Date: 1/9/2002



Rejoice. Rejoice, O Indian. You are about to be at par with the BOGUSdeshi and the PAKI, and the rest of the world, with regard to this petty concession about to be given to you.

When the "Congress LICKSPITTLE" LM Singhvi, the renowned jurist of India, who was considered to have a chip above Barrister-at-Law Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and Bhangi Doctor Ambedkar who wrote up the Constitution in 1950 OVERLOOKING Partition, came to England as Broken Bharat's high commissioner way back in 1992, he won every Indian "coolie's" heart by declaring, "Your dual nationality is in the offing."

Many an NRI rejoiced and Singhvi entered their hearts as their friend.

The clueless NRI's put so much trust and blind faith in Singhvi that they even failed to notice as to WHY he opened a branch of BOFORS CHOR Foundation in London while opening one called "Guru Tegh Bahadur Foundation" at the same time as to equate the Rascal with the Saint!

Some say, the "BOFORS CHOR FOUNDATION" was meant to facilitate his Mistress's transfer of funds from India to London.

One day in the POST-REVOLUTION India the file will open on Singhvi to demand an explanation for opening that Foundation in London and whether funds had come from London or ITALY to India or went the other way.

Months and then years passed but there was still NO sign of dual nationality for the Indian serfs and slaves of Nehru Dynasty.

There arose a "warrrior" among us then, called Shri Vishnu Sharma of Southall.

He took upon himself to expedite the case for dual nationality, only to be told by Singhvi and his masters to SUBMIT A CASE in favour of dual nationality.

At that time one irate NRI shouted, "I wish to put Singhvi on a donkey, blacken his face, and drive him through the streets of London." For Singhvi had broken the back of our "warrior" Sharma by NOT managing our dual nationality.

Mr. Sharma died of heart attack in the middle of his spirited campaign for dual nationality.

Many wanted to catch Singhvi, who flaunted a big tilak on his forehead like Rajiv KHAN to fool the NRI's, give a good hiding to him, and then ask, "What are YOU paid for? Why the Hell don't YOU prepare and subnmit a case for our dual nationioty to your dining and wining President?"

But Singhvi had a jolly good time in London and his tenure seemed to be UNENDING. Extension after extension was granted to him till someone whispered, "he must have slept in one bed with Sonia KHAN."

May be the rumour reached the Rashtramata's ears, and Singhvi was then AT LAST called back, only to be replaced by SALMAN HAIDAR, yet another Musalman-Beiman to keep an eye on the Hindus and a Boot on the Sikhs in the Untied Kingdom.

Before that PC Alexander had kept an eye on the Indians in London. He was now keeping an eye on the Tamils, later to be moved to Maharashtra to keep an eye on the Marathas.

Anyone dreaming of Hindu Rashtra, as a logical sequal to the birth of Pakistan and BOGUSdesh, was to be shot dead or labelled a TERRORIST for ever.

But let us not lose sight of Singhvi. He has still not volunteered for retirement or final rest next to BOFORS CHOR'S samadhi in New Delhi, that is, near the airport named after his mother and Singhvi's mistress Indira.

It is after all the same names of the "dogs of dynasty" that keep on circulating around the world like the spokes of a wheel with the centrtal hub called SONIA KHAN. Is another dirty GANDHI fellow now coming to London as India's high commissioner? How long has he been in his country's Foreign Service? What long speech has he ever delivered in favour of dissolving the Partition that cost his grandfather his life and India's image and honour across the globe?

When Singhvi left London after MANY MANY long years, some NRI's asked him to recall his solemn assurances on his first arrival donkey years before, that "DUAL NATIONALITY WAS IN THE OFFING."

Seeing his donkey grin, they forgave the shameless fellow and let him off.

Now Mr. Vajpayee has dug Singhvi out of India's own "TORA BORA" Congress cave complex and empowered him to speak about our dual nationality.

It will only be a DAMN FOOL (Indian) who still believes EITHER of them. As Hindus, their first loyalty ought to have been to Hindustan but as Secular Serpents, their first loyalty will be to Dynasty. And, as we all know, the Dynasty wants all the Hindus BASHED or converted, and all the Sikhs BEATEN UP or killed.

But when, O when, will we get our dual nationality? The guessing game is on.

Our verdict: It will come our way when Justice goes the way of BOFORS CHOR and he is at last declared a criminal.

But if THAT is not going to happen, then there will be NO dual nationality, either. Just keep on admiring tilak falunting "Lionel Michael" Singhvi for promising it to us once again.

Here starts another cycle of SIX YEARS of hope and wait.

So how will we react to the news that dual nationality is on the cards again?

This is the best HOAX that we have heard so far since the departure ("demise") of 'STOOGE' Singhvi from London.

But we should NOT underestimate the Hindu bashing, anti Indian, FORCES within Bharat, including the 'eminent jurist' LM Singhvi himself, who opposed the tiny concession tooth and nail in the last FIFY ODD YEARS when their masters wore different colours.

And skeptical as we are, we shall now see WHEN the Bill becomes law.

If it follows at the speed of the trial of BOFORS CHOR, then the concession will come our way after we are all gone like the Hindus who could still recall PARTITION!

At the same time we may congratulate Mr. Vajpayee for stating something NO prime minister has said before.

To give hope to the desperate, to give the promise of dignity to the humiliated and the degraded is the art of politicians in which Mr. Vajpayee is an expert.

Please read on-

Govt resolves issue of dual citizenship


Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee on Tuesday (January 8, 2002) announced that the government has resolved the issue of dual citizenship, which would facilitate Indians settled abroad to make their contributions in the progress of the country.

"There were problems in resolving the issue.


"But now the issue has been resolved and I am hopeful that Indians settled abroad would find it suitable," he said after receiving the report of the high level committee on Indian diaspora, headed by noted jurist L M Singhvi. (NOTED JURIST OR A***-LICKER OF THE LATE RAJIV KHAN? May be, a noted jurist INDIAN TYPE, like Pandit Nehru who surrendered five provinces without referendum or a single argument. Or may be, a noted jurist like Ambedkar, the Father of your Constitution who could not recall or write up Lahore and East Bengal in his worthless Document!)

He said, "We are in favour of dual citizenship, but not dual loyalty.''

Vajpayee said that Indians settled abroad should also have loyalty to the countries where they had settled and would fulfil their responsibilities as citizens of those countries. (When did the Indians ever harm or damage the countries of their domicile abroad? Are you referring to the Pakistanis?)

Singhvi said the committee had identified the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, a large part of Europe and Singapore for implementation of dual citizenship.

(Watch the language of despicable Singhvi. He only mentioned the world's richest countries! Not a mention of South Africa where his Bapu lived!

Let us shout in his ears, "How dare you overlook the Indians in smaller lands like Fiji and Uganda? You ought to have mentioned them first to earn our respect.)

He said the committee recommended dual citizenship within the framework of the Citizenship Act and it did not involve any amendment in the Constitution.

(The "rat" says, "it does not involve any amendment in the Constitution." But will this concesssion not set fire to the bottom of his Italian born Rashtramata who wants all her Indian subject impoverished, illiterate and intimidated?

With more patriotic INPUT by the NRI's, given dual nationality, there is a big danger to the Congress establishment that Hindus will become educated or well informed and then ask, "Why did BANDIT Nehru keep the Muslims back, after Partition?" And, "Was there NO native born HINDU female good enough to be the President of Congress Party or to share the President's bed?"

Hence we state, There will be NO dual nationality for the Indians. They have to be born PAKISTANIS to get it.

President George Bush has set two "E's" as his highest priority: EDUCATION and ECONOMY. Which INDIAN Prime Minister or President put EDUCATION first?

Nehru went to UK for EDUCATION, his daughter went to Switzerland for hers, and her own sons went to Cambridge for theirs, and one even did the ultimate: he brought home an Italian White Elephant.

So, NO dual nationaloty for the Indians living abroad, especially NOT for those living in any African country, Fiji, Uganda, Bangladesh, North Kashmir and Afghanistan! Singhvi did not mention any of these.

Mr. Singhvi, don't think all the INDIANS living abroad are FOOLS and will prepare marigold garlands to receive you at London Heathrow Airport (mercifully NOT named after any political "WITCH or BITCH"!).