INDIA'S NUCLEAR BOMB will remain wrapped in cotton wool

Date: 1/6/2002


INDIA'S NUCLEAR BOMB will remain wrapped in cotton wool, well guarded by a Muslim "bhai".

India's nuclear option: ZERO

Pakistan's nuclear options: 100 PER CENT.

"Son, if India and Pakistan both have the nuclear weapon, the ability to drop one on the head of the OTHER rests with Pakistan which has clear ISLAMIC identity, SPIRIT, guts and daring while HINDU India is just a broken fragment of the original AKHAND BHARAT."

Even this small fragment, that once was the grand and decent looking AKHAND BAHRAT, that boasts of DIVIDED Bengal, PARITITONED Punjab and SOUTH Kashmir, is now a kedgeree ("Khitcheree") that has degenerated into a "HUNTER'S PARADISE" with every hunter and KHAN with a gun, going for the Hindu prey and kill.

But see the pretension of the cowards who believe that Lahore and Chittagong were NEVER in the map of India, nor PARTITION an event worth uttering. Mention the word and the one billion sheep will look the OTHER way, not realizing that PARTITION is the indestructible GUN that will remain poised in position for ever, ready to be fired at the Hindus.

Those suffering from loss of memory are not in a position to realize that the ongoing bleeding of the Hindus (and simpleton Sikhs) in South Kashmir since October 24, 1947, has already claimed the NUMBER of victims that would match the dead in any nuclear strike on one day.

Compared to the FIRE & ZEAL that are injected into the brains of the MUJAHIDEEN, GHAZIS and TALIBAN, the spiritual message imbibed by the Hindus, AND THE SIKHS, from their Scriptires is like drinking plain tap water.

If at all an Indian bomber did manage to take off with a nuclear weapon on board despite the curses from those watching it move on the tarmac, it would develop engine trouble and CRASH before even reaching the frontier.

It is IMPOSSIBLE for a Parliament of "SHEEP & GOATS" with the statue of a sickly looking emaciated "mahatma" GANDU leaning over his stick at its main entrance, to wish the Rajput and Gurkha Jawans "the best of luck" on a mission of war, or bless a nuclear weapon on its way to murder the innocent sheep and goats agrazing, along with any civilisans, down below.

The plane is more likely to be "gheraoed" by some Nirankari Brothers, Brahmakumari Sisters or females in white of the JAIN Faith and stopped in its tracks.

Victory is something the Hindu has not tasted in a thousand years. The one of 1972 turned into DEFEAT ETERNAL when Mrs Indira Gandi, hailed as "Indira is India!", retunred EAST Bengal to ISLAM after its capture.

She surrendered all the Hindus of that wretched land along with their homes and daughters to the ENEMY. No shock wave was felt across the rest of BROKEN BHARAT since the "Tyaag of Dharti" is the most logical and pious thing for the DAMN FOOLS, who are still adoring her MANLINESS in battle and PATRIOTISM in Parliament, to do.

Is there a way out for the HINDU "mouse" trapped in its secular cage?


The great WARRIOR Lord for spirit, not for symbols.

But it will be like looking into the mouth of the barrel of a gun, that is, mentioning the WARRIOR Guru's name to DEFENCE Minister George Fernandes, Dalit-CHRISTIAN SUPREME Commander KR Narayanan, his evangelist spouse from the decomposing Land of "Sister" Aung Sang Suu Kyi, and even Rashtramata SONIA GANDHI.

Cover your face first, O Hindu, in case they SPIT RIGHT INTO IT.

Can we then not avoid mentioning Guru Gobind Singh who is regarded a "misguided patriot" for the crime of carrying a sword in battle in the world of "mahatam Gandu"? (Yes, my dear ahimsa fed lambs, times are hard and appropriate for "strong" language to match! Hindustan holds 'world record' in SLAVERY that lasted over a THOUSAND years.)

Yes, dear Lok Sabha of Bhangis, there is ANOTHER way.

Appoint a Rajput as Defence Minister, despatch Sonia to Italy and Mrs. Usha Tin Tin Narayanan back to BURMA, and then propose, ENACT & ENFORCE a Bill in Parliament, declaring all the Mohammedans (yes, all of them, including the Imam of Jama Masjid in Delhi whose counterpart Mullah Omar is on the run in Afghanistan) "PERSONA NON GRATA" in view of PARTITION.

We hope mentioning the word "PARTITION" was not like throwintg chilly powder into your eyes, O nation of Hindus, scattered across the globe like a billion SAND GRAINS!

Don't wet your trousers and "dhotis" hearing the word. PARTITION was a MANLY attack by MUSALMAANS. It was like destroying ONE MILLION high towers like those of the World Trade Centre in New York that also saw the manly attack on September 11 last, and you have to give a MANY RESPONSE to it like that of the United States, not FIZZLE OUT the way of "Bapu Gandu".

So EITHER replace the manly KHANS from your movies, get on to your horses, take the swords out of cotton wool, and go for the UNITY of India under the SECULAR flag, OR perish.

(NB: The impulse to UNITY can also come from a Constitution like that of West Germany which put the aspiration to final unity in Article 1. But then they are the patriotic manly GERMANS, not the Hindu 'lambs and sheep' feeling secure under the boot of George Fernandes or the skirt of Sonia!)

Can't you hear the loudspeakers on the deck blaring, "JUMP OVERBOARD, YOU HINDUS. ESCAPE THE BURNING SHIP. Your Captain, Supreme Commander NARAYANAN has disappeared like Osama Bin Laden!"

Yes, the HINDU SHIP afloat that never replaced the rudder called the KHYBER PASS that was taken away by the MOHAMMEDAN pirates on August 15, 1947.


Jai Hindu

("Hind" with NORTH KASHMIR in it! "Hind" in which your Bapu was born, not the one in which the "mouse" DIED in DISGRACE.)

"Yes, son, if both India and Pakistan have the nuclear BOMB, the guts to drop it on the other rest with PAKISTAN that had NO shame, FEAR or Inferiority Complex about calling itself ISLAMIC, defying all the uncommitted, neutral, crumbling, "secular" World of Hindu, Sikh and the Buddhist."