Date: 1/10/2002


In 1940 there was a far-seeing brave patriot in India who felt a kind of major earthquake building up under the surface of the earth. The whole world heard of the "PAKISTAN RESOLUTION" that was passed by "ALL-INDIA Muslim League" in LAHORE, the city of (damn fool) sleepy Hindus and Sikhs, on March 23rd. that year.

He proposed the formation of a new political party called "INDIAN NATIONAL PARTY" something like BRITISH NATIONAL PARTY in Great Britain.

He had clearly identified a foreign finger that was about to pull the trigger, in order to break up the land and kill off a MILLION unsuspecting innocent people for the sake of Allah's blessings and Mohammed's glory.

His idea was promptly pooh poohed as scare mongering. After passing that treacherous Resolution with total disregard for the feeligns and sentiments of the rest of the nation, Muslim leaders then suddenly went quiet, peaceful and harmless.

They started a nationwide campaign of disinformation. Top HINDU leaders, fearing the consequences of looking the bitter truth in the eye, started saying, "Islam is a religion of peace." This only encouraged many, from university undergraduates to the convicts in jails, to embrace Islam. Islam became the "fastest growing religion in India."

How they fooled the people! How they considered the Hindus to be a "nation of mules and donkeys"!

The man was challenged, "How can you say something like that?" He was turned away from every Hindu house. He was told, "Every Muslim is a loyal citizen. He goes about his job just like the rest of us. They all take the Oath of Loyalty to India. Haven't you heard of the song by poet laureate Mohammed Iqbal, "Saaray Jehan say achcha, Hindustan hamaara!" which translates as "My India is the best country on earth!"

Mahatma Gandhi and Pandit Nehru sang the lullaby. The whole of India went to sleep. The clever British felt some tremors underground, and decided to leave India to the Indians!

Suddenly, and without any warning, the earth shook violently. Streams of fire and clouds of glowing embers and gaseous vapour shot out of countless ruptures in the surface of earth. The land was on fire like the huge fires in Australia that burnt out of control for more than two weeks in January 2002.

ISLAM HAD STRUCK. With total surprise! None saw it coming. Not even the best secret service on earth. If the United States of America could be SURPRISED like that on September 11, 2001, one can imagine the cuckoos called Hindu and Sikh men and women of India who fell down from their beds in a second, and were promptly DISEMBOWELLED, chopped up or raped.

About A MILLION damn fools, as a modest estimate, lost their lives. Since the Government of India has been too ashamed and humiliated, none has got it all written up for posterity. Who will tell the coming generations, "We were the history's biggest damn fools!"?

Hence the INDIAN elders and leaders quickly turned the DEFEAT at the hands of Muslims into their "Independence" from the British!

An Indian rope trick! A very INFERIOR Hindu attempt to self-delusion while the Muslim occupies WEST PUNJAB, EAST BENGAL and even NORTH KASHMIR. Too late now. Whoever runs off with the "Takht-e-Taus" (Peacock Throne) or with the Hindu's daughters, does not bring them back.

Now countless betrayed and demoralised HINDUS refer to PARTITION as an event from bygone ancient history in which their fathers and grandfathers had NO hand whatsoever.

Well, in that case we should not overlook the fact that in five decades' time from now, our own children could say OF US, "They were damn fools," if we do not do any better than the de-linked, detached, complacent, self-assured, all-trusting Hindus of Hindustan in 1940.

To make matters worse many Hindu philosophers like big-turbaned Radhakrishnan and world renowned smart barristers like Jawaharlal Nehru, used to say, "Forget the earlier Muslim invaders and rulers. Those were savage times when Islam first came to India with Sword and Koran in hands. Now we live in the middle of the enlightened 20th century. Today's Islam is entirely different from the Islam of Mohammed and even Auranzeb. Have NO fear. Have NO doubt on their loyalty!"

Who could refute such stunning logic. But when Islam struck suddenly like a devastating earthquake, a million Hindus lay dead in pools of blood. They could not defend their homes, children and daughters. Those who FLED with what they could carry, lost all their savings deposited in the banks. And those who stayed on, found themselves like the Jews in THIRD REICH. They were soon slaughtered, converted or given a BOOT.

That was the HINDUS' fate- the Hindus who did not take that warning seriously.

There was a good lesson on the 'nature of Islam' for the PARTITIONED India, but she chose, instead, to embrace the Muslims once again and to throw the lesson out of the window. But what about this great country, the UNITED KINGDOM, where many of us who fled the bleeding broken partitioned India, now live peacefully?

The political situation here is fast becoming what it was like in India in 1940. The rulers and the media are telling us day and night, "Islam is a religion of peace." If we trust them then we should keep our things packed in case we have to FLEE this peaceful land, too, in great hurry when the "Nation of Islam" suddenly strikes.

So in the mist and haze of our civilised secular times, in the world of our affluence, a MAN has stood up to defy the media and the Musalman, and has given a call to the complacent nation, to WAKE UP; to wake up to the danger that is inherent in a situation where Islam becomes "the fastest growing religion" in our midst, where, as in the Lahore of 1940, it is impolite, even a crime, to cast the slightest aspersion on the loyalty of a MUSLIM fellow citizen.

We need to heed his warning, "It is time to wake up! What will posterity think of us if we cannot foresee the danger that is enveloping us, our children and families, relentlessly, silently, day and night."

We need to recall the pre 1947 United India with her Muslims then, and the present PARTITONED India with South Kashmir "on fire", and the fierce Muslim opposition to the Temple in Ayodhya!

Wherever the Muslims reach a majority through conversion or over reproduction, they will strike, to take the area out of the country, and then IMPOSE Koran on the Hindu, Christian, Pagan, Sikh and Buddhist alike, as the Constitution. Thereafter, the citizens are made to start their wearisome forced march backwards in time, along the road that leads straight to the days when Mohammed (Peace be upon his VICTIMS!) lived, trimmed his beard, forbade music and fun, invaded, and plundered, the cities of Jews and Christians, destroyed the sacred statues, and treated the women just like the Taliban today.

Let us look around, at our own homes, at our schools, hospitals, transport system and at our girls and women, wives, mothers and sisters. Who would wish them to live in an "Islamic Republic" under the "Taliban", or worse, under a dictator?

If you are happy with the scenario of our decent society's free fall into the deep Islamic well, you may not read any more. But if you are serious about FREEDOMS for men AND WOMEN that were hard fought for, and must be defended now, then please read on-


An appeal to the Hindus and the Sikhs domiciled in the United Kingdom:


As we are all aware, the British National Party has identified a community for disproportionate amount of crime and drugs that has often led to violence and serious damage to property in British towns and cities. Cold impartial statistics and performance indices in the United Kingdom have shown that the Indian students at schools, colleges and universities (Hindu and Sikh) attain top achievement grades while the Pakistanis and the Bangladeshis (Muslim) achieve the poorest grades.

The latter suffer due to the time they are forced to spend on their Islamic indoctrination, and learning the Arabic language in mosques and madrassas, in order to read the Koran.

Having thus seen the elements among the immigrant population that are loyal, hard working, progressive, well integrated and morally upright, as well as those that are disruptive, separatist, fundamentalist and even disloyal to the host nation, the British National Party have taken the initiative of forging a new electoral alliance with the Hindu and Sikh communities in this country.

It's a move that we ought to sincerely welcome. We all know that the Muslims have been deliberately targeting innocent Hindu and Sikh girls for seduction, prostitution, illicit sex and burdening many with unwanted pregnancies, only to abandon them promptly, for new 'conquests'.

At several places, our brave lads, Hindus and Sikhs alike, have formed groups to retaliate against the sex starved mischievous Muslims in order to safeguard the dignity and honour of our girls.

BNP is aware of the targeting of our girls by the Muslims for sex and conversion, and of the growing threat to peace in this country due to rapid increase in Muslim population. Many urban localities have already become "no go areas" for the Hindus, even the Whites, in this society.

Shops, business premises and private homes owned by Hindus and Sikhs, and public property, even churches and temples, have not been spared from desecration and destruction.

There are secret Al Qaida type cells in many mosques in the United Kingdom where martial arts and ideological indoctrination against the values of our secular and tolerant society, and the "infidels", are preached on daily basis.

It was from these cells in our neighbourhoods that numerous British Muslims travelled all the way to Pakistan and Afghanistan to fight the British and the American troops there. Some have crossed over to Kashmir to kill the innocent Hindus and Sikhs.

The situation in the world is only going to get worse. Many of us strongly feel that the time has come to dissociate ourselves from the real 'black sheep' in our society and to support a Party that has not only recognised the Muslim menace in good time but is also willing to stand up to the Islamic bullies at our own doorstep.

British National Party aims to avoid the catastrophe that India suffered in August 1947, and the United States faced in September last. No country can remain immune from a dangerous, non secular primitive religious fundamentalism that calls itself "global Islam", and boasts of being "the fastest growing religion in the West."

The Hindus and the Sikhs, domiciled in the United Kingdom, have known Islam at our own peril back home. Nearly one million Hindus and Sikhs were massacred at the time of Partition in 1947, and tens of thousands of innocent Hindus and Sikhs have been killed by the Muslim fanatics in Kashmir since then. We can, therefore, well foresee the terrible final cost of looking the other way, or staying detached and neutral, even worse, being silenced through intimidation by the Muslim bullies who wish to compel us to align ourselves with them!

We ought to know the Muslim game well- to intimidate us, silence us, and then to grind their own axe upon our necks.

The Muslims are looking forward to the day when, due to sheer size of the Muslim electorate, they will have the British MPs in their pockets. They have already done so in our partitioned land and we know the cost. For us Hindus (and Sikhs) the prospect of seeing the Muslims bullying British politicians in order to create Muslim "vote banks" in this country, ought to be a nightmare.

In the local elections in Great Britain this year the British National Party will be contesting a ward in Leeds, named Harehills, a district with a high Muslim population.

The BNP are not basing their campaign on racial matters but are concentrating on crime, etc., of which there is a high and growing incidence.

The potential BNP candidate requires 10 signatures from local residents in order to qualify for candidature. It will be very good to have a couple of local Hindus and/or Sikhs to sign the paper for them. They believe they would receive massive publicity locally as a result. The person who will sign must reside in the Ward and have their names on the register of electors. So please come forward to help them.

They can be contacted at PO Box BR10, Bramley, Leeds, LS13, or e-mail at <> There is also a web site at <> where more information about the Party can be seen.

They look forward to hearing from many Hindus and Sikhs living in the Leeds area.


January 9, 2002.