Date: 1/12/2002


Those who know India well, also know her tragedy.

While the Hindus, PERFORCE, went into Puja, Akhand Paths, "langar", universal love, and "NISHKAM SEWA", the Muslims went for BLOOYWOOD, REPRODUCTION, HINDU-BASHING, and MEDIA.

Today the Hindu watches the KHAN boys playing romance with their girls and the grandfathers forming their opinions of the world on reading the trash that the Muslim journalists are feeding their feeble minds.

The shining stars of the dark Indian sky are all "foreign fingers", e.g., Sonia KHAN, actor Akbar KHAN, No. 1 Lady from Myanmar who resides in Rashtrapati Bhawan, Shabana Azmi and Seema Mustafa, et al.

One has to be a bit smart in order to understand the continuous brainwashing, rather hammering, of Hindu's brain, that is going on in India all the time.

In movies the KHAN boys have the liberty of riding Hindu actresses, (not one Hindu actor dare come near a Musalmaani in an Indian movie!), lampooning Hindu culture and priests, while in media the likes of MJ AKBAR and all the graduates of JLN University and stooges of Sonia are conveying to the Hindus, day and night, that they are a deficient race. Deficient and defective in countless ways.

If you ever see a copy of "The Asian Age", do look at the subtle and not so subtle ways in which the image of the Hindu is distorted or the news is projected.

Will you ever see the Israeli side in his newspaper? Will you ever see any space devoted to the ongoing slaughter of the HINDUS in South Kashmir? Will you ever read a bad word about the BOFORS CHOR? Will you ever see a HINDU projected in a good light? NEVER!

It must give the chief editor MJ AKBAR a lot of pain to HAVE TO report on something positive in the case of Hindus.

In this context the following letter by an upset Hindu reader is a call to all the Hindus to boycott the newspaper which is the media tool of Pakistan within India.


To, the Editor

The Asian Age

I have been buying "The Asian Age" for the last two and a half months. I was hoping against hope that your newspaper will be different. Unbaised in it's reporting and editorial. But it was too much to expect.

Your newspaper is one of the most baised, anti-BJP, anti-Hindu newspapers I have come across. Your editorials and guest coloumns are nothing but anti-BJP, anti-Hindu and anti-American propoganda.

After reading today's editorial against Dara Singh (who is yet to be proven guilty) and Seema Mustafa's blindly anti-american article I am stopping my subscription to your two penny worth baised newspaper.

I do not think M.J. Akbar has ever written against the candidature of anyone else with a criminal record. Then why has he then suddenly picked up Dara Singh>

The reason is simple. Because Dara Singh is a Hindu and his actions are a threat to those who are used to seeing and would always like to see Hindus as docile, tame and meek individuals against whom you could say or do as you like without expecting any retaliation or reaction.

Why dosen't M.J. Akbar or Seema Mustafa write against the candidature of the Bombay bomb blast accused who are proudly roaming the streets of Bombay after killing not one or two but hundreds of innocent Hindus and acting against the nation.

They are now seeking Muslim votes on the basis of what else but their actions of commiting murder of innocent Hindus. But your baised minds won't write against them or any other persons from the minority community.

I am stopping my subscription from today and also ensuring that all my friends who buy your third rate newspaper also stop their subscription immediately.

JANUARY 12, 2002