parliament building, or had she stayed away on a tip off like that given to a Catholic MP in London on the eve of November 5, 1605?

In the case of the ILLUSION called Hindustan, one can take nothing for granted.