Date: 1/13/2002



Here is another example of the media bias in the West. Prof. Vaman Rao in the United States had to write the following letter to a Broadcasting Channel in his country.

Sent: Saturday, January 12, 2002 7:55 PM

Subject: Re: Maleeha Lodhi Interview

Dear Jim:

I had written to you yesterday about the fear I had about your attempt to be fair in inviting Maleeha Lodhi, the Pakistani ambassador to the US, to balance your interview with L K Advani the Home Minister of India.

Here is the extension of that letter why I was afraid that the interview will turn out to be a mere propaganda forum, rather than an occasion for dispassionate opportunity for factual exchange of ideas. Please read on:

The thing happened as I expected. No hard follow-up questions by your interviewer allowed Maleeha Lodhi, the Pakistan ambassador to the US, on Friday, to turn your interview segment into a propaganda forum, with lies and tirade against India. For example:

1. She talked about the implementation of the UN resolution and holding plebiscite in Jammu and Kashmir, cleanly forgetting that the resolution called for withdrawal of all Pakistani forces occupying a part of Kashmir and after maintaining the status quo ante. Has Pakistan fulfilled its obligation under the UN Resolutions? And it was a condition precedent to doing any thing by India!

2. She challenged the democratic credentials of India and wondered why India has refused the democratic rights to Kashmiris, again cleanly forgetting that Jammu and Kashmir has held REGULAR elections, like the rest of the country. Can the same thing be said about the entire State of Pakistan, which is under Military dictatorship for 75% of its total existence of 55 years as a nation? Pakistanis talking about Democracy, it is a laugh!

3. When Pakistan talks about Kashmir, its leaders refer only to the India-governed state of Jammu and Kashmir. What is the legal authority for Pakistan to hold the part of Jammu and Kashmir? It has continued to illegally occupy a part of the Indian State of Jammu and Kashmir, after the British officers of the Pakistani army, in 1948, led the Afridi tribesmen (in fact Pakistani servicemen) into the State of Jammu and Kashmir even before it formally acceded into India. It was Lord Mountbatten, the Governor General of India, who received the instrument of accession as required by the British Law of India Independence Act of 1947.

Pakistani ambassador to the UN, Zafarulla Khan, at first disowned the fact, but later admitted in the UN that they were Pakistani armed forces.

4. Pakistan keeps on talking about dialogue. But who has taken the initiative for Lahore process? It was Vajpayee who went to Lahore to have dialogue with Nawaz Sharif. In return, Musharraf gave India the invasion and occupation of Kargil. Vajpayee again gave Musharraf a chance by inviting him to Agra. In return, Musharraf gave back attacks on Jammu and Kashmir Legislature, Indian Airlines hijacking, and attack on Indian Parliament to eliminate the entire Indian elected leadership. And yet Pakistan maintains the fig leaf of dialogue for PR purposes.

5. Pakistan talks of fear of nuclear conflagration as both the countries are declared nuclear weapons powers. But India has declared time and again and as recently as yesterday that India has a "No first use policy". Pakistan has refused to make such a declaration. So, if a nuclear war breaks out, it would wholly and squarely be due to Pakistan's proclivity for war and destruction. Still, the Pakistanis raise nuclear bogey to exploit the fear of nuclear madness. It is time for India to call Pakistani bluff.

6. Indians are tired of murders, mayhem, explosions and loss of lives and property day in day out, not only in Jammu and Kashmir but also in the rest of the country. Pakistan harbors many criminals and fugitives from law. When he was asked to hand over these criminals, Pakistan either says that they are not in Pakistan when their own Press publishes stories of their posh living in various cities, or asks for evidence to procrastinate any action. They are determined this time to teach Pakistan a lesson. Why should Indians care for survival of Musharraf when the Indians suffer, Musharraf or no Musharraf.

7. The story of ISI, their secret service, is so well-known that there is no need to repeat here. The US government has had most unpleasant experience with them in dealing with issues related to Osama bib Laden and Taliban.

8. Those who interview these Pakistani worthies must do their homework. The cold war machinations have created a complete distortion of the true nature of the conflict including the fact that it was India who took the issue to the UN to get redressal against Pakistani invasion. The members of the media continue to keep on harping the non-truths. It is time, they spared time to study the history of the conflict, and work for its just resolution.

I hope you will take these facts into account next time around and circulate it amongst your staff to educate them on real issues involved. They can even check the UN documents and other public sources before accepting them as they are.


Vaman Rao