Date: 12/14/2001


Israel has destroyed all means of travel by Yasser Arafat, the man who was always flying around, from USA to India, from Japan to India, from China to India, from Russia to India, to India to India, where he had the biggest adoring following. He and his retinue and entourage used to be treated to special banquets and offered well-spiced generous dishes of halaal beef.

He has been told to sort out his Islamic republic of PLO from where the assassins step out to kill innocent Jewish people, including children, right in their OWN country.

Yet we can think of the despicable years when we saw him arriving in India as State Guest to receive awards of Honour and big CASH donations while the Indians themselves were starving and their schools could not even afford rags for pupils to sit on.

Remember the embrace with which every PRESIDENT and PRIME MINISTER of India warmly greeted Mr. Arafat in New Delhi?

It did occur to many Indians at that time that PARTITIONED India was behaving like the 'Concubine of Islam' but their mouths were shut due to the terror of Nehru Dynasty. Many did feel like asking the RULERS of India, including Rashtrapati Giani Zail Singh 'ZALEEL', "How is it that you support the Mussalmaan who wishes to undo Palestine's Partition but does not utter a word in support of your own BLASTED Akhand Bharat?

NO, all the Presidents, including Zail Singh were "nishkam sewak DONKEYS", at the disposal of PLO and Yasser Arafat.

Remember the days when India used to vote exactly as the PLO man did at any World forum? Even today things have not changed in India.

In the man's world, Mr. Arafat is confined to his ruins with bombs dropping on all sides, while in our demolished HINDU'S world he is the most honoured State Guest of India where the wife of "BOFORS CHOR" is the "Mother of Hindustan".

India ought to study each and every action by the PEOPLE, MEDIA and the GOVERNMENT of the United States since September 11, 2001. But she can do so ONLY after kicking out her Supreme Commander (FILTHY JOKE!) Mr. KR Narayanan, who is also the President (ANOTHER FILTHY JOKE!) to the land of his wife (Myanmar).

Now there is something remarkable abour the term 'REFUGEE'. Though TENS OF MILLIONS of Hindus and Sikhs have been refugees since India got fragmented in 1947, we don't see them anywhere.

They were told 'to fend for thmeselves' or to 'get lost'!

But come the MOHAMMEDAN: once a refugee, FOR EVER a refugee, begging for food, shoes and tents from the whole world. Millions of them are languishing in refugee camps, training to be MARTYRS. No Arab country will extend a hand of help in the name of Mohammed or Allah, or even ask them to come over, as India did to the millions of fleeing Hindus of Sindh and EAST Bengal.

When will the UNO bring the world to order? Nobel Prize to Kofi Annan is simply an eye wash. He hasn't even noticed the Constitutions of ISLAMIC republics, to see how democratic or secular they really are.

And when will the Security Council notice that the wretched Indians living abroad do not have dual nationality? If it is India's "internal affair", they will NEVER get it!

When will the UNO ask BROKEN Bharat to put their newly appointed high commissioner to London, yet another fu***** GANDHI in the cage and take him back to India! Doesn't the name GANDHI smell a rat from a mile?

How can such India be honourable where Yasser Arafat was a VIP? What will Israel, the size of District Ludhiana in EAST Punjab, think of such Hindustan?

We don't wish to enter the 'Age of Donkey' when the prize of one million dollars will be offered to anyone on earth who spots an honourable Indian.