Date: 1/10/2002


The following news item lists the organisations that are considered terrorist or dangerous. The List has only ONE flaw. It does not contain the name of India's BIGGEST terrorist organisation, Bandit Nehru's All India CONGRESS Party and all the "Foundations" created in its very many names & manifestations, including the one named after the BOFORS CHOR.

Anyone can see its HIGH TREASON on Day one of so-called freedom which turned out to be PARTITION, thanks to the Congress collaboration with the ENEMY. Instead of "Akhand Bharat", the much degraded, defeated and terrorised HINDUS ended up with BROKEN Bharat (Partition).

At that time when the whole of "All-India Congress Party" had to be arrested, tried and sent to gallows or jail for life, they were rewarded with the highest posts and offices of power and lucrative appointments.

While the average Indian was being pushed down the ladder of poverty and squeezed out of his guts and democracy, Congress Party workers and ministers were building their mansions and bungalows and going about in limousines. stacking their bank accounts with ILLEGAL cash.

All the prime ministers provided by this Party were rotten corrupt. Not one was tried by any court of law. These rascals were law unto themselves. The biggest of them, of course, being RAJIV GANDHI, the son of FEROZE KHAN of Allahabad.

This Party still exercises great TERROR upon the whole ruling establishment. The present Government of India is at their mercy. At the top of this Party are the ITALIANS and the MOHAMMEDANS- both alien to Bharat as Al Qaida and the Pakistanit trained Taliban are in Afghanistan.

The yardstick to measure terrorism in India is not the "threat to the country" but the THREAT to the "Mother of Nation", that is, SONIA KHAN!

That is why only when the Pakistani terrorists fired their shots too close to her ears on December 13, 2001, did India promptly mobilise to go to war against Pakistan, having totally IGNORED all the previous killings and massacres that had taken the lives of over FORTY THOUSAND innocent Hindus!

This rotten India even ignored the ONE MILLION Hindus and Sikhs killed by the MUSLIMS in 1947. Hence in this degraded COOLIE COLONY of Congress Party, there is NO memorial to their sacred memory nor any official account published giving their names and addresses like the List of the Jews killed in Holocaust. But you do have the memorials to traitor Nehru, autocrat Indira and Corrupt "son of a B____" Rajiv Khan, the BOFORS CHOR.

Now let us demand the arrest and an OPEN PUBLIC trial of all the thugs and rascals in HIGH offices and positions who are indicted in HAWALA case, FODDER SCAM, BANKING SCAM, STOCK MARKET SCAM, SUGAR SCAM, BOFORS SCAM and all the others mentioned in www.tehelka.com

Even the country's Defence" Minister, George Fernandes, with a clean Christian name, resigned promptly when faced with grave financial scandals that arose due to his and the others' DERELICTION OF DUTY in his ministry, only to be reinstated again in order to please the "Mem from Italy".

Let each and every scam, bribery, graft and financial scandal, since Bandit Nehru took over PARTITIONED INDIA (calling it India!), be fully investigated starting with the huge bribe Pandit himself took to sign up the UNCONDITIONAL surrender of five provinces of India in 1947, and the huge bribe his daughter INDIRA took for returning EAST PAKISTAN after its capture, to ISLAM in 1972. (Both of them committed HIGH TREASON of unparallelled gravity in the entire history of mankind.)

The open public enquiry should also include any donation to Congress Party that was more than Rs. 20,000. We need to INVESTIGATE what kind of money, BLACK or white, was acquired by the vast "human grinding machine" called Congress Party of India during its five decades of absolute MISRULE over India.

We need to know the source of funds that financed Nehru's stay and study in England, Sonia's stay and study in Switzerland, and the stay and gallivanting of her two boys in England. It was their CRIME against the nation to neglect schools, colleges and universities at home.

Only the "crushed, demoralised and degraded" nation of HINDUS could tolerate such a dirty and dishonest Dynasty at the top for so long. The TREACHEROUS Dynasty and their Party was (and is) safe from the WRATH OF PUBLIC, something from which the Emperor of France, the Czar of Russia, the Emperor of Ethiopia and even the Shah of Iran were not immune.

An open public enquiry must also investigate the CONTENTS of each and every parcel, packet, box and container sent by SONIA KHAN from India to Italy, in order to ascertain whether these were just spices and sarees, or the nation's precious art and rare archaeological relics and treasures.

Sonia Khan's LOOT has to be fully investigated before any other organisation is banned or restricrted.

In the case of MUSLIM organisations mentioend in the List below, the questin arises, "What are the MUSLIMS doing in PARTITIONED India?" Again, they are there due to no other reason but total despicable HINDU COLLAPSE who could not push the Indian Muslims out to their PAKISTAN in accordance with the terms of that "ACT OF PARTITION, 1947," while themselves getting ethnically cleansed in the newly created separatist ISLAMIC state.

As the whole world knows, it was the EXPLICIT condition of that Act of Partition, 1947, that Pakistan was to be taken out of India's territory exclusively for the MUSLIMS OF INDIA.

So, the ones who ought to be banned and even hanged to death are the CONGRESS bigwigs who still shield and embrace the Muslims in PARTITIONED India without explaining the reason to their ignorant following.


Please note, the List contains mainly MUSLIM and SIKH organisations. While all the INDIAN Muslims belong to PAKISTAN, the Sikhs have become a threat to the Muslim/Italian dominated "All-India Congress Party" and the "Mem from Italy" for asking, "WHY PAKISTAN BUT NO KHALISTAN?"

We repeat this aspiration of the simple but brave Sikhs- "Either frontier back to Khyber or Khalistan!" But this is what sets FIRE to tbe bottom of this "HINDU" India where the Hindu is so terrified that he calls himself "secular".

But at present India is under pygmies who can neither push the MUSLIMS out to Pakistan nor the frontiers back to Khyber, nor even give a satisfactory answer to the SIKHS. That is why this India in which friend and foe, native and alien, are treated alike, is on the downward slope to disintegration and annihilation.



RBI tells banks to watch transactions of 23 terrorist outfits

Reserve Bank of India has asked the banks to keep a 'watchful eye' on the transactions of 23 organisations identified by the Union government as 'terrorist outfits'.

The GoI list includes among others Lashkar-e-Tayiba, Jaish-e-Mohammed, Harkat-ul-Mujahideen who operate from Pakistan, militant organisations from North-Eastern region like United Liberation Front of Assam, the banned Students Islamic Movement of India and Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam.

This follows the President of India's promulgation of the Prevention of Terrorism Ordinance in October.

"It has been decided in consultation with the GoI that banks should keep a watchful eye on the transactions of these organisations and if something is found violative of the extant acts or normal banking operations, the matter must be reported by the concerned bank to the appropriate authorities under the ordinance and to RBI," the apex bank said in a circular issued to commercial banks.

Further, the banks are required to undertake due diligence in respect of the 'know your customer' principle, RBI added in the December 5 circular.

Following is the complete list of all the 23 organistions as per GOI notification:

Babbar Khalsa International,

Khalistan Commando Force,

Khalistan Zindabad Force,

International Sikh Youth Federation,

Lashkar-e-Tayiba/Pasban-e-Ahle Hadis,



Hizb-ul-Mujahideen/Hizb-UlmujahideenPir/Panjal Regiment,


Jammu and Kashmir Islamic Front,

United Liberation Front of Assam,

National Democratic Front of Bodoland,

People's Liberation Army,

United National Liberation Front,

People's Revolutionary Party of Kangleipalk,

Kangleipak Communist Party,

Kanglei Yaol Kanba Lup,

Manipur People's Liberation Front,

All Tripura Tiger Force,

National Liberation Front of Tripura,

Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam,

Students Islamic Movement of India, and

Deendar Anjuman.