Date: 1/13/2002


Today's news (January 13, 2002) speaks of so many BILLIONS OF DOLLARS to help Afghanistan with her reconstruction.

But who, and what, will reconstruct Afghanistan?

The same natives WITH FUNDS FROM THE WEST?

They had the land and God's bounties that could have created wealth. That could have attracted tourists. Afghanistan could have flourished like no other land on earth.

They could have started industries like those in Switzerland. They could have done away with drugs like those in Mongolia, Maharashtra, Austria and EAST Punjab.

They could have established hospitals, schools and even a university! They could have preserved their National (State) Museum.

Now let us imagine the blessed day has arrived. They have completed reconstruction with the help of BILLIONS OF DOLLARS poured in from the CHRISTIAN West (not a penny from the World of Global Islam!).

Hospitals, schools, cinemas, museums, libraries and shops have been rebuilt. Women are walking about without going under the BLACK head to foot tents. Then what?

It will be the SAME KORAN, the same MUSALMAN, the SAME NATIVE, the SAME Afghan!

The same tribes, the same Pakistan and Iran on either side, the same 'foreign fingers' UP THE AFGHANISTAN, the same tribal warfare, and the same DESTRUCTION.

And then, the SAME foreign 'peace keepers' to keep the warring tribes APART from each others' throats.

The circle will be complete.

How long do we give that circle to complete again? 40 years? 60 years?

The inevitable will DESTROY Afghanistan once again. A new MENACE will replace Al Qaida. A new Jengiz KHAN will replace Bin Laden.

What if America then has no nerve, has lost interest, is heavily bribed or drugged, gone under a MUSALMAAN President, or White House and Pentagon obliterated by a devastating surprise Islamic NUCLEAR attack?

It's worth reflection.

After Hitler there was NO "Mein Kampf".

After Bin Laden there will still be KORAN- the source of wild ideological FIRES, HATRED and DESTRUCTION that degraded the women, obliterated democracy, made the Hindus of Kabul wear yellow badges, closed all the churches, destroyed the grand Buddha statues, and inspired the suicide missions against the WTC Towers in New York, thousands of miles away!