Date: 1/19/2002








(Please draw your own conclusions on Islam and Israel).

The nature of ISLAM is to be separatist and DISRUPTIVE, mighty DESTRUCTIVE, and to be advancing relentlessly on earth. Now they are trying to crawl and creep, UP the Americas!

India could have been an example of multicultural / multireligous society of peace and amity. She could have been- without ISLAM and Koran.

But look what has become of her?

Islam has pushed two BOOTS up hers. One is the length from Karachi to Gilgit at one end, and the other is up her other end. It is from Chittagong to Sylhet.

So, trusting ISLAM, letting it unravel and reveal itself, is to let them push a boot up ANY country on earth including the mighty United States of America.

ISLAM wanted to push a boot up America by destroying the WTC Towers suddenly and by total deception.

Thank God, America was powerful enough to RETALIATE and give "Hell" to the TALIBAN and their petrified ISLAM in Afghanistan.

Not every country on earth is strong enough like America. So what should they do?

They should KNOW Islam and UNDERSTAND its mission. They should not become cuckoos to call it "One of us".

EJECT or EXPEL ISLAM out of their body, system and TERRITORY.

Israel has to do exactly what Islam did to the ZOROASTIANS in Iran, the BUDDHISTS in Afghanistan, the SIKHS in West Punjab and the HINDUS in (what we call them today) Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Islam should be treated as it treats the others. Islam understands ONLY that language that they speak themselves. Can one expect the Dutch to understand the Chinese, just like that?

Now there is all the talk of being soft with the prisoners held in custory in CUBA.

But ask the intimidated cowardly INDIANS how THEIR prisoners are treated by ISLAMIC warriors in Bangladesh and Pakistan.

PARTITIONED India (BROKEN Bharat) is too ashamed and DEGRADED to speak up.

So let us do it for this "cow" of a country.

They gouged the eyes out and dismembered the bodies of the officers and men of the Indian ARMY who were wearing military uniform when captured in battle.

India did not even take the case to the UNO nor show the dismembered bodies to Red Cross. India is TERRIFIED of Islam. India is PETRIFIED in the donkey's mould of "Islam is a religion of peace".

So, America should keep the Red Cross out. Treat these prisoners as THEY WILL TREAT THE AMERICAN PRISONERS AS PER KORAN.

As per Koran means, pour boiling water or burning hot sand over the captured Americans' heads, chop them up limb by limb, make one eat the hearts of the othera, drink the other's blood. behead them with one stroke of sword. (Don't be shocked or alarmed. It's NORMAL way of treating the prisoners - as per Koran.)

The Hindus should have educated the world on the "Geneva Convention" of the ISLAMIC warriors.

But how could they? From their history books they have torn out chapter after chapter on "LIFE OF A HINDU UNDER THE MOGULS" and replaced them by "LIFE IN UNITED INDIA UNDER MAHATMA GANDHI".

We are sure, NO Muslim can be offended by all this since we have quoted from history and The Koran.

For the ISLAMIC way of treating the prisoners, let UNO obtain some literature from the "mutilated COW" called India- literature on the beheading of Guru Tegh Bahadur, the bricking up of the two little boys of Guru Gobind Singh, the manner of martyrdom of Guru Arjan Dev and on the manner of killing of the two-year old boy, and his father BANDA BAHADUR, in Delhi, as well as the manner of killing of PsOW in KARGIL two years ago and the mutilation of the HINDU PsOW by Bangladeshi Army one year ago.

One cannot say, "Those were the times!" Or, "It is history now!"

No Sir, "Those were the times" which the CHRISTIAN and HINDU worlds have turned into Geneva Convention today.

But "those were the times" in the MUSLIM world which are FIXED by KORAN and God's very word till eternity. Is there NO difference in all this for the "politically correct" brainwashed cowardly proponents of "Those were savage times and cannot be quoted today!"?

Let us wake up on the ETERNAL validity of KORAN as far as EVERY Mohammedan on earth is concerned. UNO, therefore, ought to attend to the content and message of Koran immediately.

One cannot let the NON Muslim word perish bit by bit in ignorance like this for ever.

Let the world take COGNIZANCE of the inherent nature of ISLAM and of the "Geneva Convention" that THEY go by.

The result of our behaving civilised towards the barbarians is that the FREE World goes into battle against an ISLAMIC country with utmost TERROR and FEAR while MOHAMMEDAN warriors go to war happily, in full knowledge of either achieving VICTORY or being treated like the "sons-in-law" of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru as per Geneva Convention.

"They will be fed "halaal" meat, given copies of Koran, sports facilites and recreation, and allowed visits by four wives, each once a week, etc."

In contrast, all the Russian PsOW in Afghanistan begged for mercy and forgiveness, and converted to Islam.

No wonder the surface of earth that has gone under the BOOT OF ISLAM is so large, and ever increasing. (South Kashmir will be the next TERRITORY to be painted with the BLACK ISLAMIC TAR BRUSH.)

Finally, Sir,

Israel, that is meant to be pushed out into the sea, or wiped out by the Arab armies of Mohammed, supported by "GLOBAL (gangsters of) Islam", is clinging to life by the skin of her teeth.

Meanwhile the "Mutilated Cow" called INDIA, petrified on the spot like those two wise Buddha statues, is looking forward to her own fate. From Lahore to DELHI it is not far for those who went from Mecca to Chittagong, and even beyond, to Indonesia.