Date: 12/15/2001


Letter to Editor, The Daily Telegraph, London.

Sir, With reference to the letter by “Southall Black Sisters”, published under the title, "Blunkett's 'abuse' of forced marriage” (The Daily Telegraph, December 15, 2001), we at "NRI Forum (UK)" have this to say,

“As long as 22 years ago when the group was founded with community funding, we Indians living in the United Kingdom have perceived the word BLACK offensive to our own racial pride.

The Blacks are entitled to all the pride in their race and colour but do our "sisters" have to go down that “politically correct” path, as to call themselves “Black”?

To start with, how many Black women of Afro-Caribbean ethnicity have come to seek their advice or help? Do our INDIAN, mostly PUNJABI and Sikh to boot, "sisters", too, have to sound the "Asian" trumpet to attract attention of the media and funding from government?

Everyone can see the suppression of a sister in Burqa in Afghanistan, and those locked up under Hudood and Sharia laws in Pakistan, and the freedoms and the level of education of sisters in India. It would have been truthful and honest if they were to call themselves "Southall MUSLIM Sisters".

They could also look up to the countless Islamic republics, some fabulously rich, for funding in order to continue with their work of "liberation" of sisters from forced marriages, multiple marriages, easy divorce, abductions, molestation, and other calamities that befall the unfortunate females in strict Islam.

Finally, it is amazing that all the BROWN "sisters", like their “brothers” stand up for their dignity and rights in this country. They have yet to cast their eyes to the sub continent of their origin, where the “native” sisters are still under the shadow of foreigners, be it the Italian born President of All-India Congress Party, be it the Burmese born wife of the President. The battle for our British BROWN Sisters’ liberty has to begin back home.

Yes, if they don't mind, the "home" they left behind, is the place to look at first since our dignity abroad depends upon our dignity at home.


The INDIAN, who has not ensured the dignity of HINDU or INDIAN women back home, is the "ASIAN COOLIE" abroad.