Date: 1/9/2002



Pakistan has no basis to be in existence except for religious reasons. For this very reason Pakistan was created and millions lost their lives, homes and the rest were ethnically cleansed.

The only way Pakistan can now stay in existence is by creating fear and hatred among its people for India. If there is no Kashmir Pakistan must find one, this is precisely is the reason no Pakistani government can afford to have good relationship with India as it knows that if it ever happens Pakistan will disappear altogether. Deep down the people of both countries are the same.

There are more Muslims in India then in Pakistan. What Pakistan has achieved so far is only poverty and poor standing among the international community. It is so backward that its people cannot even have a civilised and democratically elected government. It champions the cause for Kashmiries to have election yet it denies its own people to have such election.

With the disappearance of threat from Russia Pakistan has no use for the West as well. It just shows that what goes round comes round.

Ajay Bhandari London UK


An excellent posting that sums it all up so well.