Islam in the UNITED Europe (what it was in the UNITED India)

Date: 1/11/2002


Credit must go to the British National Party (BNP) of the UNITED Kingdom for raising our awareness about the state of society we live in. They have seen "Partition" coming.

While giving full credit to them for trying to save (what is left of) Britain for the British, we HINDUS should also realize that back in India we had NO counterpart of BNP to save the day for us in Lahore and North Kashmir.

Even today we don't see anyone in India telling the simple people the Truth behind that Partition. We INDIANS are ignorant like the buffaloes wallowing happily in the mud ponds on questions like, Was Partition a good strategy to get rid of the Muslim menace for ever?", or, "Was it Pandit Nehru's High Treason in the service of INDIGENOUS Islam?" Does anyone know the answers? BNP do not wish the Britons ask such questions 50 years from now. So, let us give them CREDIT where it is due.

We HINDUS can add to their stock of knowledge by telling them what Islam did to our own 'Dharti MATA' and what they are still doing to the beautiful "Vale of gods", KASHMIR, that was once a tourists' paradise.

So let us bravely look at the nature of Islam in our midst. At first glance it seems like a 'religion of peace' with the Believers going about their daily lives as normal peaceful fellow citizens. But on closer look, it turns out to be a Religion of Jehad. Now BE CAREFUL! This "Jehad" is a chamelion and changes colours as per circumstances. In the head of a hijacker it is one thing but it becomes totally a different thing in the speech of a suspect in custory or of that Imam of the London mosque who was interviewed by the journalists after two of the worshippers were caught planning acts of great destruction. So Jehad can be a snake and also soft butter at one and the same time.

So, what are we to make out of such a "Believer" who professes peace and universal love, but at the same time stabs you in the back, or fires a gun in your head- point blank?

To one Hindu at least, a refugee from South Kashmir, now living in the United Kingdom, Islam is a warrior wearing a green head scarf, firing 25 guns at the same time, blazing away fire & bullets. Some are ideological, lethal to minds, others are lethal to body.

He has listed the TWENTY-FIVE points. And he appeals to the esteemed readers, "If you have any more, please post them on this site. Let us pool our KNOWLEDGE for the sake of our collective survival."

Here they are, first hand:

1. Firstly, among the Muslims there is a total lack of concern for the others' feelings. Example; the destruction of Buddha statues. Let us ask, "How would the Muslims react if the Buddhists in China blow up the grand mosque in Beijing simply because it was a mosque?

2. Inconsideration for the non Muslims. Example: Partition of India.

3. Regular conversion of non Muslim females. Example: Jemima Khan.

4. Control over own girls. On attaining puberty, many Muslim girls vanish from British schools, only to return later with spouses from Islamic countries.

5. Heavy indoctrination in Koran. Example: Blind Faith inculcated at mosques and madrassas.

6. Sense of insecurity engenders a military response. They must feel extremely insecure so as to go on suicide missions like hijacking of planes.

7. Aggressive "tableegh" in prisons, schools and society. You can hardly sit next to a Muslim before hearing, "I am a Muslim," or "We Muslims do it like this," or even, "Why don't you become a Muslim?" Obviously there is tremendous pressure TO CONVERT.

8. Global link up. They all seem to "gang up". Example: What have the Muslims living in Malaysia or Iran got to do with the local affairs or disputes in the Middle East or Afghanistan?

9. Violent response. Thousands of Hindu temples were destroyed, set ablaze or desecrated in January 1993 when the profane Babri structure was destroyed in India. Not one Muslim on earth seems to be prepared to concede that it was put up by an AFGHAN invader, and that too, upon the very site of an existing temple which was first destroyed to strike terror in the hearts of the native population.

10. Lack of patriotism: Example: Partition in 1947 and the re-birth of Islamic Republic of Bangladesh in 1972. All the founders of Pakistan had taken solemn vows of loyalty to their land of birth. That included the Father of Pakistan, MOHAMMED Ali JINN. Their vows upon Koran were not worth the straw floating in hot wind.

11. No democracy in any ISLAMIC country. Example: Saudi Arabia.

12. Backward SOCIAL and POLITICAL pulls in a Muslim society. Since the 'life and times' of Mohammed were the 'ideal state of existence' for man, the "Believers" across the globe try to push the world backwards to the 7th century AD. Thus Afghanistan under the Taliban was lucky to have attained that ideal of Islam at last, and we can ask the WOMEN what a HELL that was!

13. Separatist demands that rub on and on, on the others. Example: Separate food at state schools for the Muslim pupils, separate girls' classes in a multi-religious society, separate Religious Education for the Muslims, et al.

14. Macho mentality. Example: The status of women in an Islamic republic, and even in the Koran if we quote the unpalatable parts with the sugar coated ones. What about giving divorce by merely saying the word three times? What about all the virgins for MEN in paradise but sweet nothing for the women? What about Mohammed's own female slaves, wives and concubines? Is that the IDEAL state of MAN in Islam?

15. MALE adventurism. Example: enter any disco or bar in the West. try to spot a Muslim FEMALE! They are all at home cooking, cleaning and doing namaz while "brothers" chat up the non Muslim girls! This gave rise to the term "PAKI BASHING" in the UK. Our HINDU India is still stuck in the muck of "Muslim adoration through terror", if you see the KHAN brothres in Bollywood movies.

16. Muslims tend to be active in the fields of drugs, prostitution, violent crime, sale and abuse of girls as sex slaves in bars, massage parlours and hotels.

17. Assassination of opponents comes "naturally" to the Muslims. Example: Fatwa on Salman Rushdie and even on Prime Minister Tony Blair. Tens of thousands of HINDUS in India have been assassinated as a result of such fatwas. The one that is instantly pronounced is upon the daring Hindu who kisses a Muslim girl in public, and even in films. Leaving the petrified creed of Islam for something more rational or enlightened also invites a death sentence.

18. Ban on re-conversion. Example: Jemima Khan could embrace Islam but if she decided to return to her mother's Faith, she will be assassinated!

19. Too much Arabic study leaves little time for other subjects at school. Example: Research shows the poor performance of Muslim children at schools in Britain when compared to the others.

20. Too many children to fulfil Allah's mission. Many governments in the West are concealing the statistics which will send shock waves across all over. Muslim families are very very large as compared to non Muslim. The average number of children in a Hindu family in the UK may be 1.5 while among the Muslims the figure is likely to be 6.5. So where will "The Rest" stand in five decades' time? Tony Blair and George Bush will have retired long long time ago, and will not be available to explain the cover up of today. Where is Pandit Nehru today to tell us, "Why was NO conditon attached to Partition?" Or, "Why did you not insist on referendum before signing the Death Warrant of Akhand Bharat?"

21. Terrible life in an Islamic republic. Example: Look at the number of illegal immigrants desperately trying to escape their own lands of "Rasul Allah" in order to find jobs and food in the West.

22. Disloyalty to the country that gives birth, nourishes and educates. Examples: Attack on World Trade Centre Towers in New York and the PARTITION of India. Would you like to have more of Islam in your country?

23. Willingness to carry out suicidal missions to kill the innocent. That's what the hijackers, all 20 of them, did in America. That's what they are doing all the time in Israel, the Philippines and South Kashmir.

24. Global link up which can bear upon and crush a local opponent. There would be a global Islamic response if the Hindus were to proceed with the reconstruction of their Temple in Ayodhya. So, the terrified Hindus are not proceeding with their project. Thus while the others remain scattered, disuntied, demoralised and ineffective, the Muslims can immediately gang up to achieve LOCAL SUPERIORITY and carry out any offensive action they wish. In Kashmir the Islamic fighters have come from countries as far afield as Egypt, Sudan, Chechnya and Afghanistan besides those from Pakistan and even Bangladesh!

25. Aggressive and unembarrassed missionary outreach. That is the tableegh in prisons where the Mullah or Imam invites the NON Muslim inmates, too, to pass the "message of peace" from Islam. Prisons are ideal locations to convert the lonely and the depressed. Thus the Muslims show great INITIATIVE in such matters while the others remain stuck on the glue-pad called "political correctness" or "good manners".


Islam is dictatorial and brutally autocratic. Hitler said, "I say so and thou shalt not question." In the SAME way Mohammed said, "God said so, and thou shalt not question."

Is it not flying in the face of freedom of thought and expression? How does such "Belief" fit in, in our modern free society? The world is not the "Congress Coolie Colony" of India in which any Indira Gandhi can declare, "I say so and you all will behave!", and then declare Emergency (June 26, 1975 till March 1977) to ENFORCE her own version of Bandit's "democracy"!

Let us bravely pick up the slogan, "EUROPE WITHOUT ISLAM - FOR PEACE AND PROSPERITY!"